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The Drive For Five
2005-09-27 13:06
by Cliff Corcoran

The Red Sox won Game One of their double-header today 3-1. It was a swift, low-scoring affair that took just 2 hours and 23 minutes to play and was dominated by pitching, particularly the pitching of Tim Wakefield (7 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 1 BB, 6 K), who didn't allow a hit through the first four innings. All three Red Sox runs were driven in by Boston's Big Boys, two by David Ortiz (1 for 4, 2B, 2Ks) and one by Manny Ramirez (1 for 2, IBB, HBP, throwing error). Meanwhile, the Blue Jays wasted the solid pitching of Dave Bush and Dustin McGowan by stranding runners in scoring position in the eighth and ninth against Jon Papelbon and Mike Timlin.

And with that, the Red Sox and Yankees are again tied atop the AL East. Of course. You didn't actually think the Yankees would get any breathing room, did you? Still, for those in a state of panic over what awaits the Yankees in the coming week, consider this: The Yankees only need to win five games to make the postseason. That's it. Just five.

Of course, there are only six games left in the season, but if the Yankees win five of them, there is no way the Red Sox can beat them. Of course, part of the reason for that is that a minimum of two of those wins will have to come against the Sox this weekend (if the Yanks sweep the O's they'll enter that series no worse than tied and can win the division by taking two of three in Boston, if they drop just one game to the O's, they can still win the division by sweeping the Sox as they'll be no worse than a game out come Friday morning). Yes, that sounds daunting when you spell out how those five wins would have to be acquired, but when you think about it as just five wins, five of six for a team that has won 13 of their last 15, it doesn't sound so bad.

Tonight the Yankees look to drop that quasi-magic number (their actual magic number is seven, but any Yankee win against the Sox would take two off of that as it represents any combination of Yankee wins and Red Sox loses that totals seven) to four by sending Mike Mussina back to the hill against Bruce Chen. Last Thursday, Mussina came off the unofficial disabled list to pitch six efficient innings allowing just one unearned run on four hits and no walks while striking out six men. It was the ideal outing for Moose coming off the elbow inflammation that shut him down for more than three weeks. He threw just 76 pitches, 76 percent of which were strikes, mixing in his full repertoire, getting his fastball up to 91 and a nice break on his knucklecurve.

Chen, meanwhile, cruised through the first four innings, retiring twelve straight men after a Derek Jeter lead-off single and a Bernie Castro error started the first. Jorge Posada then led off the fifth with a solo homer and capped a four-run Yankee rally in the sixth with a three-run dinger that drove Chen from the game. Still, it's worth remembering that, prior to that start, Chen had turned in eight quality start in his nine outings since returning to the Oriole rotation after a brief tune-up in the bullpen in late July, and had posted a 1.84 ERA with a 0.92 WHIP in those nine starts combined.

Mussina reported no discomfort following his bullpen session on Saturday. Obviously, the Yankees hope he will be able to build on last week's start, stretching out his pitch count in anticipation of Sunday's season finale against Curt Schilling and the Red Sox. Having Mussina back at full strength would be a tremendous boon to the Yankees playoff hopes. On his career, Mussina has a 2.90 ERA in September, his best mark in any single month save his 0.95 ERA in five regular season October starts (Sunday is October 2). Separating out the past three seasons (2002-2004) that September ERA improves to 2.50. Moose also has a career 3.16 ERA in the postseason, nearly a half-run better than his career ERA during the regular season. This is his time of year, and it's great to see him back in action. Here's hoping I still feel that way after the last out of tonight's game.

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2005-09-27 14:14:12
1.   Shaun P
Maybe Jorge should have new t-shirts made up, "The Drive For Five" on the front, "Grind It" on the back? =) If I had some artistic ability (and a decent photo editing program), I'd try to show how it could look - but alas, I don't.

Great recap of this afternoon's game, Cliff. Here's hoping that Moose will continue his late-season greatness!

2005-09-27 14:18:52
2.   joe in boston
Nice recap.

Check out this link :

I will be tuned in tonight - both games - let's hope Schilling gets rocked.

By the way Curt, Wah wah wah, no one cares about your whining in Yankee land.

2005-09-27 14:26:08
3.   Cliff Corcoran
Is anyone else annoyed that Jorge got the Yoda saying wrong? That's been one of my personal mantra's for a long time "Do or do not, there is no try." Seven words, seven syllables, short, sweet, striking, effective, concludes with the underling message "there is no try." Perfect. Now the Yankees put it up on the scoreboard and it reads, "There is no trying. There is only doing or not doing." Eleven words, fifteen syllables, convoluted and inneffective, ends with the negative "not doing." Terrible.

I dug Mariano Duncan's "We play today, we win today," and I can deal with "grind it," but the bastardized Yoda-ism has to go.

2005-09-27 14:27:53
4.   Cliff Corcoran
What is with my typing today? Please forgive the unwarranted apostrophe in "mantras."
2005-09-27 14:29:54
5.   joe in boston
One of my first entries into this great site was in August...I made mention that this Yankee team was not going to roll over anyone. They were just going to have to be mentally tough and KEEP FIGHTING. "grind it" sounds much better, but I felt they same way 6 weeks ago. (Hey, it's better than "Cowboy up" right ?!
2005-09-27 14:40:30
6.   murphy
yankees, just do it! : )

(cue "Revolution" by the Beatles)

2005-09-27 14:42:35
7.   murphy
and the only thing worse than "cowboying up"?...

"letting the dogs out" at shea stadium.

didn't the mets realize that a white flag (or towel as the case may be) is the international symbol for surrender. stupid mets...

2005-09-27 14:57:53
8.   Zack
Cliff, I agree, I just didn't want to publicly announce my dorkiness, but honestly, what do you expect? They are baseball players, not known for their brilliance or cultural memory
2005-09-27 15:55:18
9.   rilkefan
"'Do or do not, there is no try.' Seven words, seven syllables..."

Funny, looks like eight to me, unless you're counting the two "do"s as one...

2005-09-27 15:57:12
10.   rilkefan
...which would overturn millennia of metrics, and baseball fans ought to care about poetry.
2005-09-27 16:01:18
11.   BklynBomber
Arrrgghh! Getting the Baltimore feed on the Extra Innings package...
2005-09-27 16:01:27
12.   jkay
On the pre-game, Kim Jones reported Leiter is now the lefty out of the pen, replacing Embree. Torre still likes Embree's "stuff" but says he needs to work on location.
2005-09-27 16:03:26
13.   BklynBomber
The only location I'd like to see Embree in is on the 4 Train heading downtown...
2005-09-27 16:05:22
14.   Cliff Corcoran
Rilke, we Toasters care about poetry (see Humbug), sorry, my eighth finger must have been sticky from lunch. Eight words, eight syllables, still just right, even better actually as it's got a nice 4/4 rhythm, two bars of sweet philosophical music.
2005-09-27 16:09:06
15.   rilkefan
I seem to have that sinking feeling much more than I did in previous years - kinda looking forward to the off-season at this point.
2005-09-27 16:09:10
16.   brockdc
I know how obvious this is, but "Grind It" smacks of a strip club where all the girls are either meth heads or missing a tooth.
2005-09-27 16:09:44
17.   hensley
2005-09-27 16:09:49
18.   randym77
Woo-hoo! Good start, Cap!
2005-09-27 16:12:09
19.   Cliff Corcoran
424 feet for Cap'n. Alex just missed one on 3-1.
2005-09-27 16:14:50
20.   weeping for brunnhilde
#6 Murphy, PLEASE for the love of all things holy DO NOT associate The Beatles with a sneaker company. It's obscene.

Thank you.

2005-09-27 16:15:48
21.   Cliff Corcoran
Weeping, you needn't worry about Murphy, he's a huge Beatles fan and was making a joke.
2005-09-27 16:18:32
22.   Cliff Corcoran
20 pitches for Chen, Rodriguez, Giambi and Posada went deep in the count, Jeter and Matsui picked up hits, only poor at-bat there was Sheff's. Good stuff, 1-0 Yanks.
2005-09-27 16:20:53
23.   weeping for brunnhilde
21--Well, it's not very damned funny! Sorry, I'm a bit sensitive where the Beatles are concerned. ;)
2005-09-27 16:22:14
24.   joe in boston
0-0 in Sox game. 21 pitches for that girl, schilling in the 1st inning.
2005-09-27 16:23:23
25.   BklynBomber
Moose is the anti-Wright on the mound...
2005-09-27 16:26:14
26.   joe in boston
BklnBomber, does that make him "Wrong"
2005-09-27 16:27:03
27.   weeping for brunnhilde
So I caught some of the Boston game today. Wakefield was brilliant, as usual. Only, it's not usual, because the man has an ERA close to 5. So I ask you, who the hell hits this guy, and when? Is it just that when his knuckler doesn't work he gets absolutely shelled?

And if that's the case, wtf? Why do we NEVER seem to play him when he's off?

Something fishy's going on.

2005-09-27 16:27:30
28.   randym77
Dunno, but he's struggling this inning.
2005-09-27 16:31:48
29.   tocho
Moose ain't fooling anybody.
2005-09-27 16:32:53
30.   BklynBomber
Joe — LOL, I just hope he's not "Wright" tonight...
2005-09-27 16:34:04
31.   Cliff Corcoran
27, Wakefield's ERA is 3.96 this season.

The Yanks got him for 4 runs in 5 IP on May 27 and 5 runs in a a complete game on July 17.

So what's fishy?

2005-09-27 16:34:28
32.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Bad feeling that we didn't put some numbers up on Chen in the first, when we had the chance.

Think I've seen this movie before.

Let's go Jays, let's go Rays.

2005-09-27 16:36:39
33.   randym77
// So I ask you, who the hell hits this guy, and when? //

Ummm...Aaron Boone, in game 7 of the ALCS? ;-)

Wakefield's having a very good year. He's probably the Bosox ace, at least right now.

2005-09-27 16:37:55
34.   tocho
I've got two GameDay's going on (Bos-Tor) (Bal-NYY), MLB.TV, Bronx Banter, and a stock purchase agreement that needs to be ready in a couple of hours.

