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The Big Six and That Pesky Half
2005-09-21 13:14
by Cliff Corcoran

If the Yankees win tonight and tomorrow to complete a four-game sweep of the Orioles, they will wake up on Friday in first place in both the AL East and the Wild Card race, and there's not a damn thing that Boston or Cleveland can do about it. That's because the half game by which the Yankees currently trail those two clubs is the result of the Bombers having played one less game thus far this season. On Thursday, the Sox and Tribe will be idle while the Yankees finish the current series with the O's, thus that pesky half game will be gone, for better or worse, come Friday.

As a result, with the exception of the final three games of the season in Boston, each of which counts for a full game the AL East standings, tomorrow night's game is the most important one on the Yankees remaining schedule, as it is guaranteed to effect a half-game swing in the race for the playoffs. Joe Torre knows this. Prior to last night's game he made a comment about how much he was looking forward to eliminating that half game come Thursday. Thus his decision to give Mike Mussina his first start since Aug 29 tomorrow night is . . . well, maybe it's just Joe being Joe.

It's common knowledge that Mussina struggles on irregular rest, and you can't get much more irregular than 23 days, even if Moose has been throwing bullpen sessions over the past week to test his arm coming off the elbow inflammation that bounced him from the rotation three weeks ago. I've already expressed my concern about starting Mussina coming off an injury in the midst of a pennant race in which there absolutely no room for error. The upside is that a healthy Mussina could be the difference in the postseason, or in the season-ending series against Boston (remember his season-saving appearance out of the pen in Game Seven of the 2003 ALCS). The downside is that one tanked start by a rusty Moose could keep this team out of the postseason altogether.

To his credit, Mussina is very aware of the risk involved:

"You don't want to do anything that hurts our chances. I want to be in the mix, and, obviously, I want to contribute. [But] We've done some nice things; I don't want to mess it up." ( "I don't know if it's going to be rusty, if it's going to be good, if it's going to be in between. I don't know what it's going to be like." (NYT)

Mussina will be starting coming off a Monday bullpen in which he threw at a maximum of 70 percent of his full velocity and, while he's reported that his elbow is feeling worlds better, he will not have had a rehab start (as the minor league season is over), and will be limited to 80 pitches tomorrow night. As Mussina would regularly hit 80 pitches in the fourth or fifth inning prior to being shut down, it would seem that tomorrow night's game will actually be a tandem start between Mussina and Al Leiter (which explains Leiter's absence from last night's game).

As to why Torre felt the need to attempt this experiment on Thursday of all days, I suspect that's a case of Joe misusing statistics once again.

Throughout his Yankee tenure, Joe Torre has had a habit of either ignoring statistics altogether (see Womack, Tony) or over relying on meaninglessly small samples (see Wilson, Enrique v. Pedro Martinez). Thus far this season, Mike Mussina has a 3.18 ERA against the Orioles and a 10.24 ERA against the Blue Jays. I can only imagine this is the reason Torre has decided to start Mussina on Thursday, the final game of the Baltimore series, rather than Friday, the first game of the Toronto series (both games are at home).

But a closer look reveals that the ERAs listed above have come from a grand total of just three starts. Moose had one solid outing against the Orioles back on April 16 (6 2/3, 7 H, 2 R, 3 BB, 4 K), admittedly when the O's were a much hotter team. Meanwhile, his 10.24 ERA against the Blue Jays is the result of two disparate starts against Toronto. The first was an April 21 win in Toronto that wasn't a far cry from his previous start against the O's (5 1/2 IP, 10 H, 3 R, 1 BB, 5 K), the second was a loss in his penultimate start before being removed from the rotation (4 1/3 IP, 6 H, 8 R, 1 HR, 2 BB, 4 K). Yes the later start was both at home and more recent, but it was also very much an indication of the elbow injury from which he's supposedly recovered.

The one caveat to this is that Shawn Chacon, who will be bumped from Thursday to Friday by Mussina, has dominated the Blue Jays in two starts against them since joining the Yankees (1.20 ERA, .192 BAA in 15 IP). Then again, that means that Toronto has seen him twice and could make adjustments that would reverse that trend on Friday, whereas the Orioles have not seen Chacon at all and could be every bit as susceptible to his stuff as the Jays have been in those two previous starts.

