Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-07-14 09:28
by Alex Belth


The Yanks recovered over the weekend to take two of three in Toronto from the Blue Jays. They finished the first half with their best record at the break since 1998; the Red Sox are just two games back.

Andy Pettitte was shaky on Friday night, but the Bombers' bats covered for him, and he earned the victory. The bullpen (Hammonds, and welcome back Osuna) fell apart for Mike Mussina---who was out-pitched by "Doc" Halliday---on Saturday, but Jeff Weaver came back on Sunday with perhaps his best performance of the year, as the Yanks beat the Jays, 6-1. Weaver pitched eight innings, didn't allow a run, struck out seven, and walked none.

The Jays are sliding, but they are a likable team. Blue Jays manager Carlos Tosca is a precocious old guy. He can hang with Joe Torre or Pat Corrales any day. He looks like the late Phil Hartman doing an impression of W.C. Fields.

Jason Giambi now has 26 homers and 72 RBI. He also leads the league in walks. Jeter is hitting over .300; Bernie is back. When Nick Johnson returns by the end of the month, the Yankees' lineup should finally be back on track.

I'm on vacation this week, so blogging will be light to variable as they say.

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