I'm really going crazy.

2005-09-27 16:39:32
35.   weeping for brunnhilde
31, all right, good, I hope I'm imagining things then. I remember the game in May, but figured that was a fluke.

We shall see what we shall see.

2005-09-27 16:40:26
36.   Mattpat11
I dont like losing for any period of time at this point in the year. I want five runs now.
2005-09-27 16:40:38
37.   randym77
Yay, Bernie!
2005-09-27 16:40:54
38.   Rich
WTG, Bernie.
2005-09-27 16:41:22
39.   Rich
Kay doesn't know bunts.
2005-09-27 16:41:26
40.   Mattpat11
Christ Bubba, what the fuck was that?
2005-09-27 16:42:46
41.   randym77
C'mon, A-Rod! Bring 'em home!
2005-09-27 16:42:50
42.   BklynBomber
... and the Captain shall lead us.
2005-09-27 16:43:20
43.   weeping for brunnhilde
ALL major league baseball players should know how to bunt. Period.
2005-09-27 16:43:22
44.   Bill
That's a terrible play by Bubba. Drag bunt with a so-so runner on first? Not to mention giving away an ay bat on the 1st pitch after Cano (!) and Bernie had combined to see 15 pitches.
2005-09-27 16:43:49
45.   BklynBomber
Another 2 out rally, Yanks! Let's do it!
2005-09-27 16:45:05
46.   BklynBomber
2005-09-27 16:49:21
47.   Cliff Corcoran
43 pitches for Chen through two. Good job, Yanks.
2005-09-27 16:50:22
48.   Cliff Corcoran
BTW, anyone catch the speed of that high heat to K Alex? Chen doesn't throw that hard. How fast could it have been?
2005-09-27 16:52:56
49.   yankz
Jeter's putting the team on his back. I knew it was only a matter of time.

A-Rod needs to step up.

2005-09-27 16:53:09
50.   Bill
The booth claimed it was 88
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2005-09-27 16:53:16
51.   atc
Moose is getting freaking squeezed
2005-09-27 16:54:45
52.   BklynBomber
I didn't catch the speed, but it did look 90+

D-Rays put up a run against Tribe, now bottom 1...

2005-09-27 16:56:29
53.   yankz
God dammit Moose, settle down.
2005-09-27 16:56:54
54.   atc
2-0 Bos - Moose better figure this out quick
2005-09-27 16:56:57
55.   Cliff Corcoran
Here's the rust. Hoping it's a growing pain, so to speak, and Moose is back on point in the finale.
2005-09-27 16:57:26
56.   yankz
And EDGAR drives in a pair?!?!
2005-09-27 16:59:44
57.   yankz
2005-09-27 17:00:23
58.   Max
Looks really, really bad tonight. If we don't get to Chen, we're down one game. So much for the premature celebration.
2005-09-27 17:00:35
59.   Cliff Corcoran
Who is Edgar? Mora drove those in. 5-1 now after a single by Tejada. Leiter's warming.
2005-09-27 17:00:49
60.   BklynBomber
All with 2 flippin' outs!!!
2005-09-27 17:02:10
61.   yankz
Edgar = Edgar Renteria. Boston's up 2-0.
2005-09-27 17:02:20
62.   randym77
Leiter's warming.
2005-09-27 17:02:22
63.   Cliff Corcoran
Who was celebrating?

Good news is it's the second and Chen has not been sharp and the Yanks have made him work.

2005-09-27 17:02:22
64.   Rich
He doesn't have his arm strength back.
2005-09-27 17:02:46
65.   Zack
Edgar rentarei, in the sox game up 3-0, us down 5-0, kiss first place (and most likely the playoffs) goodbye. Having to win 2-3 in Fenway just to tie is asking a bit much
2005-09-27 17:02:50
66.   Rich
He doesn't have his arm strength back.
2005-09-27 17:02:58
67.   tocho
OK, so the f---- BoSux will win tonight and the Yanks will certainly lose. Its only 1 game back guys, we knew they were going to lose at least one v the O's.

What has me hanging from the lamp is the terrible pitching by Mussina, it looks like that stupid Sunday game is going to be crucial/vital and he looks very bad, and just to make matters worst, my anti-crist fat-ass schilling is looking good now....

Alex said it, the mood changes second by second.


2005-09-27 17:03:44
68.   yankz
3-0 now for the BloSox. Moose is done.
2005-09-27 17:03:49
69.   vockins
(In play, run scoring play)


2005-09-27 17:03:51
70.   Mattpat11
we're fucked
2005-09-27 17:03:52
71.   Cliff Corcoran
Oh, sorry, I was watching the Yankee game.

Another single. This is bad news. Chacon on short rest on Sunday?

Moose is hooked. Crap, this is bad news.

2005-09-27 17:04:06
72.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Oh boy. And we're gonna put him on the mound at Fenway this weekend?
2005-09-27 17:04:44
73.   yankz
Al Leiter, what's the betting that this inning takes 15 more minutes?
2005-09-27 17:05:20
74.   Mattpat11
tocho, No. The Orioles are a GOD AWFUL team, and this is a pennant race. anything other than a sweep is a disgrace, especially with Toronto rolling over.
2005-09-27 17:05:26
75.   BklynBomber
It's far too early to put this one to bed. We'll get to Chen, but we really need Leiter to eat some innings here.
2005-09-27 17:05:33
76.   atc
This game is far from over
2005-09-27 17:05:37
77.   yankz
I have the Yankees on, Boston on Gameday. I'm getting double the pain.
2005-09-27 17:05:44
78.   tocho
Oh good Leiter in, he should keep us in the game.

the silver lining is another off-day for gordon and mariano. I really hope we need them...

2005-09-27 17:06:07
79.   Max
Cliff, posters around here this morning and on a couple of other blogs/boards were discussing almost every scenario involving how much the Yankees would be ahead after today. Didn't seem to occur to anyone that we might actually fall behind one game.

No panic or I told you so...just thought the confidence seemed misplaced given the pitching matchup this evening, and Moose's clearly not being in playoff form yet.

2005-09-27 17:08:02
80.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
The Rays and White Sox have gotta help us out here against Cleveland.
2005-09-27 17:08:04
81.   vockins
They have hit the crap out of Chen so far. Hopefully they'll string together some good ABs.


2005-09-27 17:08:09
82.   randym77
We can still win this. The more worrisome thing is whether Moose can pitch against the Sox.

Maybe this is just a bad night, as so many of our pitchers have had of late.

But maybe Torre better keep Leiter or Wright fresh, just in case...

2005-09-27 17:09:04
83.   Cliff Corcoran
Those people are idiots. Who said the Sox would lose?
2005-09-27 17:09:59
84.   atc
2005-09-27 17:10:01
85.   Rich
We'll still win.
2005-09-27 17:10:13
86.   BklynBomber
OK. Enough. Let's start rakin', Yanks!
2005-09-27 17:10:15
87.   Mattpat11
They damn well better fucking tie the game this inning
2005-09-27 17:10:17
88.   Cliff Corcoran
If the Yanks need a win to stay alive on Sunday it's all in, not Leiter Wright, but Chacon, Small, Wang, Randy, Moose, Mo, Gordon, Sturtze, you name it.
2005-09-27 17:11:03
89.   randym77
Thank you, Al.

Now come on, offense! Another 6-run inning wouldn't be amiss here.

2005-09-27 17:12:52
90.   tocho
OK, I'll be positive. they NEED to comeback, but the outlook is bleek.
2005-09-27 17:15:52
91.   atc
3-2 bos
2005-09-27 17:16:02
92.   BklynBomber
Boo-ya!!!! Iron Sheff!!!
2005-09-27 17:16:20
93.   Zack
Amazing how Schilling has found himself just in time to annoint himself savior of the season. God I hate him (yeah, i know, its mostly just the result of the work)

Yes Gary!!

2005-09-27 17:16:31
94.   atc
2005-09-27 17:16:47
95.   BklynBomber
Keep it going, 'Zilla...
2005-09-27 17:16:48
96.   vockins
2005-09-27 17:17:07
97.   Mattpat11
nice start. Lets continue it
2005-09-27 17:17:25
98.   Cliff Corcoran
Walk and a homer, that'll do. Few more of that combo will work just fine.

Actually, I have very little faith in Leiter, I think they'll need to hit double digits here.

Zaun homer in Fenway, 3-2 Sox. 5-3 O's.

2005-09-27 17:17:26
99.   randym77

If it's all in on Sunday, I sure hope there's no tiebreaker Monday. :-/

2005-09-27 17:17:33
100.   Zack
I love getting double positive news...Sheff's HR on, and Zaun's on gameday...

Anyone else notice the extended hr call by Kay? Held that s for a very long time there

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2005-09-27 17:17:34
101.   BklynBomber
E-4. We'll take it!
2005-09-27 17:17:59
102.   Mattpat11
Zaun homered off Fat Curt
2005-09-27 17:18:48
103.   Cliff Corcoran
4-0 DRays, Matsui on via an error. The tide is turning?
2005-09-27 17:19:10
104.   Zack
that dp hurts a lot
2005-09-27 17:19:11
105.   Cliff Corcoran
4-0 DRays, Matsui on via an error. The tide is turning?

DP - I'm an idiot.

2005-09-27 17:19:14
106.   Mattpat11
2005-09-27 17:19:36
107.   yankz
Great play. FUCK.
2005-09-27 17:19:38
108.   BklynBomber
Start it up again, Robbie!
2005-09-27 17:20:01
109.   tocho
Damn, great defensive play by Tejada.
2005-09-27 17:20:21
110.   The Bear
Another HR by Shef~~~
5~3 now, make it 5-10!
2005-09-27 17:20:45
111.   Mattpat11
We need a 1-2-3. Now
2005-09-27 17:20:50
112.   BklynBomber
Ahhh, raspberries... it's OK, though. We hold 'em and keep sluggin'...
2005-09-27 17:20:54
113.   Cliff Corcoran
Chen at 59 pitches after three.
2005-09-27 17:21:21
114.   atc
I don't know if I hate the Blue Jays or Orioles more, but it's really close
2005-09-27 17:22:22
115.   Mattpat11
Toronto doing its damndest to five those runs back.
2005-09-27 17:22:30
116.   Rich
Told ya. No doubters.
2005-09-27 17:22:37
117.   randym77
A 1-2-3 might be a bit much to expect from Alois Leiter.
2005-09-27 17:23:38
118.   Mattpat11
The Blue Jays arent even trying. This is disgusting
2005-09-27 17:24:37
119.   BklynBomber
I'm going to depend on Bronx Banter tonight for the Sox-Jays updates. I'm afraid to click over to NESN — seems every time I watch those rat bastards they either hold on or pull it out.
2005-09-27 17:24:42
120.   sam2175
Need. Baserunners. For. Yankees.