The other effect of Mussina being inserted into the rotation on Thursday is that Torre has decided to go with a six man rotation "for the time being." According to the New York Times, Torre doesn't expect the six-man order to last, but the point is somewhat moot as by the time Mussina's next start comes due there will be just five games left in the entire season.

With that in mind, here's how the rotation projects over the remainder of the schedule:

Wed 9/21 v Bal: Johnson
Thu 9/22 v Bal: Mussina
Fri 9/23 v Tor: Chacon
Sat 9/24 v Tor: Wright
Sun 9/25 v Tor: Wang
Mon 9/26 @ Bal: Small
Tue 9/27 @ Bal: Johnson
Wed 9/28 @ Bal: Mussina
Thu 9/29 @ Bal: Chacon
Fri 9/30 @ Bos: Wright
Sat 10/1 @ Bos: Wang
Sun 10/2 @ Bos: Small

This actually works out very well for the Yankees. If Wright falters on Saturday, Wang and Small can pitch on regular rest in the first two Boston games, bouncing Wright to the pen and moving Randy Johnson into the starting spot in the season finale on regular rest. If the Yankees need to win that final game to force a one-game playoff, Johnson could similarly step in for Small, with Small moving to the bullpen. Mussina would then be in line to start the playoff game, which would be played on Monday. However, if the Yankees have already clinched a tie entering the final game, they could take their chances with Small, saving Johnson for the potential playoff game and Mussina for Game One of the ALDS, with Johnson and Mussina set up to start the ALDS if Small wins and the playoff game is not needed.

This six-man rotation could also be beneficial given the lack of a single off-day in the remaining schedule and the various aches and pains being suffered by the Yankee starters (Johnson's calf cramp from his start against Boston and his ongoing back and knee problems, Mussina's elbow, Wang's shoulder, Wright's knack for getting hit with projectiles). The only problem is that it eliminates the opportunity to use the odd-man out to beef up the Yankees' dreadful middle relief, or to become a tandem starter should one of the Big Six have a disaster outing. Then again, if Torre is truly willing to think out of the box regarding his rotation, the six-man order might increase his willingness to use his starters out of the pen on their throw days, as he did earlier this year with Shawn Chacon and seemed ready to do with Randy Johnson during Aaron Small's shutout in Oakland.

Speaking of Johnson, he's the man taking the mound tonight against Rodrigo Lopez and the Orioles. Johnson, of course, is coming off his embarrassing ejection in Toronto on Friday night, which interrupted his best sustained pitching performance of the year (four consecutive quality starts: 28 1/3 IP, 15 H, 4 R, 0 HR, 6 BB, 26 K). Lopez, meanwhile has been all over the map of late (though for the most part he's been lasting a minimum of five innings, the quality of those innings has varied widely). It's worth noting that after his spectacular April 10 start against the Yankees in Baltimore (8 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 2 BB, 8 K), the Yankees have battered him something awful in his two other starts against them (9 1/3 IP, 18 H, 15 R, 10 ER, 4 HR, 4 BB, 11 K). Here's hoping that continues as the Friday morning scenario that began this post can't occur unless the Yanks win tonight.

(Well, I suppose it could still happen if both Cleveland--throwing Scott Elarton against Jon Garland--and Boston--throwing Wakefield against Scott Kazmir--also lose, but what are the odds of all three of these teams taking a loss on the same night, or shouldn't I ask?)

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2005-09-21 15:47:06
1.   Shaun P
Hmmm . . . Lawton in RF, Bubba in CF - not sure what to think about that. Lawton + Flaherty = two big holes in the lineup. One would hope that with Unit pitching, we don't need to score 12 runs tonight, 'cause that lineup is not likely to do so.

Here's hoping RJ is an angry man tonight!

2005-09-21 15:51:30
2.   randym77 published the results of their AL MVP essay contest today:

Ortiz or A-Rod for MVP? You can vote on who made the better argument. (Not surprisingly, the essay supporting Ortiz is winning by 2 to 1.)

