Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2003-07-23 07:43
by Alex Belth


Score a victory for the Sox, as they acquired left-handed specialist Scott Sauerbeck from the Pirates last night. The Yankees have been after Sauerbeck for several weeks, but the Pirates reportedly told Brian Cashman that New York didn't have enough to get the deal done. The Red Sox didn't exactly give the Pirates the world. Think the Boss is upset? Think Theo and co. did a little dance?

The Yanks answered by picking up old man Jesse Orosco from San Diego for a player to be named later. So far this summer the Yankees have added Dan Miceli, Karim Garcia, Ruben Ruben, Armando, and now Orosco for their stretch run. Not exactly an imposing group of players.

Excuse me for sounding like a mope, but I just don't get that championship feeling from this team. Which is not to say they can't do it. But they have a rent-a-wreck quality about them that is hard to deny. Orosco's theme music should be Quincy Jones' theme song for "Sanford and Son."

Last night's game was rained out, so the Yanks avoided facing Roy Halladay. They start a two-game series against the streaking O's today in the Bronx, but with more rain on the way, Roger Clemens could possibly pitch in Boston this weekend after all.

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