Just get on base, and try to hit for extra-base. Giambi-Sheff combo works great, we need Jeter-A-Rod to execute a bit more of the same.

2005-09-27 17:26:17
121.   Mattpat11
Blue Jays are fucking useless
2005-09-27 17:26:45
122.   Zack
Sox up a lot
2005-09-27 17:26:47
123.   sam2175
Yankees control their own fate, they just have to make sure it remains that way. Any help is appreciated, but should not be expected.
2005-09-27 17:26:49
124.   vockins
Jays are folding.
2005-09-27 17:28:08
125.   Mattpat11
Okay. Now tie it.
2005-09-27 17:28:08
126.   tocho
Damn Red Sux. They just put up more runs. Chacin was doing great.

The fat-ass' act really gets old.

2005-09-27 17:29:54
127.   vockins
Chacin is out.
2005-09-27 17:31:57
128.   randym77
All right, Bernie!
2005-09-27 17:32:25
129.   Mattpat11
Bernie passes Joe D?
2005-09-27 17:32:59
130.   weeping for brunnhilde
Congratulations, Bern.
2005-09-27 17:33:47
131.   tocho
Bubba, don't bunt
2005-09-27 17:35:54
132.   BklynBomber
I'm feelin' an A-Bomb from A-Rod is in order this inning...
2005-09-27 17:36:26
133.   tocho
C'mon cap, get them home and tie this one.
2005-09-27 17:37:21
134.   vockins
Well if they don't tie it now, I'm cracking open that bottle of scotch in the kitchen and swimming to the bottom.
2005-09-27 17:40:13
135.   sam2175
Just don't make an out. Clog the bases, some of them will come home for sure.

Come on now!

2005-09-27 17:41:12
136.   weeping for brunnhilde
deep sigh
2005-09-27 17:41:13
137.   yankz
Ouch, captain.
2005-09-27 17:41:24
138.   Mattpat11

From this point on, every called strikeout should result in a fine. Theres no excuse.

2005-09-27 17:42:12
139.   sam2175
We need to run on Lopez's arm, we have Bubba and Bernie, two good baserunners.
2005-09-27 17:43:14
140.   Mattpat11
Since when the hell is Bernie a good baserunner?
2005-09-27 17:43:31
141.   marc
Let's go Lou and TB Cleveland still losing 4-0. I don't know if Moose will be of any use going forward. I hope I'm wrong but I suspect that elbow inflammation that he told the paper was killing him subsided enough with rest and maybe anti-inflammatories to let him throw a big game last time but it may be a problem that'll hang around to the end of the season. Again, I hope that's not true but assuming it is then we might have to juggle the staff and perhaps give Wright another shot if they think he's truly OK. Anyway we desperately want to have the WC as a viable option. Hmm Toronto scores. I'm following too many things.My head's going to explode
2005-09-27 17:43:32
142.   atc
if chen throws another fastball by Arod....there goes the remote
2005-09-27 17:44:06
143.   BklynBomber
The was the worst AB from A-Rod in a long time!
2005-09-27 17:44:08
144.   Zack
2005-09-27 17:44:17
145.   sam2175
Naah, A-Rod is playing like crap tonight.


2005-09-27 17:44:40
146.   Mattpat11
The Orioles radio announcer just said that A-Rod was sitting fucking breaking ball on that pitch? Who the hell sits breaking ball?
2005-09-27 17:45:12
147.   Cliff Corcoran
He was never a good baserunner, but he used to be fast. Now he's just not slow.
2005-09-27 17:45:37
148.   Zack
and Koskie strikes out with runner on third and less than two outs, 5-4 though
2005-09-27 17:45:40
149.   yankz
Back to back, both looking. Yikes.
2005-09-27 17:46:49
150.   vockins
Make it happen, Shef.
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2005-09-27 17:46:53
151.   weeping for brunnhilde
2005-09-27 17:46:56
152.   BklynBomber
2005-09-27 17:47:04
153.   Zack
2005-09-27 17:47:05
154.   randym77
2005-09-27 17:47:05
155.   atc
2005-09-27 17:47:07
156.   Mattpat11
2005-09-27 17:47:30
157.   sam2175

Yo da man!

2005-09-27 17:47:33
158.   yankz
Oh hell yes.
2005-09-27 17:47:41
159.   Rich
2005-09-27 17:47:42
160.   vockins



2005-09-27 17:47:56
161.   atc
Can we bring in Mo right now?
2005-09-27 17:49:10
162.   joe in boston
Oh my God. Sheff - you da man !

Please, Sox - blow this game !

2005-09-27 17:49:20
163.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
C'mon Senator, step it up man.
2005-09-27 17:49:25
164.   atc
BTW, when the O's went up 5-1, they posted the score in Fenway in about 2.6 seconds. Let's see how long it takes this time.
2005-09-27 17:49:48
165.   Zack
Grand salami for sheff, 6 rbi now...for those who didn't see it, a high, straight fastball that was drilled to left
2005-09-27 17:50:40
166.   sam2175
See, that is why those walks by Giambi are more important, and more importantly, why OBP is important.

2 walks in front of Sheff, 2 runs!

2005-09-27 17:50:58
167.   Max
atc, that's the line of the night.
2005-09-27 17:52:10
168.   tocho
DH the Sheff the rest of the way.

Let's go Leiter!

2005-09-27 17:52:15
169.   yankz
Who has faith in the pen to hold it?
2005-09-27 17:52:57
170.   BklynBomber
Don't hand this right back, Al!
2005-09-27 17:56:22
171.   Cliff Corcoran
If I'm Joe and Leiter gets out of this inning, I seriously consider going straight to Sturtze at the first sign of trouble. Sturtze in six, Gordon 7/8, Mo 9 is fine by me (or some combo there of, Sturtze 6/7, Gordon 7, Gordon/Mo 8, Mo 9, etc.).
2005-09-27 17:56:56
172.   mikeplugh
A little late, but the server was busy and it took a while for me to log in....

Sheff is a stud. I guess he was right that teams should come in fearing him most. All arrogance is forgiven. MVP-1A

2005-09-27 17:57:05
173.   JeremyM
Can Mo go 5 tonight?
2005-09-27 17:57:05
174.   The Bear
Re. 161. atc
Can we bring in Mo right now?

hahahahahah.. Nice one dude~

2005-09-27 17:57:45
175.   tocho
Cleveland down 5-0 in the 6th. Toronto down 5-4 in the top of the 6th.

Just hit the fat bastard around jays, I know you can do it.

2005-09-27 17:57:55
176.   JeremyM
Pope Schilling doesn't look too hot tonight.
2005-09-27 17:58:41
177.   vockins
Lieter ain't going to make this easy on us, as per usual.
2005-09-27 17:59:22
178.   tocho
This game is still in the 4th. inning. It seems like the Yanks are the ones playing the doubleheader...
2005-09-27 17:59:24
179.   JeremyM
#161, you and the stupid server ruined my joke. Now it looks like I took you literally and asked if Mo could go 5!
2005-09-27 17:59:42
180.   joe in boston
Jays are swinging at tons of high pitches. All balls. BE Patient ! Wear his Holiness (Schilling)out !
2005-09-27 18:00:20
181.   Mattpat11
okay, 2 outs. Mora was clearly safe, so cant argue.
2005-09-27 18:00:58
182.   Mattpat11
well that sucked.
2005-09-27 18:01:03
183.   Rich
Don't let Tejada beat you.

I would IBB him.

2005-09-27 18:01:46
184.   atc
Jeremy, I'm not sure I was joking
2005-09-27 18:02:06
185.   Mattpat11
I really dont give a damn how many pitchers Leiter throws as long as he gets it done
2005-09-27 18:02:27
186.   Mattpat11
2005-09-27 18:02:39
187.   singledd
Boys (and girls?)
Mo is TIRED. He has not been Mo of late.
More then anything, we need him in Boston. When we win a game in Boston, Boston also loses a game!

We gotta hope the O keeps pouring it on, and we can let our mop up men get some exercise. An 11-10 win is OK with me. Lets hope Mo can be a spectator tonight. Gordon could also use another day also.

2005-09-27 18:02:41
188.   Zack
damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn, we need to score a lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot more runs
2005-09-27 18:03:07
189.   yankz
Come on Leiter PLEASE.
2005-09-27 18:03:24
190.   Rich
Why don't they listen to me?
2005-09-27 18:03:56
191.   pmarcig
A couple of thoughts: One, some of you guys are absolutely ridiculous. We get down by four runs in the 2nd inning to a god-awful team and not only is the game over, but so is the season and your puppy just died. Two, even more maddening is how Leiter not only goes 3-2 to every batter but has another 4 pitches fouled off before he gets the ball in play.

We're playing as well as we have all season, the Jays will get to Schilling and their pen blows. If not so what, I have no reason to believe the Yanks won't take care of business. Other than our pen is almost as bad...

2005-09-27 18:04:18
192.   Mattpat11
I remember Chris Russo screaming in April that Tejada would be the MVP this year. I looked at his numbers today, and while great, they're certainly not what they could be
2005-09-27 18:04:27
193.   marc
shit, Cleveland gets a run. Schilling striking everyone out lately.
2005-09-27 18:04:54
194.   tocho
7-6, the senator needs to gut it out for at least 2 more innings.

The fat bastard has not looked great but he has been decent. 99 pitches in 6 innings, will they take him out and ride this one out with the bullpen? No papelwhatever nor timlin...

