Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-06-30 08:43
by Alex Belth


I made my radio debut over the weekend, interviewing Jim Bouton about his new book "Foul Ball" for Baseball Prospectus Radio (hosted by Will Carroll). The interview should be archieved on BP's website by the middle of the week. I'll keep you posted so you can download it and check out the latest words of wisdom from Bouton, one of baseball's most irreverent and compelling characters.

I was anxious about appearing on the radio, but we taped the conversation on Friday, and thanks to the miracle of modern editing, I'm sure I came across okay (I haven't heard the final version yet). Will gave me some great tips which calmed my nerves, and quite frankly, Bouton makes a living as a motivational speaker, so he wasn't exactly difficult to talk to. We spoke for close to 45 minutes and I believe Will cut it down to 18 minutes for the radio. The rest of the interview will appear here at Bronx Banter in a few weeks, just around the time Bouton returns to the Stadium for Old Timer's Day (July 19th).

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