2005-09-21 15:52:56
3.   randym77
//Here's hoping RJ is an angry man tonight!//

But not too angry. :-P

And Lawton? Why Lawton?

2005-09-21 15:58:43
4.   Rich
Lawton is playing the OF because Bernie needs a day off. Torre would never start Vento over a player with experience, and I suppose Woe is no longer a consideration.
2005-09-21 16:01:32
5.   BklynBomber
Not that anyone would issue an APB, but is Kevin Brown physically still with the team? I noticed Pavano in the dugout last night, but can't recall seeing Brown lately. Why I'm wondering I have no earthly idea...
2005-09-21 16:01:41
6.   Cliff Corcoran
Good that Womack is not an option, too bad Vento isn't. That said, can't Bernie take his day off when Posada's in the line-up?
2005-09-21 16:04:49
7.   BklynBomber
Cliff — excellent point on Bernie. He should have rested last night given Posada is off tonight...
2005-09-21 16:05:18
8.   Max
I have a bad, bad feeling about this game. Got to get the pessimism out of my blood before gametime!
2005-09-21 16:06:54
9.   randym77
I think I'd rather have Womack than Lawton.
2005-09-21 16:09:06
10.   Rich
Curiously, Torre has a history of resting his vets at the most inopportune times.
2005-09-21 16:11:07
11.   randym77
What about Sierra? Is he resting, too?
2005-09-21 16:12:57
12.   Rich


2005-09-21 16:14:11
13.   Rich
I would guess that Torre is now reluctant to put Sierra in the OF, and Sheff occupies the DH spot.
2005-09-21 16:15:21
14.   randym77
More reluctant to put Sierra in the OF than Lawton?
2005-09-21 16:15:26
15.   Stormer Sports

Lawton in right. How does that song go.

"When will you ever learn . . . . when will you ev . . . . .er . . . .learn"

2005-09-21 16:15:55
16.   Start Spreading the News
Here's hoping that Wakefield's knuckler straightens out tonight.
2005-09-21 16:16:01
17.   Stormer Sports
I for one would rather see Sierra in right, at least he has a bat.
2005-09-21 16:16:37
18.   Stormer Sports
Wakefield has a lien against the Ray's, he owns them.
2005-09-21 16:20:41
19.   randym77
I would rather see Sierra in right even if he didn't have a bat. He may be slow, but he understands spatial relationships and has a sense of timing. Lawton doesn't.
2005-09-21 16:23:13
20.   Rich
I would play Vento:

Post AS break:

Sierra: .137 .170 .235 .405
Lawton: .217 .312 .278 .590


Sierra: .098 .140 .171 .310
Lawton: .083 .241 .083 .325

2005-09-21 16:23:45
21.   Stormer Sports
Ruben plays when he shouldn't, and when he should, he doesn't. The Bizarro Yankees.
2005-09-21 16:24:56
22.   Stormer Sports
Joe gives up on Ruben, but sticks with Embree. Is Embree warming yet?
2005-09-21 16:27:07
23.   Rich
How can you knock Torre? Remember how well his stubborn faith in Heredia worked out.
2005-09-21 16:28:43
24.   Cliff Corcoran
Rich, thanks for posting those stats. Saved me the work.
2005-09-21 16:28:56
25.   Stormer Sports
Rich, be quiet damn you. Heredia was a lefty reliever, all lefty relievers must be used at all times, well unless your name is Leiter, then you shall be used once per week.
2005-09-21 16:31:52
26.   Stormer Sports
Hideki "Us Mail" Matsui. When you need dependable, here is the poster child.
2005-09-21 16:35:31
27.   randym77
Torre's a genius. ;-)
2005-09-21 16:35:41
28.   Rich
Don't ever question Torre!
2005-09-21 16:35:53
29.   yankz
Good call on Lawton, Torre.
2005-09-21 16:36:03
30.   watziznehm2
2005-09-21 16:36:15
31.   Stormer Sports
I take it all back Matty. Matty Matty Matty.
2005-09-21 16:36:44
32.   marc
Alright, now who's smarter than Torre for putting Lawton in?
2005-09-21 16:37:06
33.   Stormer Sports
That should be plenty for you RJ, lets go!
2005-09-21 16:38:04
34.   yankz
Unfortunately, this probably means Lawton is starting in RF every day for the rest of the season.
2005-09-21 16:38:40
35.   Stormer Sports
No score at the Egg in Tampa.
2005-09-21 16:39:02
36.   Rich
Historically, Lawton has been a decent OBP guy.
2005-09-21 16:39:29
37.   BklynBomber
Wakefield's no-hitter broken up in bottom of first. The Rays may yet help us tonight.
2005-09-21 16:40:38
38.   Stormer Sports
Michael Kay wants to know how many innings 80 pitches is, can someone help him?
2005-09-21 16:40:46
39.   randym77
I don't think Lawton will be starting every night. They said Lawton's numbers were good against this pitcher, Bernie's weren't, that's why he's in.
2005-09-21 16:41:39
40.   aboveavg
anyone ever heard of small sample sizes? Lawton is a much btter hitter than Ruben, Womack, Bubba and Vento.
2005-09-21 16:42:03
41.   Stormer Sports
Free at last, Free at last, Torre's stat book is Free at last.
2005-09-21 16:42:54
42.   marc
Lawton was 4/41. I'll also note I don't believe in the gambler's fallacy of being due: however he's been a good hitter in the past and he recently had family issues related to Katrina (The Hurricane, not his mistress.)
2005-09-21 16:43:09
43.   randym77
I got no problem with Lawton's hitting, really. It's his fielding I worry about.
2005-09-21 16:43:26
44.   Rich
Tiny sample sizes:

Lawton v. Lopez:

1 for 6 before tonight

Bernie v. Lopez:

0 for 15

2005-09-21 16:43:56
45.   Stormer Sports
Now I know why my grandpa always watches baseball games with the sound off. Thank you gramps for saving me 20 years of having to figure that out.
2005-09-21 16:44:34
46.   Nick from Washington Heights
marc, so, that's a gambler's fallacy. I gotta stop this internet poker thing.
2005-09-21 16:46:08
47.   Rich
I don't think you can say that Lawton is a better hitter than Sierra unless Sierra is done:

Sierra: .268 .316 .451

Lawton: .267 .368 .418

2005-09-21 16:46:39
48.   BklynBomber
2-0 Sawks, RISP, 2 out...
2005-09-21 16:48:19
49.   Stormer Sports
You guys catching this Jet Blue plane with the nose-gear that wont come down, about to land in LA? See, one more reason to dislike the Fench, Airbus, sheesh.
2005-09-21 16:49:15
50.   Rich
Bubba stays en fuego.
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2005-09-21 16:50:23
51.   BklynBomber
Thanks, Storm... that's wild...
2005-09-21 16:51:13
52.   rbj
Pitches per inning. Usually 12 ppi is good. 80/12 is 6.67 No GorMo tonight, rest them up for Moose.
2005-09-21 16:52:00
53.   randym77
2005-09-21 16:52:05
54.   rbj
No, not Unit going down. Please.
2005-09-21 16:52:32
55.   BklynBomber
Don't tell me...
2005-09-21 16:52:38
56.   Stormer Sports
What is up with Sturtz? That is odd.
2005-09-21 16:53:48
57.   marc
true, Lawton's fielding has sucked but maybe when he saw the ball flying at him he momentarily thought it was hurricane blown debris and now he's gotten over that. More pertinent I know he's been a good hitter but I'm not sure if he was a good fielder in the past. I thought he was OK but someone smarter than me know for sure how he's been in the last few years fielding? I heard Sturtze is warming up. I hope he's just playing around and not going in.
2005-09-21 16:54:04
58.   Rich
They think he is working with Neil Allen.
2005-09-21 16:55:06
59.   Schteeve
How About THAT!
2005-09-21 16:55:26
60.   BklynBomber
//One would hope that with Unit pitching, we don't need to score 12 runs tonight//

Shaun, if something is up with Randy, I'm pinnin' it on you ;-)