2005-09-27 18:05:13
195.   Cliff Corcoran
Singledd, do you really think the Yanks can win a high scoring one run game whithout using Mo. I'm not even talking about Torre's usage patterns, I mean are they physically capable of it? I don't think so. If they can create a late lead (these seven runs, now a one run lead, will not hold up on their own), the have to use Mo to nail it down.
2005-09-27 18:05:41
196.   Mattpat11
this game sucks.
2005-09-27 18:06:11
197.   yankz
Why? WHY?!
2005-09-27 18:06:19
198.   Rich
Go home Al, even though the bats will win this game.
2005-09-27 18:06:30
199.   Zack
Good job pmarcig, way to prove us right...this sucks, our bullpen sucks...
2005-09-27 18:06:39
200.   BklynBomber
Yank Al now. We're gonna need 15 tonight...
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-09-27 18:06:40
201.   pmarcig
Someone just killed my puppy. Dammit Leiter!
2005-09-27 18:07:13
202.   JeremyM
Nice job Al, you worthless piece of crap.
2005-09-27 18:07:19
203.   The Bear
alright, guys.. we lost the lead again - -||
2005-09-27 18:07:20
204.   Mattpat11
I will say one thing. If ANY one on this team takes a called strike three again in this game, they need to be immediately yanked and fined.
2005-09-27 18:07:23
205.   tocho
The shit hits the fan. How many sheff at-bats do the Yanks have left?

Who else can come in? Proctor, F-Rod, sigh

2005-09-27 18:07:47
206.   weeping for brunnhilde
I think I'm going to cry.
2005-09-27 18:08:02
207.   Max
Just one of those games. Our fate is in the hands of Proctor and the offense for the next couple of excruciating innings.
2005-09-27 18:08:21
208.   Zack
What the hell do we do if Lieter can't go another inning or two. Tanyon for 2, Gordon for 2, mo for 1? We have no one that can come in and take up some innings besides Al
2005-09-27 18:08:21
209.   singledd
Cleveland and White Sox both rallying.
When it rains, it pours!
2005-09-27 18:08:38
210.   Mattpat11
I hate when people insist they everyone be positive whent he team is losing a critical game in a pennant race
2005-09-27 18:09:28
211.   singledd
Chicago doesn't score!
TB rallying!
2005-09-27 18:09:48
212.   joe in boston
You know what ? I don't think I'm gonna make it.
2005-09-27 18:10:27
213.   Rich

Be negative if you want, but the Yankees will win this game.

2005-09-27 18:11:07
214.   tocho
Is this a white flag?
2005-09-27 18:11:56
215.   unpopster
ok hitters, GET ANGRY!!!
2005-09-27 18:12:18
216.   JeremyM
Depaula can probably chew some innings. But other than that, the cupboard is bare.
2005-09-27 18:13:34
217.   tocho
That makes two of us Joe.
2005-09-27 18:16:13
218.   yankz
Oh god, it's only the 5th?!
2005-09-27 18:16:31
219.   tocho
I hope the people at Bryant Park brought their tents. It's going to be a LONG night for them.
2005-09-27 18:19:08
220.   jawone
Now I guess it's up to Scott "The Proctologist" Proctor. C'mon, dude!
2005-09-27 18:20:12
221.   Cliff Corcoran
Proctor is a good move here.
2005-09-27 18:21:19
222.   weeping for brunnhilde
219. Wow, the game's on at Bryant Park? What a beautiful thing. Since when and for how long?
2005-09-27 18:21:57
223.   Mattpat11
Is Proctor ever truly a good move, Cliff?
2005-09-27 18:22:14
224.   tocho
I'm rooting for a guy named Fernando Rodney... I need to get my life back...
2005-09-27 18:22:19
225.   Mattpat11
see what i mean?
2005-09-27 18:22:38
226.   Cliff Corcoran
Or not.
2005-09-27 18:22:39
227.   Zack
Fuck it all, its over, fucking bullpen...
2005-09-27 18:22:47
228.   atc
I want to punch Proctor in the mouth
2005-09-27 18:22:53
229.   randym77
Dammit. Our bullpen really sucks.
2005-09-27 18:22:59
230.   tocho
Damn Proctor
2005-09-27 18:23:00
231.   Alex Belth
I think I'm going to be sick. Torre what are you doing bro? Get this bp hack out of there.
2005-09-27 18:23:02
232.   weeping for brunnhilde
I feel numb.
2005-09-27 18:23:22
233.   The Bear
sigh... another HR.. by O's..
2005-09-27 18:23:43
234.   Mattpat11
No really, what the hell is Scott Proctor's purpose? Whats his meaning? Why must he exist here?
2005-09-27 18:24:30
235.   Rich
If now isn't the time to give Smith, Julianel, and Schmidt a look, when is?
2005-09-27 18:24:48
236.   Mattpat11
If I performed my job like Proctor does, I'd be fired on the spot.
2005-09-27 18:24:53
237.   tocho
C'mon Rodney, one more out!
2005-09-27 18:25:23
238.   yankz
You'd think with $200 million, they'd have figured out a way to clone Mo.
2005-09-27 18:25:25
239.   Bill
For those scoring at home, Proctor has now allowed 14 homers in 66 major league innings. But just keep running him out there. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it.
2005-09-27 18:25:39
240.   Cliff Corcoran
My kingdom for Colter Bean.

222 My bad for failing to mentoin the Bryant Park thing in my post. Alex would have for sure. I did mention it in today's Red Sox comments:

"They're simulcasting the Yankee game in Bryant Park tonight. Tony Danza is hosting, Goose and Nettles are rumored to be in attendance. Sounds cool. I think the festivities kick off at 5:30. Don't know how much of a mob scene it will be. "

2005-09-27 18:26:58
241.   Cliff Corcoran
Rich, I don't buy Goldman's hype of the AA-ballers, but Bean has been a no-brainer for two years now. Proof the men in charge have no brains.
2005-09-27 18:27:01
242.   Mattpat11
You can tell when proctor's going to throw a ball. Immediately on release, he jumps into like a hockey goalie position
2005-09-27 18:27:15
243.   sam2175
Umm, walk David Newhan? Ungood.
2005-09-27 18:27:43
244.   Zack
and now F-rod, the long forgotten is warming up
2005-09-27 18:27:47
245.   Maniakes
Proctor's purpose is to keep Torre from giving innings to Wayne Franklin. Not that I'm sure it's an improvement.
2005-09-27 18:27:49
246.   Cliff Corcoran
I should say, in 241 that I don't buy that they could make the jump the majors without some time in Columbus.
2005-09-27 18:28:06
247.   weeping for brunnhilde
What can we do?

Ah, Felix Rodriguez is warming up. Good to hear things are under control.

2005-09-27 18:28:23
248.   atc
Jays tie it!!
2005-09-27 18:28:39
249.   Rich

I hear ya, but we're talking about Embree, Leiter, and Proctor who may be minus AA now.

2005-09-27 18:28:49
250.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Vernon Wells, babeeeeee.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-09-27 18:29:27
251.   Zack
Hey Scott, heres an idea: throw strikes. Oh wait, when you do that they hit HRs, maybe just don't throw at all
2005-09-27 18:29:37
252.   Yankee Fan in Chicago


2005-09-27 18:29:54
253.   Mattpat11
My motto is "we're all good at something" Proctor really has me questioning that
2005-09-27 18:29:55
254.   weeping for brunnhilde
ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

A walk, a hit, Rodriguez warming up...

Get it??

2005-09-27 18:29:58
255.   Zack
tie game in boston at least for now
2005-09-27 18:30:06
256.   Cliff Corcoran
Jays have tied it up.
2005-09-27 18:30:11
257.   atc
Shea, I'll take back every bad thing I ever said about you if you come through now.
2005-09-27 18:30:32
258.   Zack
Joe, wtf, get him out...always a move or two too slow
2005-09-27 18:30:37
259.   tocho
All right, Rodney did his part. the White Sox lost.

Cleveland still down 5-1 and Bosux tied up 5-5.

Of course if our guys put it together we gain a game on those 2 teams from the central.

2005-09-27 18:30:38
260.   randym77
Proctor's falling apart. Get him out of there.
2005-09-27 18:30:51
261.   Mattpat11
2005-09-27 18:30:58
262.   yankz
Make it stop...please...
2005-09-27 18:31:28
263.   The Bear
wow... bases are loaded now..
2005-09-27 18:31:29
264.   atc
oops, I meant koskie
2005-09-27 18:32:30
265.   Cliff Corcoran
Why does Torre always wait for the bases to be loaded before he'll change pitchers?
2005-09-27 18:32:30
266.   BklynBomber
Felix, earn your pinstripes right here and right now...
2005-09-27 18:32:31
267.   marc
Proctor is a nightmare. Time to pay more attention to Cleveland and Boston
2005-09-27 18:32:48
268.   Alex Belth
Now we have to count on F. Rodriguez to throw strikes? Good lord.
2005-09-27 18:33:32
269.   singledd
White rally in the 9th but lose!
TB up on Cleveland 5-1 after 7.
Toronto 1st and 3rd, 1 out.
2005-09-27 18:33:34
270.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
A damn batter too late. Bringing in Felix with 2 on would've given him a chance.

How many friggin runs is the Shef gonna have to drive in tonight to make it a ballgame.

2005-09-27 18:33:45
271.   Cliff Corcoran
Can I just say I was very very wrong about Proctor there. Heh.
2005-09-27 18:33:47
272.   Mattpat11
F-Rod, just dont give up a homer
2005-09-27 18:34:02
273.   sam2175
Ok, no Yankee pitcher have been able to retire Tejada or Gibbons, and only 1 pitcher has been able to retire the great Bernie Castro.


2005-09-27 18:34:12
274.   tocho
No BB, no BB, no BB.

Go DP, go DP go DP.

