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2005-10-05 13:52
by Cliff Corcoran
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The reoccurring elbow injuries which limited Andy Pettitte to fifteen starts last year and ended his season before the playoffs made his departure from the Bronx a lot easier to take than I expected. And in a way, that complicates makes my reaction to the monster season he just had (2.39 ERA, 1.03 WHIP, 17-9, 222 1/3 IP, 188 H, 171 K, 41 BB, all playing his home games in Minute Made Park, mind you).

Pettitte is on the mound in Atlanta, facing off against Tim Hudson in Game One of the Astros-Braves NLDS (Andy already has a 3-1 lead in the third).

At 8:00, another member of the Yankees 2003 rotation, David Wells faces off against Mark Buehrle in an attempt to even the All-Sox series heading home to Boston.

Anyone watching these?

2005-10-05 14:14:01
1.   randym77
I'm watching. Doesn't look good for the Braves at the moment. I really can't stand the Braves, so I'm not upset. :)
2005-10-05 14:19:41
2.   Rosbif22
I'm watching...Hudson is awful, although the game just got more interesting.
2005-10-05 14:26:57
3.   Schteeve
I never put anything past Bobby Cox and his magic genie lamp.
2005-10-05 14:28:07
4.   Schteeve
As for the Sox.....If the White Sox win and so do the Yankees I'm almost guaranteed to attend any games they play in Chicago, so I'm rooting hard for the South Siders.
2005-10-05 14:38:46
5.   randym77
Keith Olbermann, of MSNBC, usually writes about politics. But he used to be a sports journalist, and posted some predictions at "Bloggerman":

He's a bit of a contrarian. Thinks the Padres will win in less than five, and the Yanks will win in five, among other things.

2005-10-05 14:58:08
6.   Shaun P
As a Yankees fan, I miss Pettitte a lot and wish they had resigned him.

However, as a baseball fan, I'm glad they didn't, 'cause otherwise we probably wouldn't have seen Clemens do what he's done the last two years.

Very surprised by Hudson's lack of control so far - 4 BB, 1 HBP - though he's gone 1-2-3 the last two innings. 84 pitches through six - I'd be worried if I were a Braves' fan. Their 'pen isn't very reliable.

As for Wells, I hope he gets rocked. Buerhle is a much better pitcher at home, though neither of the Sox hit lefties very well. Ought to be interesting . . .

2005-10-05 14:59:38
7.   randym77
Holy crap! Double for Pettitte!
2005-10-05 15:09:07
8.   randym77
And he scores. Wow, who knew? Obviously a guy whose talents were wasted in the AL. ;-)
2005-10-05 15:28:40
9.   Stormer Sports
Anyone who does not miss Andy is just loopy.

Houston-Ny World series would be wonderful for all.

2005-10-05 15:54:13
10.   rbs10025
Astro and Yank fan ringing in here.

Lived in NYC for the past 12 years; went to graduate school in Houston, and lived about a mile from the Dome for three years. The Astros were the guys who made me a baseball fan, and Larry Dierker is my all-time favorite radio guy.

I am probably marginally of an Astros fan, seeing as I was actually rooting for them within the Stadium confines during the interleague games a couple years ago. And yes, I was at the no-hiiter.

Last year's playoffs were devastating for me. I only watched maybe an inning and half of the World Series.

2005-10-05 16:35:12
11.   tocho
Does anybody have any news of the lineup for tonight?
2005-10-05 16:55:03
12.   Cliff Corcoran
Yup, I'll post 'em in my game preview, check the next post up.

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