2005-09-21 16:55:31
61.   Schteeve
Oh sorry, thought you said Mel Allen.
2005-09-21 16:56:35
62.   rbj
Sturtze is sitting again.
Don't do that to us.
2005-09-21 16:56:57
63.   Rich
Lawton's 2003 UZR was -18.
2005-09-21 16:58:47
64.   randym77
The Pirates had the same problems with Lawton as we've seen. He's a decent hitter and pretty fast, but it's almost like he's got some kind of dyslexia when it comes to fielding. This is what my friend in Pittsburgh had to say:

"He continually misjudged balls in Pgh. He would jump up after the ball had passed him; he'd be way out of position; he'd get late breaks on the ball. Then about every 20 games he'd make a spectacular catch. I can't understand why the Yankees have him doing anything except DH."

2005-09-21 16:58:54
65.   Matt B
Can Lopez possibly work more slowly? He's driving me nuts.
2005-09-21 16:59:19
66.   Stormer Sports
Dumping the fuel in the Pacific, ahh the Ocean, the Worlds Land Fill.
2005-09-21 16:59:36
67.   BklynBomber
3-2 in Tampa... Rays still up.
2005-09-21 17:01:34
68.   Stormer Sports
Working slow is good for the Yanks. The defense gets tired and bored and loses reaction time. Arod, dude what is with you lately.
2005-09-21 17:02:28
69.   Rich
Stuck out his freakin' glove.
2005-09-21 17:03:36
70.   Stormer Sports
Brooks Robinson Reaction Time there at 1st base.
2005-09-21 17:04:37
71.   aboveavg
Lawton and Sierra essentially have the same career OPS, but I'll take the higher OBP especially in this lineup.
2005-09-21 17:05:24
72.   Stormer Sports
We need this game. Tampa aint winning down there.
2005-09-21 17:05:34
73.   Stormer Sports
We need this game. Tampa aint winning down there.
2005-09-21 17:06:00
74.   Rich
I would only play Lawton over Sierra because he is six or seven years younger.
2005-09-21 17:08:52
75.   Stormer Sports
I like Girardi, but can someone tell me what he actually does? He doesn't seem to give advice like Zim (not that he has the experience of course), he always seems to be listening attentively, and never talking or discussing.
2005-09-21 17:10:47
76.   aboveavg
what does being younger have to do with it?
2005-09-21 17:11:13
77.   BklynBomber
Intent, my arse. Miggy went there... there goes the perfect game.
2005-09-21 17:12:06
78.   Max
Yet another reason to root for the White Sox to beat bad as they're choking, they've got four games left against an even worse team -- the Tigers, who just got swept by KC, and have lost 23 out of their last 29. So we're not going to make up much ground on the Pale Hose.

The Tigers are the anti-Tribe.

2005-09-21 17:12:29
79.   Cliff Corcoran
If nothing else, Girardi has taught Jorge to block the plate this year.
2005-09-21 17:13:40
80.   Rich
Younger? Ruben seems to have lost bat speed and he has gotten worse defensively with age.
2005-09-21 17:16:33
81.   aboveavg

that's why I said Lawton is a better hitter than him.

2005-09-21 17:18:16
82.   BklynBomber
Mats' 'salary drive' is on...
2005-09-21 17:19:33
83.   Rich
Freakin' luck.
2005-09-21 17:24:07
84.   BklynBomber
Error all the way... terrible throw...
2005-09-21 17:24:33
85.   Rich
2005-09-21 17:25:10
86.   BklynBomber
C'mon Yanks, let's shoot 2.
2005-09-21 17:25:16
87.   randym77
Gak. I hope they're wrong about Jeter being injured...
2005-09-21 17:25:43
88.   BklynBomber
2005-09-21 17:27:55
89.   BklynBomber
Man, Jason must be really hurtin'... He can't get up without getting on all fours.
2005-09-21 17:28:10
90.   randym77
Two awful throws in a row from Jeter.
2005-09-21 17:28:12
91.   Stormer Sports
Is Jeter trying to personally send Giambi to the DL, get with it!
2005-09-21 17:28:28
92.   Cliff Corcoran
Cripes, did you see Giambi crawl off the field after diving for that DP throw from Jeter? And Bernie needs a day off? Yikes.
2005-09-21 17:28:35
93.   Alex Belth
Giambi's back must really be hurting him. He's looked poor at the plate the last couple of days.