2005-09-27 18:34:35
275.   marc
middle relief is like Nightmare on Elm Street Part's 1, 2 3,4,......
2005-09-27 18:34:38
276.   KYK
Why the fuck does Joe wait until the bases are loaded to pull Proctor?
2005-09-27 18:34:42
277.   vockins
Here's comes the walk-a-thon. If the Yanks get out of this inning with just one run walked in, I'll be relatively thrilled.
2005-09-27 18:35:34
278.   Zack
I can't watch
2005-09-27 18:35:49
279.   weeping for brunnhilde
Oh Christ.
2005-09-27 18:36:11
280.   Mattpat11
Of course.
2005-09-27 18:36:40
281.   yankz
What the hell man.
2005-09-27 18:36:47
282.   Zack
What a f'ing joke. Talk about choke city. Yanks have to beat the worst team in the second half of the season, and their pitchers choke in spectacular fashion
2005-09-27 18:37:05
283.   BklynBomber
Nothing like good, crisp championship level baseball at this time of year. Yeeesh!
2005-09-27 18:37:46
284.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
A team with a bullpen this bad doesn't deserve to make the playoffs.

Cleveland deserve it more than us. Let's just go home for the winter and retool.

2005-09-27 18:38:06
285.   Alex Belth
Nice catch, Jorge. Good control Felix. Whatta ya say, bases clearing double by Miggy?
2005-09-27 18:38:09
286.   Mattpat11
Maybe Felix Rodriguez is the worlds best whittler. He certainly isnt good at pitching
2005-09-27 18:38:13
287.   Zack
Well, he didn't walk in a run

And oh boy, don't worry, Joe's favorite lefty Wayne Franklyn is warming up

2005-09-27 18:38:23
288.   KYK
i guess we have to accept the fact that we are going to be one game back after tonight.
2005-09-27 18:38:35
289.   tocho
OK, guys remember that we are supposed to be having fun watching baseball games...

Reload, just for the fun of it, bring Miggy to the plate

2005-09-27 18:38:35
290.   weeping for brunnhilde
"Joe Torre and Mel Stottlemeyer having a little conference in the dugout."

What is there to left to talk about, really?

2005-09-27 18:38:37
291.   yankz
No. God, no. They just showed Wayne Franklin warming up. NOOOOOO.
2005-09-27 18:38:38
292.   weeping for brunnhilde
"Joe Torre and Mel Stottlemeyer having a little conference in the dugout."

What is there left to talk about, really?

2005-09-27 18:38:40
293.   Maniakes
Yeah, this is nothing like good, crisp championship level baseball.
2005-09-27 18:39:03
294.   Rich
2005-09-27 18:39:32
295.   Mattpat11
Shea Hillenbrand is useless
2005-09-27 18:39:49
296.   yankz
Yankee Fan in Chicago- no offense, but stfu.

It's only the fifth, it's only the fifth...

2005-09-27 18:39:57
297.   Zack
And Torre looks down to his bullpen and suddenly realizes that Ramiro mendoza is on the team, and immediatly gets him up
2005-09-27 18:40:09
298.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
And Shea friggin Hillenbrand strikes out with the bases loaded.
2005-09-27 18:40:14
299.   Rich
Pretend it's 2001 F-Rod.
2005-09-27 18:40:25
300.   Cliff Corcoran
Becky asked me to say: "Friggin' A."
Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-09-27 18:40:34
301.   Zack
Hillenbrand strikes out, yuck
2005-09-27 18:41:21
302.   Zack
Well, time to turn the game off
2005-09-27 18:41:23
303.   Mattpat11
Words fail me right now.
2005-09-27 18:41:41
304.   yankz
I haven't cried in forever. Another BB should do it...
2005-09-27 18:42:05
305.   weeping for brunnhilde
Good. A walk was the best possible outcome of that matchup.

No good could have come from the ball being put into play.

2005-09-27 18:42:32
306.   Cliff Corcoran
If the Jays win this is all okay. C'moooooon Jays!
2005-09-27 18:42:35
307.   Zack
And the Jays leave the bases loaded, guaranteeing that David Ortiz will hit a HR in the 9th
2005-09-27 18:42:49
308.   Max
I have never thought highly of our middle relief, but I did not think it was possible for them to suck this badly. F Rod in particular has been a massive dissapointment.
2005-09-27 18:42:51
309.   The Bear
another walk.. another run for O's..
2005-09-27 18:43:00
310.   Mattpat11
Eric Hinake fucking sucks.
2005-09-27 18:43:01
311.   yankz
Wayne Franklin coming in. My bet is a slam on pitch 3. Any takers?
2005-09-27 18:43:57
312.   tocho
great piece of pitching.

Its a AAA bullpen (O's) vs. a A bullpen (Yanks). Its anybody's ballgame.

2005-09-27 18:44:11
313.   singledd
F-Rod might have good stuff, but he can't pitch. Man... I want to make the PS, but having this bullpen on natioanlly televised TV will be embarrassing.
2005-09-27 18:44:28
314.   Mattpat11



2005-09-27 18:44:34
315.   vockins
There's my walked in run.

Wayne Franklin? Surely you jest. Just go to Embree and make this game 21-7 already.

2005-09-27 18:44:49
316.   weeping for brunnhilde

I didn't realize he was on the team either.

2005-09-27 18:44:56
317.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Yankz, sorry if I'm killing your buzz dude, but I don't want to watch this crap in the playoffs. At this point I'd rather watch the young Tribe.
2005-09-27 18:45:30
318.   marc
Wright's problems fucked everthing up. We had a good emergency plan with Small for middle relief.
2005-09-27 18:45:32
319.   Cliff Corcoran
Mike Stanton has a 3.58 ERA for Washington this year.
2005-09-27 18:45:57
320.   Rich
I was wrong, we should have kept Quantrill and Stanton.
2005-09-27 18:46:00
321.   Mattpat11
I present this as exibit A for anyone who said our bullpen was too good to give up five runs in that ninth
2005-09-27 18:46:57
322.   Rich
Didn't Stengel once say: "Can't anybody play this game?"
2005-09-27 18:47:24
323.   weeping for brunnhilde
Fuck it, put Derek on the mound, like in little league.
2005-09-27 18:47:25
324.   Cliff Corcoran
If I was in the Yankee dugout I'd be screaming Colter Bean's name in Joe Torre's ear.
2005-09-27 18:47:32
325.   yankz
Let the tears begin...


2005-09-27 18:47:38
326.   sam2175
3 runs walked in and counting.

At this point, what are the odds they walk the whole side?

2005-09-27 18:48:03
327.   tocho
Shit an Indians rally is brewing. 5-3 bottom of the 8th. 2 outs man on 2nd.

OK, inning over for the D-Rays... I wish I could say the same for the Yanks.

Poor guys in Bryant Park, I hope they're getting hammered.

2005-09-27 18:48:28
328.   JeremyM
Hell, I'd take Buddy Groom and his 4.90 or so ERA right now.
2005-09-27 18:48:33
329.   Cliff Corcoran
Cleveland is rallying. The White Sox loss means nothing.
2005-09-27 18:48:38
330.   Alex Belth
Gas Face to the entire Idiot Squad out of the pen tonight. You know as well as they've played overall of late, watching this horrid pitching makes me think this team has no business playing in October. This is disgraceful.
2005-09-27 18:49:05
331.   Mattpat11
well this is pleasant.
2005-09-27 18:49:11
332.   singledd
5-3 in Cleveland after 8.
2005-09-27 18:49:46
333.   Zack
This may be one the single most pathetic displays of pitching I have ever seen. I mean, just throw a strike, who cares if its hit out of the park at this point
2005-09-27 18:50:02
334.   Cliff Corcoran
I'd take Colter Bean, Jason Anderson and Alex Graman.
2005-09-27 18:50:13
335.   weeping for brunnhilde
--321, You said it.
2005-09-27 18:50:28
336.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
WTF was Sweet Lou doing brining in Borowski.
2005-09-27 18:50:46
337.   BklynBomber
You think the Sox are feelin' pretty good about pulling their game out right now?

This is officially The Inning From Hell...

2005-09-27 18:50:56
338.   Mattpat11
2005-09-27 18:51:10
339.   JeremyM
So can Sheffield hit a 7-run homer?

The blame for this falls on Mussina. I've defended this guy in the past, but no more. With his salary, the way he pitched tonight in a huge game is absoultely undefensible.

2005-09-27 18:51:12
340.   Zack
Hell, I'd take Dave LaPoint
2005-09-27 18:51:16
341.   vockins
Good God. This is an abomination.
2005-09-27 18:51:20
342.   randym77
Gawd, that felt like the longest half-inning in my life.
2005-09-27 18:51:51
343.   yankz
It ended? It actually ended!!! Too bad it's probably too late (I hope I eat crow in a few minutes)
2005-09-27 18:51:57
344.   marc
Sox still tied after 7 complete and Cleveland has worked their way clos with 5-3 TB in top of the 9th.
2005-09-27 18:52:16
345.   Cliff Corcoran
The collapse by the middle relief is as stunning and monumental as the Yankees climb out of their early-season hole. Incredible.

Wayne Franklin is the pitcher of the game for getting those two outs.

2005-09-27 18:52:48
346.   marc
NY police report 15 suicides during the inning
2005-09-27 18:53:31
347.   JeremyM
Oh man, I forgot about Anderson. He was OK for us and looked to be a good guy to have, certainly better than Proctor. Bean deserved a lengthy look. Graman didn't impress me, but he never really had a chance too. What the hell is wrong with this club and calling up all the wrong pitchers? How did Wang ever make it up here?
2005-09-27 18:53:54
348.   Zack
Well, at least I'll have the jets to get me through this long winter...oh wait...
2005-09-27 18:55:44
349.   yankz
Baaad start, Captain.
2005-09-27 18:56:31
350.   Mattpat11
Jeremy, are you referring to Jason "could walk me" Anderson?

And Alex "blew every opportunity he had" Graman?

Show/Hide Comments 351-400
2005-09-27 18:56:39
351.   BklynBomber
I need to create a series of keystokes that will knock out lines like:

"Baserunners. We need baserunners."

...rather than typing it out night after night.

2005-09-27 18:56:51
352.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Speaking of football, which was worse: the Yanks bullpen these last two innings, or the Giants defense against the Chargers on Sunday night?
2005-09-27 18:57:28
353.   tocho
So.... who will pitch the 6th? Flaherty?

