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SCRATCHIN' Top of the ninth
2003-07-25 22:32
by Alex Belth


Top of the ninth

Mr. Kim is on, and Enrique Wilson leads off with his second hit of the night, a clean single up the middle. Sori attempt to bunt again. Ugly, 0-1. On the next pitch, Wilson goes, and after Soriano swings through the fastball, Enrique slides in safely at second, his second swipe of the game. Soriano gets fisted inside, but he pushes a grounder to second and moves Wilson along to third. Way to go Sori.

Ball one and then ball two to Jeter. Slider outside swung on a missed, strike one. Fastball, inside corner, strike two. The crowd is up. Jeter takes a defensive cut and slaps a liner to center. It's deep enough, and Wilson tags and scores. Yanks take the lead back, 4-3. Way to go smallball.

Kim hits Jason Giambi in the quad with the first pitch. Giambi gives him a little look and heads to first. The crowd is quiet, but not despondent.

Kim gets ahead of Bernie 1-2, and then Williams lofts a short fly ball to Manny in left, 3 out.

Last licks for the Sox. Here come the big boys.

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