Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-07-01 12:38
by Alex Belth


It was hard not to notice last weekend when former Yank Rondell White hit his second grand slam of the year against the Seattle Mariners. What I didn't know was just how good a season Ro is having. While I'm happy for him---he always seemed like a good egg---Rob Neyer points out that the Yanks are the ones wearing the omlette now:

...The Yankees had Rondell White, but sent him to the Padres after he suffered through the worst season of his career. Granted, Yankee Stadium isn't a great place for a right-handed hitter, but White was playing hurt for much of last season, and he's always been a good hitter when he's not hurt. I suppose one could draw a parallel between Rondell White and Reggie Sanders, but I won't belabor the point here. Instead, let us simply gaze upon White's 2003 statistics and remind ourselves that even the New York Yankees aren't perfect. They could have had Rondell White, but instead they traded him for Bubba Trammell (and, in the process, saved money for this year ... but what's money to the Yankees?).

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