Here comes the inning from hell for the O's

2005-09-27 18:58:03
354.   Cliff Corcoran
Can you believe the five Yankee pitchers have only issued six walks?

Meanwhile, Zaun leads off the eighth with a walk, Reed Johnson singles, first and second no outs against Chad Bradford.

2005-09-27 18:58:12
355.   Mattpat11
at this point we just have to root for Toronto and try to forget that this game happened
2005-09-27 18:58:20
356.   singledd
Toronto: 2nd and 3rd, 1 out
2005-09-27 18:58:38
357.   Zack
YFIC, could be a very long winter in NY and for their dispersed fans like you and me. No Yanks, a crappy Giants D, Vinny at QB for the Jets (oh God I think I just threw up) and lets not even start on the Knicks...
2005-09-27 18:59:14
358.   yankz
Worst half inning length ratio ever?
2005-09-27 18:59:18
359.   marc
Cleveland goes to bottom of the 9th trailing TB by 2. Toronto threating Boston in the 9th
2005-09-27 18:59:24
360.   tocho
OK, here comes the bottom of the 9th. for the Indians 5-3 with Baez coming in. Give them a taste of D-Rays power!!!
2005-09-27 18:59:31
361.   Mattpat11
Is Russ Adams competent enough to knock these two in?
2005-09-27 19:00:28
362.   BklynBomber
#352 — Chicago, I'd have to say the Yankee pen, who let up the equivalent of 56 points tonight.
2005-09-27 19:00:42
363.   weeping for brunnhilde
And, Toronto, if my love thou hold'st at aught--
As my great power thereof may give thee sense,
Since yet thy cicatrice looks raw and red
After the New York sword, and thy free awe
Pays homage to us--thou mayst not coldly set
Our sovereign process; which imports at full,
By letters congruing to that effect,
The present death of Boston. Do it, Toronto;
For like the hectic in my blood he rages,
And thou must cure me: till I know 'tis done,
Howe'er my haps, my joys were ne'er begun.
2005-09-27 19:02:54
364.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Crisp, leadoff double. F*%$^&
2005-09-27 19:02:58
365.   singledd
Sac fly. 6-5 Toronto
2005-09-27 19:03:08
366.   Mattpat11
They need to knock that other run in.
2005-09-27 19:03:33
367.   marc
1 inside so far as Jays take the lead. We need a few more
2005-09-27 19:05:49
368.   marc
Fuck, Cleveland has ttying runs on, nobody out
2005-09-27 19:06:06
369.   sam2175
Ok, rather than let Newhan hit, it was Franklin who hit Newhan.

Not sure if it accomplished anything other than putting Newhan on base.

2005-09-27 19:08:05
370.   joe in boston
Mel's up to pitch the next inning
2005-09-27 19:08:17
371.   marc
Cleveland tying run on 3rd. Winning run on 1st. One out only. This could be a washout night for Yanks
2005-09-27 19:08:55
372.   joe in boston
Toronto just loaded the bases against Hansen
2005-09-27 19:09:17
373.   Mattpat11
bases loaded, 2 out for Koskie
2005-09-27 19:09:21
374.   Cliff Corcoran
Bases loaded, two outs for the Jays against the Hansen kid. Koskie up.
2005-09-27 19:09:23
375.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Bases juiced for Koski in Boston.

Elsewhere, Baez sucks ass.

2005-09-27 19:09:26
376.   singledd
Bases loaded, 2 out for Toronto
2005-09-27 19:09:53
377.   BklynBomber
Oh, Newhan is gettin' plunked tomorrow night, that's for sure.
2005-09-27 19:10:40
378.   marc
big double play in bottom of the 9th and TB beats Cleveland
2005-09-27 19:10:41
379.   Cliff Corcoran
D-Rays win!
2005-09-27 19:10:42
380.   JeremyM
Hey, they just stole second. Where's the etiquette? Didn't A-Rod teach them anything?
2005-09-27 19:10:50
381.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Retract. Baez you magnificent bastard. I take it all back.
2005-09-27 19:11:07
382.   joe in boston
WILD PITCH BY HANSEN - how the f could he not score ?!
2005-09-27 19:11:41
383.   Mattpat11
This is why Koskie is on the Blue Jays.
2005-09-27 19:11:43
384.   JeremyM
How did Tampa Bay hold on to that? Well, there's some good news at least.
2005-09-27 19:11:57
385.   Cliff Corcoran
Koskie flies out. 6-5 Jays, they need six outs to win.
2005-09-27 19:12:04
386.   Zack
So that means we are what, half game up for wc?
2005-09-27 19:12:16
387.   atc
I think we have a better chance of coming back than the Jays do of holding this lead
2005-09-27 19:12:24
388.   marc
damn, a little more and Toronto could have had a Grand Slam
2005-09-27 19:12:31
389.   tocho
Jays leave them juiced. 6-5 going to the bottom of the 8th. Our hopes are pinned to the jays bullpen... Batista... I NEED my life back.
2005-09-27 19:12:35
390.   Zack
Yeah, but with Batista as closer, the Jays are f'ed
2005-09-27 19:12:42
391.   joe in boston
I'm the biggest Toronto fan in the world.
2005-09-27 19:13:19
392.   Cliff Corcoran
Looking at Gameday's red dot, looks like Koskie flew out to the wall in dead center. Ouch.
2005-09-27 19:13:44
393.   Mattpat11
Mueller, Traht and Grahfahnino. Even if they go 1-2-3, fatty'a up in the ninth
2005-09-27 19:14:34
394.   Cliff Corcoran
Didn't Batista K the heart of the Yankee order on 12 pitches to nail down a save in one of their recent match-ups?
2005-09-27 19:14:54
395.   Cliff Corcoran
Speier pitching.
2005-09-27 19:15:03
396.   tocho
This Hansen guy the BlowSux are raving about is not that good. He was really close to giving up a GS and his fastball is out of control.
2005-09-27 19:15:12
397.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Even with a 1-2-3 8th, Fat Papi comes up in the 9th. Any bets on what he does? Sheeeet.
2005-09-27 19:15:27
398.   Cliff Corcoran
Mueller K's, five outs needed.
2005-09-27 19:15:30
399.   Mattpat11
Why are they pitching to Barroids?
2005-09-27 19:15:45
400.   marc
This whole Boston game seems like a lot of phony drama just so Ortiz can win the game.
Show/Hide Comments 401-450
2005-09-27 19:16:08
401.   Rich
Send Mo up to Boston, stat.
2005-09-27 19:16:24
402.   atc
cliff, yes, but it was in the shadows
2005-09-27 19:16:24
403.   BklynBomber
What inning is Sox-Jays? (I'm not touching the remote!)
2005-09-27 19:16:34
404.   Mattpat11
Holy shit, this is still the inning where Gomez fouled out?
2005-09-27 19:17:49
405.   atc
How come every time I flip back to our game, the O's are still up?
2005-09-27 19:18:05
406.   Max
Jays are going to regret those LOB the last two innings.

Could be a lot least Tribe and White Sox lose, and another night of rest for our key relievers. And if the Jays can play it close the next two days, the Red Sox pen have some major mileage coming into the series with us.

I can see the glass as half full as long as we don't have to dip into middle relief any more after today's nightmare...that we can rely on some actual quality starts the next two days.

2005-09-27 19:18:18
407.   tocho
C'mon Grafawhatever DP
2005-09-27 19:19:14
408.   Cliff Corcoran
Scoreless inning by Franklin! Just the second of the game! Mendoza and Embree were warming.
2005-09-27 19:19:53
409.   tocho
Hey, a Franklin strikeout, its like Haley's comet guys!! what a privilege to have witnessed it.
2005-09-27 19:20:02
410.   atc
Yes tocho!
2005-09-27 19:20:25
411.   tocho
Double your pleasure!
2005-09-27 19:20:39
412.   Zack
"Mendoza and Embree were warming" words that send chills down my spine...
2005-09-27 19:20:53
413.   singledd
Boston done in the 8th.
Top of their order coming up for the 9th.
2005-09-27 19:21:07
414.   joe in boston
Now pitching for the New York Yankees:

George Costanza !

2005-09-27 19:21:07
415.   BklynBomber
OK, The Drive for Seven (runs) begins now. Baserunners, Yanks... baserunners! A few bloops and a blast or two, we can pull it out. Die hard!
2005-09-27 19:21:16
416.   Zack
what happened tocho?
2005-09-27 19:21:19
417.   marc
Yes, big inning ending DP Toronto 6-5 going to the 9th
2005-09-27 19:21:31
418.   Mattpat11

But The Fat Man still gets up in the ninth

2005-09-27 19:22:01
419.   Zack
ah, never mind...and so Ortiz will come up third in the inning, how does this always happen????
2005-09-27 19:22:05
420.   tocho
This Rakers guy is so due. We will light him up this inning.
2005-09-27 19:22:09
421.   joe in boston
Does the 500th post win anything ?

Forgive me, I'm babbling....

2005-09-27 19:22:16
422.   Cliff Corcoran
Tocho got his wish (407), three outs to go, top of the order in the bottom of the ninth for Boston.
2005-09-27 19:22:21
423.   jkay
Sox-Jays top 9.
2005-09-27 19:22:35
424.   Mattpat11
that sucked
2005-09-27 19:22:42
425.   randym77
2005-09-27 19:24:04
426.   Cliff Corcoran
Newhan is a helluva bench guy to have. Robbed Sheff of homer #3.
2005-09-27 19:24:10
427.   BklynBomber
Newhan. I don't like this guy...
2005-09-27 19:24:56
428.   Cliff Corcoran
Hillenbrand walks to start the ninth. Hillenbrand walks to start the ninth. Chad Harville doin' a heckuva job.
2005-09-27 19:25:36
429.   singledd
After next year, when Sheff's contract is up, he will have around 480 hrs. Will he play another year?
2005-09-27 19:25:46
430.   joe in boston
I think the Sox just picked a fan from the stands to pitch
2005-09-27 19:26:13
431.   tocho
They need the insurance runs for Batista
2005-09-27 19:26:31
432.   singledd
2nd and 3rd, nobody out for the Jays.
2005-09-27 19:26:48
433.   joe in boston
2nd and 3rd - Blue Jays ! No outs
2005-09-27 19:26:59
434.   weeping for brunnhilde
Wow! Toronto, second and third, no out!
2005-09-27 19:27:38
435.   Cliff Corcoran
Hinske doubles, second and third no outs, Zaun up.
2005-09-27 19:29:22
436.   marc
Toronto 2nd and 3rd, no one out. the boo birds have moved from Baltimore to Boston as Boston relief sucking everywhere. Oh shit a pop up
2005-09-27 19:29:30
437.   Mattpat11
Zaun fucking popped out. Unbelivable.
2005-09-27 19:29:30
438.   joe in boston
You know what Trot?