What is Jeter trying to do, kill him?

2005-09-21 17:30:41
94.   Stormer Sports
He has to sit. For his own good, I'm ok with Tino for a couple days, he was good enough for 4 rings, he can certainly grab a couple days.
2005-09-21 17:32:09
95.   Rich
I would play Andy Phillips v. lefties, particularly hard throwers.
2005-09-21 17:32:25
96.   Rich
2005-09-21 17:32:35
97.   randym77
It's not like Jeter to make two horrible throws in a row. On YES, they were speculating that it could be the thumb he jammed sliding in awhile back. He also took a nasty fall right onto his shoulder - was it last night? Not that long ago.
2005-09-21 17:32:51
98.   Alex Belth
Not for nothing, but Matos is a horseshit player. I've seen him loaf in the field before but the nerve on that guy to argue the call to first when he's jogging down to first is pathetic.
2005-09-21 17:33:11
99.   marc
Doesn't Jeter know he's not in the running for comeback player of the year. There's no reason to take Giambi out
2005-09-21 17:33:27
100.   Alex Belth
Yeah, Giambi's night is done. Tino has a helmet on.
Show/Hide Comments 101-150
2005-09-21 17:33:37
101.   randym77
Well, it looks like Tino's coming in.
2005-09-21 17:33:59
102.   marc
Tino coming in for Jason I think
2005-09-21 17:35:15
103.   BklynBomber
Tino is rested and ready, and Phillips could use some innings. Work on Jason's back and get him with Donnie to get his mechanics back to where they where...
2005-09-21 17:35:41
104.   Rich
That pitch was low.
2005-09-21 17:36:31
105.   Alex Belth
Nice gun by Tejada there.
2005-09-21 17:37:00
106.   Alex Belth
Ump is calling the low strike. At least he's being consistent.
2005-09-21 17:38:24
107.   randym77
Tino played well yesterday. Let Giambi rest. Especially if Jeter's thumb is bad.
2005-09-21 17:38:26
108.   Alex Belth
Did you guys see the close up of Jeter's right thumb in that last at bat. It's wrapped pretty good and the announcers speculated that that is what is behind his shaky throws. Makes sense to me.
2005-09-21 17:39:26
109.   Stormer Sports
Manny is Back. 3 HR in two days. Going to be tough to catch them if he gets hot too.
2005-09-21 17:40:52
110.   Cliff Corcoran
Question about that thumb, though. It was wrapped over his batting glove. He doesn't wear that glove in the field. Does he even wear it on the bases (doesn't he switch to sliding gloves? I'm forgetting now). If his thumb was taped due to injury, it would be taped directly on the skin, under the batting glove.
2005-09-21 17:41:13
111.   randym77
Makes sense to me, too. Not good news.

Jeter has been pulling Giambi off base, left, right, up, and down lately. It was stretching for one of Jeter's bad throws that caused Giambi's back spasms to begin with.

2005-09-21 17:41:21
112.   Rich
Let's see Ortiz do that.
2005-09-21 17:42:42
113.   Stormer Sports

I believe the thumb is removed from the glove. That way it doen't constrict too much as it would if he wore it under the glove.

2005-09-21 17:42:55
114.   Rich
Shit, I was hoping that ball would bounce over the fence.
2005-09-21 17:44:15
115.   Cliff Corcoran
Giambi is 3 for his last 22 with a double and two singles. He still gets his walks (.345 OBP over that stretch), but he's clearly hurting (.136 AVG/.182 SLG). I'm cool with him sitting in favor of a Tino/Phillips platoon for a few games until his back loosens up.
2005-09-21 17:44:40
116.   Rich
Heh, I thought there were two outs. I'm a moron.
2005-09-21 17:46:10
117.   BklynBomber
2005-09-21 17:46:17
118.   Rich
A-Rod demonstrated again that no DH should win the MVP.
2005-09-21 17:46:18
119.   Cliff Corcoran
I know I don't need to say it . . .
2005-09-21 17:46:43
120.   Alex Belth
Great inning-ending play (not to mention the double-saving stab earlier) by Rodriguez.
2005-09-21 17:48:07
121.   Stormer Sports
Arod IS everything St. Louis thinks Rolen is.
2005-09-21 17:48:42
122.   marc
We're in trouble if we don't score soon considering Mo's off and I'm not sure if Gordon's available.
2005-09-21 17:49:12
123.   dwight45
Cliff, is showing Tribe playing KC tomorrow. I was looking forward to tomorrow being the great equalizer as well. At least hopefully it will be for the division if not the WC.

