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ANDY: DANDY Andy Pettitte won
2003-07-24 07:42
by Alex Belth


Andy Pettitte won his seventh in a row last night against the O's, giving him at least 12 victories in his first 9 seasons. Ain't nobody done that in a long time. (Pays to be on the Bronx Bombers, huh?) I've been down on Pettitte this year, saying that I have little faith in him from outing to outing. But he's been keeping the ball down, and has been on a roll. Kudos to you, Andy. Robin Ventura had a couple of hits, and it seems as if the All-Star break gave him the rest he so sorely needed. Bernie Williams had two hits, and the two outs he made were hit well too.

After giving up a solo home run to lead off the eighth, Pettitte was replaced by Armando, who worked a perfect inning. Rivera got the save. The Sox, lead by dirt dog Trot Nixon---one of my favorite Bostonians---mauled the D-Rays and remain two and a half back. The Sox play the Rays this afternoon, at the same time the Yanks play Baltimore. Clemens will pitch today. It is raining this morning in New York, so if the game is called, Rocket will go against Pedro tomorrow night in Boston.

The Yanks were quick to call the second game against Toronto the other night; how long do you think they'll wait today? Six o'clock?

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