The whole dirty-hat-I'm cool thing is lame

2005-09-27 19:29:54
439.   Rich
Po takes one for the team.
2005-09-27 19:30:09
440.   sam2175
Zaun comes up with a yawner. Still 2 on, and one out for Jays, first base empty.
2005-09-27 19:30:17
441.   singledd
Bases loaded, ONE out, for the Jays.
2005-09-27 19:30:19
442.   atc
who was just pitching for bos?
2005-09-27 19:30:43
443.   randym77
What happened to Hansen? Did they pull him?

Man, Posada got beaned. He's probably going to need a new lid after this.

2005-09-27 19:31:13
444.   joe in boston
atc - the popcorn guy
2005-09-27 19:31:28
445.   Zack
Anyone have any idea why Tito put Harville in? What, did he suddenly turn into Joe Torre?
2005-09-27 19:31:48
446.   BklynBomber
13-8! Here we come... Mora's throw from third hits Posada as he's crossing the bag, ball goes into right foul terrority, Mats scores from second... Jorgie on 2nd, 1 out, Cano up
2005-09-27 19:32:08
447.   marc
hit batsman, baes loaded. I they can stay out of a double play Toronto has a Chance but needs a lot of runs with the big boys coming in and Batista pitching with a horrible record against them
2005-09-27 19:32:13
448.   atc
does he have a name?
2005-09-27 19:32:36
449.   Cliff Corcoran
Chad Harville, he hit Reed Johnson to load the bases. Jeremi Gonzalez in now.
2005-09-27 19:32:40
450.   joe in boston
c'mon Bernie - Home run please !
Show/Hide Comments 451-500
2005-09-27 19:32:50
451.   BklynBomber
Cano K's, thrown out at first, Jorgie to 3rd, Bernie up...
2005-09-27 19:32:57
452.   sam2175
That was a HBP? I guess that was intentional, but efficient (Boston game). Gets the job done in 1 pitch, I guess they are trying for a DP here.

Can the Boston pen match our suckiness? We walked in 3, surely they could do better than us, no.

Naah, maybe not.

2005-09-27 19:33:31
453.   tocho
How many times will the jays have the bases juiced in this game. They are due for a bases-clearing double
2005-09-27 19:33:34
454.   marc
They said the Yankees scored a run and I haven't been listening to the game. I lost MLB audio feed. I better reconnect and listen just in case
2005-09-27 19:33:59
455.   yankz
Good hustle by Cano.
2005-09-27 19:34:20
456.   Zack
harville had been released by Houston awhile back..basically he's their embree
2005-09-27 19:36:45
457.   BklynBomber
Bernie K's looking... at least 2 pitches in that AB were drive-able...
2005-09-27 19:37:05
458.   Cliff Corcoran
Sac fly, 7-5.
2005-09-27 19:37:06
459.   joe in boston
Ah Bernie.

Why don't these guys protect the plate with 2 strikes ??? Little League 101

Jays up 2

2005-09-27 19:37:29
460.   Mattpat11
whats with the strike out lookings tonight?
2005-09-27 19:38:44
461.   Mattpat11
The human white flag
2005-09-27 19:39:09
462.   yankz
Kay: "It certainly has not been a pitcher's duel..."

What a hilarious euphemism.

2005-09-27 19:39:24
463.   Alex Belth
And the moaning afterwards? Both Jeter and Bernie were called on on legit strikes.
2005-09-27 19:39:40
464.   Cliff Corcoran
Kay's ragging on Embree: "Yankee fans will now hold their breath as Alan Embree comes in to pitch"

Men on second and third two outs, Russ Adams up for the Jays, 2-2 count.

2005-09-27 19:40:57
465.   BklynBomber
Good to see Robbie's head is still in the game, nice play to nail Miggy at first...
2005-09-27 19:41:00
466.   JeremyM
I'd rather see Bellhorn pitch than Embree.
2005-09-27 19:41:14
467.   sam2175
Well, if whoever come in to close gets at least 2, an Ortiz HR can only make it 7-5.

And hopefully Manny doesn't hit a HR again.

That said, I am rooting for Batista to do what he did against us. Strike out everyone in sight.

2005-09-27 19:42:06
468.   atc
I'm not sure there's enough scotch in my house to me get through the bottom of the ninth
2005-09-27 19:42:22
469.   Cliff Corcoran
Adams flew out to end the Jays ninth. 7-5 Jays. Top of the order for the Sox, Scott Schoeneweis, the lefty in to face Damon, Renteria, Ortiz.
2005-09-27 19:43:03
470.   Zack
Ortiz bats third, so in theory he could hit a three run HR...

My gamecast has officially stalled after Hinskie's double, I turn to BB for my updates, keep them rolling

2005-09-27 19:43:30
471.   sam2175
Schoeneweis should just try to get Damon, and should be done before Renteria, the guy is a lefty-killer.
2005-09-27 19:43:32
472.   atc
damon k's
2005-09-27 19:43:50
473.   Cliff Corcoran
Damon Ks after bunting at the 1-1 pitch.
2005-09-27 19:44:53
474.   Cliff Corcoran
Yup, Batista in for Renteria.
2005-09-27 19:45:32
475.   atc
I don't know if it's good that Embree is getting outs tonight - Joe may think he's found something
2005-09-27 19:45:56
476.   joe in boston
Oh no, not Embree.

Is there a mercy rule ?

2005-09-27 19:46:15
477.   BklynBomber
Cy Embree mows down the Birds in the 7th... We need a crooked number in the 8th to set it up for the comeback of the year...
2005-09-27 19:46:19
478.   randym77
Embree and Franklin, our heroes tonight.
2005-09-27 19:46:36
479.   Cliff Corcoran
1-2-3 for Embree! I'm in shock. I'm also scared Torre may try to use him again now.
2005-09-27 19:47:04
480.   joe in boston
OK Cliff, let's see if today's headline (title) is prophetic.....Drive for Five (RUNS that is !)
2005-09-27 19:47:08
481.   Mattpat11
Batista is a closer with a 4 ERA. Thats somewhat less than ideal
2005-09-27 19:47:31
482.   yankz
LOL, Embree just retired their 3-4-5 in order. Maybe he should've come in earlier...
2005-09-27 19:47:46
483.   BklynBomber
atc, you are brutal, my man ;-)
2005-09-27 19:47:58
484.   marc
Hey, Yankees may actually have a chance. Down only 5 with 2 innings to go.
2005-09-27 19:48:21
485.   JeremyM
What a concept- not going with yuor closer if he's not the best option matchup-wise. (Granted, the Yanks don't have that problem, Mo is a matchup-problem for everyone except Bill Mueller.) Nice job by Embree, so now Torre will trust him again in a key spot.
2005-09-27 19:48:43
486.   singledd
2 out, none on, Ortiz up.
2005-09-27 19:49:01
487.   Mattpat11
Fatty up with bases empty and 2 out
2005-09-27 19:49:03
488.   Cliff Corcoran
Renteria grounds out. Down to Ortiz, that insurance run was huge!
2005-09-27 19:49:16
489.   Bill
Why would you use Ruben when you need a baserunner, not a homer?
2005-09-27 19:49:21
490.   Bill
Why would you use Ruben when you need a baserunner, not a homer?
2005-09-27 19:49:45
491.   sam2175
Rent grounds out.

That (fat) man, Ortiz, up.

2005-09-27 19:49:54
492.   Rich
Please retire Ruben.
2005-09-27 19:50:34
493.   Cliff Corcoran
Pinch-hitting Ruben for Bubba was stupid.
2005-09-27 19:50:40
494.   yankz
HELL YES!!!!!!!
2005-09-27 19:50:41
495.   Zack
gamecast still dead, going crazy, resorting to refreshing every two seconds...
2005-09-27 19:50:43
496.   weeping for brunnhilde
It's over in Boston!

We live to fight another day.

2005-09-27 19:50:45
497.   atc
2005-09-27 19:50:58
498.   Mattpat11
"Mr. Clutch" ends the game
2005-09-27 19:51:04
499.   marc
Red Sox, Cleveland both lose
2005-09-27 19:51:25
500.   tocho
Ballgame over
Show/Hide Comments 501-550
2005-09-27 19:51:30
501.   JeremyM
Sox lose. This doesn't hurt as much.

I'd rather see Womack than Sierra, and yes I am serious.

2005-09-27 19:51:33
502.   sam2175
That's more like it!

Ortiz makes the last out.

Somebody make a public announcement of that in Camden!

2005-09-27 19:51:35
503.   BklynBomber
Jetes work on the ump earlier paid off...
2005-09-27 19:51:36
504.   Cliff Corcoran
Ortiz grounds out! Sox lose! The Baltimore fiasco is acceptable! They can lose now and it's okay! Oh miracle of miracles!
2005-09-27 19:51:49
505.   singledd
The White Sox lose.
The White Sox loooooooooooooooose.
The Indians lose.
The Indians loooooooooooooooose.
The Red Sox lose.
The Red Sox loooooooooooooooose.
The Yankees...............
2005-09-27 19:51:54
506.   randym77
Jays win!
2005-09-27 19:52:55
507.   BklynBomber
13-9! A-Rod just missed one. Doubles in the Cap, 1 out...
2005-09-27 19:52:57
508.   yankz
2005-09-27 19:53:27
509.   Cliff Corcoran
Sox win and seconds later Rodriguez doubles home a Jeter walk, 13-9, keep it going Yanks! There's still a chance to gain a game!
2005-09-27 19:53:45
510.   BklynBomber
Jason — deliver this run, baby!
2005-09-27 19:54:08
511.   yankz

(again, credit nomaas for the nickname)

2005-09-27 19:54:12
512.   marc
high, far off the right field wall. I guess that's better than it is high it is far it is caught
2005-09-27 19:54:57
513.   Alex Belth
Sox lose! Whew.