2005-09-21 17:50:01
124.   Nick from Washington Heights
if anyone's interested check out the box score for the M's and Jays game. Not jinxing anything I hope.
2005-09-21 17:50:45
125.   Rich
Got to score A-Rod.
2005-09-21 17:51:18
126.   Alex Belth
Kay: "How many times have we seen a guy come up with a big hit after ending the previous inning with a great play?"

Not nearly as often as you mention that you unbelievable schmuck you.

2005-09-21 17:52:19
127.   Alex Belth
0-1 pitch to Tino...he missed it. Best pitch he'll get here.
2005-09-21 17:52:41
128.   marc
Alex, LOL
2005-09-21 17:54:21
129.   marc
I was laughing about Kay's remark that is. I'm glad I'm listening to Sterling's radio feed on XM.
2005-09-21 17:54:58
130.   Cliff Corcoran
Ah crap it was last thursday the Tribe had off. Sorry, folks.
2005-09-21 17:55:04
131.   BklynBomber
Great AB, Tino!
2005-09-21 17:55:53
132.   marc
let's convert this boys. We desperately need a big fat lead that's middle relief proof
2005-09-21 17:56:43
133.   BklynBomber
First time I saw Byrnes make a standing catch...
2005-09-21 17:57:28
134.   BklynBomber
MatsZilla is OVERdue for a long ball...
2005-09-21 17:57:31
135.   yankee23
Alex-- have you heard of that before though? There was an article in SI a couple years back about it. They call it "as so often happens."

Man, I bet Felix Hernandez is wishing he had ARod at short right about now.

2005-09-21 17:58:47
136.   marc
If Cano doesn't do something here this could be a long night
2005-09-21 17:59:39
137.   Stormer Sports
Two walks, no out, and Zero runs, wow! We are the picture of efficiency.
2005-09-21 17:59:43
138.   Alex Belth
Horrible pitch for Cano to hack at.

C'mon guys. For Pete's sake already.

2005-09-21 18:01:13
139.   Alex Belth
Unless something changes, looks like Flash and Mo need to be prepared to pitch again tonight...this is one that could slip away...
2005-09-21 18:01:31
140.   Matt B
What an inept inning. Sheesh.
2005-09-21 18:01:38
141.   Stormer Sports

we do not need a lead that is middle relief proof. we need a manager who will not use the same old middle relief when he has three bona fide starters he can use instead.

2005-09-21 18:01:59
142.   marc
I guess I have to start rooting for a Cleveland and TB comeback so we at least stay in place. I don't like where this one's going considering the pitching staff once Randy exits
2005-09-21 18:02:42
143.   Stormer Sports
Randy will have to go 9. That is the only way to keep Embree out of this game.
2005-09-21 18:03:00
144.   BklynBomber
This game is breakin' my boils... it's starting to look like one of those tight games where we should have scored 6 or more by now, but one "mistake" will result in a crushing 3-run HR. Please prove me wrong, Yanks!
2005-09-21 18:03:04
145.   Rich
The 1B ump is an idiot.
2005-09-21 18:03:57
146.   Alex Belth
Randy was getting me vexed in that sequence. Throw the ball, bro, this kid can't hit you.
2005-09-21 18:05:13
147.   randym77
Crap. I just checked the news, and Hurricane Rita is now the third most intense hurricane ever recorded. Her track has also been shifting north. Good thing the Astros are on the road this week and the Texans have a bye, because it looks like Houston is gonna get socked.

