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EL BRUHO Ed Cossette had
2003-07-03 12:41
by Alex Belth


Ed Cossette had a great post yesterday about El Bruho, Ramiro Mendoza. The Sox will try Mendoza as a starter. Ed wants Dozie to do well in the worst way, and I can't blame him. Mendoza was one of my favorites when he was with the Yankees. I hope he does well too. Just not that well, and not against the Yanks. Dozie will face Rocket Clemens on Saturday.

Here is an exchange Ed and I shared today:

I agree with the Globe that one of the most impressive features of the 2003 Sox is their ability to shrug off seemingly devastating loses, and comeback and win the following game.
But against Tampa? Dammit, you are supposed to beat those scrubs.
Still, this Sox team has the makings of one of those cinderalla stories like the Angels last year.
A couple of things have to go down for that to happen:
1) They need to fix the pitching. The pen could right itself, and so could the starting rotation with one key addition, which looks like it'll happen one way or another.
2) They need to stay healthy. The fact that the offense has been so healthy thus far brings back memories of '78, and how injuries killed during the second half.
3) They need to the Yanks to fall off.
Actually, I really think the Sox could win the division even if the Yanks don't implode. I understood the analogy you made in your piece today about the Yankees endless surplus of money and talent, but I'm not sure the Sox-Cuban angle fits. The Sox aren't exactly the A's or the Twins in terms of money now are they?
Anyhow, the anticipation is killing me already. I hope the Yanks win 2, and if they could win 3 I'd be elated. I have no feeling for what will happen, but I agree that no matter how many tough games the Sox lose, it doesn't seem to deter them. That is a mark of something good, and that is a scary thought for Yankee fans.

Here is Ed's reply:

The Yankees will most likely sweep the Sox. No point in dreaming otherwise.

At this point, they are just another Red Sox team like the 30 or so other Red Sox teams I've followed over the years. We'll see where they are on Labor Day and then I'll start to get excited if they are still in it.

You missed the most important point about shrugging off the losses. It's more difficult to shrug off a loss to Tampa Bay, a team you're supposed to beat, then it is to shrug off a loss to a team that is good.

Last year, Tampa Bay came back in the second game of a double-header in the 9th in late July and that was fucking that. Sox dropped 8 straight afterward and it was Season Over.

So last night's win was HUGE.


Good point. I stand corrected.
If you were anyone but a Sox fan, I'd curse you for jinxing the Yanks, saying that they'll sweep...
Still, you are crazy if you don't think you guys are going to creamolish wack ass Andy Pettitte on Sunday. The guy is a crazy Jesus freak and never pitches well on the Sabbath.

How do you like my nerve, going head-to-head with a Red Sox fan in the gloom-and-doom department? Can't say I lack chutzpah, right?

Oh yeah, Ben Jacobs' Universal Baseball Blog (linked on the left) can be counted as a Red Sox site of sorts. Ben will be in New York for one of the games. He also happens to write an exceedingly well-balanced and informative blog that is well worth checking out.

I don't know if I'll be posting during the weekend, but I'll have the wrap up on Monday morning. I hope that everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend.

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