A Rod just misses a dinger, and gets jobbed of an RBI (?!?!?!) in the process.

2005-09-27 19:55:01
514.   BklynBomber
Hit this one one row further this time, Iron Man!
2005-09-27 19:55:22
515.   Mattpat11
That was a purpose pitch
2005-09-27 19:55:22
516.   jkay
Hot action on

"He seeks the spotlight, a charming personality trait at 21-6. It's not so adorable when your ERA is three full runs above your career mark and you have an ankle that requires rigorous rehabilitation, yet show up to spring camp, as one player said, 'looking like Santa Claus.'

2005-09-27 19:55:22
517.   tocho
C'mon Sheff another HR
2005-09-27 19:55:26
518.   Rich
Fucking asshole.
2005-09-27 19:55:27
519.   tocho
C'mon Sheff another HR
2005-09-27 19:56:27
520.   Rich
Embree better show that he has balls.
2005-09-27 19:56:32
521.   Cliff Corcoran
Wow, I was convinced when Ray threw at Sheff's head that the next pitch was going out of the park. Amazed it didn't. Need four in the ninth to tie.
2005-09-27 19:57:42
522.   tocho
OK, anybody still holding hope for a 5 run 9nth. inning? If the O's can do it, so can the Yanks...
2005-09-27 19:58:04
523.   weeping for brunnhilde
505, singledd. No, that's all wrong.

It's not, "The Red Sox Loooooooooooose," it's, "Thuuuhhhhh Red Sox Lose."

Try it again, will you?

2005-09-27 19:58:31
524.   BklynBomber
At least we've upgraded speed and defense in right this inning...
2005-09-27 19:58:37
525.   Cliff Corcoran
Sturtze in? Torre thinks the Yanks can do it. Will be tough with Cano, Bernie, Sierra due up third through fifth.
2005-09-27 19:59:01
526.   marc
I guess it was asking Sheff a little too much to do it again. The poor guy has two homers including a Salami and nobody's gonna really remember it after the middle relief hijinks
2005-09-27 19:59:18
527.   Zack
Glad to see Schill choke it up today, what will he have to say about that...The Sox sites will be aflame with the Harville move, which, I honestly don't understand either.

I am amazed, frankly, that the Sox choked as bad as we did, guess the stars are just aligning for the showdown at Fenway

2005-09-27 20:00:20
528.   marc
Sturtze starts with a 4 pitch walk. I guess the nightmare continues
2005-09-27 20:00:39
529.   Mattpat11
Fucking Sturtze.
2005-09-27 20:00:56
530.   BklynBomber
Looks like it's a true 'Drive for Five' again...
2005-09-27 20:01:12
531.   Cliff Corcoran
Amen Bklyn, what the hell was Torre thinking putting Sierra in when he did?

Hey look at Sturtze give that run back. Soooo glad the Sox lost.

2005-09-27 20:01:39
532.   Rich
Check that, Sturtze needs to hit someone.
2005-09-27 20:02:33
533.   Cliff Corcoran
Becky is hatin' on Sturtze big time right now. She's never liked him.
2005-09-27 20:02:41
534.   sam2175
Ok, so Sturtze puts it beyond the realm of possibility.

I am officially done with this sucker tonight. See you guys tomorrow.

2005-09-27 20:05:07
535.   Max
Ugh, Sturtze. Put in dePaula and have him plunk a few O's and get this done already.
2005-09-27 20:05:48
536.   Matt B
Cliff, that's because Sturtze stinks. He had a couple good weeks once, he is not a good pitcher.
2005-09-27 20:09:05
537.   singledd
Lets look at it this way.
Mariano and Gordon get the day off.
The Sox should be tired tomorrow and TB should be confident. This is the best really shitty day we've had in a while.
2005-09-27 20:09:48
538.   atc
Tonight never happened - we'll get em tomorrow
2005-09-27 20:10:06
539.   singledd
Goodnight boys (and girls?)
2005-09-27 20:10:07
540.   singledd
Goodnight boys (and girls?)
2005-09-27 20:10:14
541.   weeping for brunnhilde
Sturze must have been jealous that people would start saying the others suck more than he does.

He wanted to prove he can suck with the big boys.

2005-09-27 20:10:47
542.   Max
Why couldn't this have happened to Embree? Then everyone could have been pulled earlier, and there would have been no pretence that the continuation of this farce would have led anywhere.

Thank goodness it only counts as one game.

2005-09-27 20:12:59
543.   Rich
2005-09-27 20:15:57
544.   BklynBomber
Mr. 'Glass is Half Full' here... OK, we got a stinker like this out of our system. I don't think we'll see this again, definitely not against Baltimore. I think it'll wake everyone up for tomorrow night and carry over to Thursday. And it's probably better to lose one like this (knowing Boston lost) than losing a one-run game.

On the other hand, Boston will be replaying their tight loss in their heads tonight, while the Yanks will fuggett about this one before they're on the bus.

Of course, we're gonna have to go starter-to-FlashMo the next two nights, but that's doable.

What a week, lads...

2005-09-27 20:19:51
545.   vockins
A'ight! Eight runs to tie it up! Get out the big lumber!
2005-09-27 20:19:59
546.   tom yf
Okay, Baltimore was due for their one last win of the season. We'll get 'em tomorrow guys. Pretty lucky the tribe and the Sox kept pace.

And hey, we wanted Moose to be rested for Sunday right? :-)

2005-09-27 20:22:23
547.   randym77
At least we haven't lost in ground against Boston, Cleveland, etc.

But damn, what a missed opportunity. Would have been nice to pull ahead of Boston. Pretty sad that nine runs isn't enough to win.

Yeah, our bullpen sucks, but gawd almighty, it's a bit much to expect them to take over in the second inning. Moose really let us down tonight.

2005-09-27 20:23:36
548.   marc
I think the big news of the night is Cleveland's loss keeping that WC option for us open in case we don't pass Boston. What concerns me is if Moose's problem is the same elbow inflammation problem than he's unreliable to pitch in Boston
2005-09-27 20:24:48
549.   Rich
Turn the page. We're golden from here on out.
2005-09-27 20:24:51
550.   marc
We're approaching the all time longest AL game for 9 innings I think
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2005-09-27 20:25:51
551.   Cliff Corcoran
I called that game-ending DP from Bernie. At least I got to watch the Daily Show in the bottom of the eighth.
2005-09-27 20:27:37
552.   Cliff Corcoran
Marc, they just missed that record, which was a 13-9 O's Yanks game in '97. 4:22 for that game, 4:16 for this one.
2005-09-27 20:28:47
553.   Max
marc, not sure we can count on Cleveland continuing to help us out, since they faced probably the best pitcher they'll face the rest of the season.

Biggest downer of the night, without question, is the question of Moose. This has been an issue since late July...when Moose is on, he's great, but when he flames out, the fire spreads fast, far and wide, with lots of damage in its wake. Tough to know if he can really be relied on in an all or nothing situation.

2005-09-27 20:31:40
554.   BklynBomber
With apologies to Moses Malone... now's it "Fo" — four wins and we're in.
2005-09-27 20:38:04
555.   marc
I agree about Moose being the biggest question. I just have to think he's never gotten rid of the elbow inflammation which unfortunately could mean he's not reliable to pitch against Boston or beyond if there is a beyond. It may be an unpopular idea but I have to wonder if Wright might be OK to pitch or if we can go with 4 if need be, Randy, Wang, Chacon and Small. It just mucks everything up. We actually had the middle relief problem reasonably solved with Small in the pen but if we lose 2 starters in Moose and Wright we need seven inning starts every time.
2005-09-27 20:42:24
556.   Cliff Corcoran

When Torre was asked whether Embree would have a spot on the playoff roster should the Yankees advance that far, the manager didn't say it was automatic.

"I want him to be," Torre said. "I'll leave it at that."

2005-09-27 20:54:57
557.   randym77
Embree looked pretty good tonight. :-P

Torre says Moose isn't hurt. He just sucked.

2005-09-27 21:13:18
558.   marc
well if what Moose said is true i guess we're in business sorta. He claimed he was fine and wasn't hurting, he just couldn't get his breaking ball located and so his fastball wasn't effective either or something like that. So he should be OK for Boston and will hopefully be effective. I wonder if Wright can do something in the bullpen. It's hard to imagine him being worse than anyone else. The biggest pitching disappointment has to be Sturtze. He's not supposed to be just another middle relief scrub. Also perhaps Boston's rainout did help them lose in the nightcap
2005-09-27 21:16:10
559.   Cliff Corcoran
I can deal with them starting Moose on Sunday, it's the final game, if he doesn't have it they hook him immediately and go to . . . Chacon on three day's rest? Wright? It's not like they have to save anyone for Monday or Tuesday, there may not be a Monday or Tuesday.
2005-09-27 21:45:33
560.   Max
Cliff, Sunday isn't necessarily the final game if one of the teams goes into the final weekend up one game, right? It's possible that they end up tied at the end of the season, and then they play the tiebreaker for the division at Yankee Stadium.

In a situation like that, if the Yankees were up one game going into Sunday, I wonder if they would empty the kitchen sink if Moose struggled, or allow another repeat of last night's flameout and simply take their chances with Chacon on Monday. All hypotheticals, of course, but interesting to consider.

2005-09-27 23:47:30
561.   rilkefan
Jeez, good thing my mother-in-law was in town and I missed the whole game. Sorry though that I missed the no-doubt-plentiful brilliant comments in the above thread, which I'll read if it snows tomorrow in San Francisco and my lab gets shut down.

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