Now might be a good time to fill up your car. Rita looks to be even worse than Katrina, and she's headed for an area with even more oil infrastructure.

2005-09-21 18:05:36
148.   Stormer Sports
130 pitches, he finishes the game!
2005-09-21 18:05:45
149.   Alex Belth
Not for nothing but I've mentioned to you guys before that my girl Emily's call on Byrnes is the little kid from "Parenthood" right?
2005-09-21 18:05:58
150.   BklynBomber
Oh, that was the worst professional hack I've seen in a long time... c'mon Unit, keep it up.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-09-21 18:06:17
151.   Rich
Hey, batter batter batter batter, swing batter!
2005-09-21 18:06:57
152.   Alex Belth
Very cool coincidence with the wave wrapping around home plate at the exact moment that Byrnes whiffed.
2005-09-21 18:07:30
153.   Cliff Corcoran
Yankee23, I've refered to that article on the BRB before, but I think it was an April Fools piece, if I remember right.
2005-09-21 18:08:22
154.   BklynBomber
Still can't believe the freeking 'wave' is still around. That's one of main reasons I always bunk down in Section 39 when I come back home and visit The Stadium.
2005-09-21 18:10:13
155.   yankee23
Heh, could be. I guess it didn't seem as ridiculous as Sidd Finch and I must've bought it. I do agree with Kay though, even if he says it every 5 mins.
2005-09-21 18:10:24
156.   yankz
Fuck you, Manny.
2005-09-21 18:10:36
157.   Cliff Corcoran
"Take the wave to Shea!"
2005-09-21 18:12:21
158.   BklynBomber
That's where it belongs, Cliff...
2005-09-21 18:13:51
159.   Rich
For better or worse, Lawton may start to see some PT.
2005-09-21 18:17:09
160.   BklynBomber
Good job, Flash!
2005-09-21 18:21:00
161.   Cliff Corcoran
Props to Joe for leaving Bubba in here.
2005-09-21 18:21:44
162.   Schteeve
good job by that Jet Blue pilot. I'll do the wave for him.
2005-09-21 18:22:41
163.   Cliff Corcoran
2005-09-21 18:27:55
164.   Cliff Corcoran
Double D'oh.
2005-09-21 18:28:18
165.   yankz
Fuck. jeter really isnt clutch this year.
2005-09-21 18:28:53
166.   Cliff Corcoran
Just saw the Jet Blue footage on ABC. Great job by that pilot. Whatever he gets paid, it's not enough.
2005-09-21 18:29:12
167.   Stormer Sports
Mr. Clutch.
2005-09-21 18:29:48
168.   Schteeve
is Jeter striking out at an inordinate rate this month? I could look it up but I'm kinda lazy at the moment.
2005-09-21 18:30:02
169.   Cliff Corcoran
One more inning out of RJ, or are we hoping he can finish the job? 104 pitches through 7.
2005-09-21 18:31:20
170.   Cliff Corcoran
Jeter's Ks are not abnormal this month. If anything they're a hair low based on his totals for the rest of the season.
2005-09-21 18:31:28
171.   Stormer Sports

He must finish the job. He has no problem going 130-140, he has done it many times.

Jeter's hand has got to be bothering him. I can't blame him completely, I sense something is amiss.

2005-09-21 18:32:04
172.   randym77
He gets paid about $100,000, with lousy benefits and no retirement. With his airline probably asking him to give up more pay and benefits.

Jeter is not clutch this year. He's way below his career average for two-out hits. I think that's why he's not getting more attention this year. He's getting hits, but not the clutch ones that catch people's attention.

2005-09-21 18:33:26
173.   Rich
Haven't a lot of airlines filed for bankruptcy lately?
2005-09-21 18:33:41
174.   marc
Jeter hasn't been spectacular but it sounds like that kid had tremendous stuff.
2005-09-21 18:33:44
175.   Schteeve
Thank you, Cliff.
2005-09-21 18:34:03
176.   BxSparksNYC
Top him out at 130 and hope its enough to finish the job. At this point the only 2 pitcher you want to finish the job is RJ or Mo. And SOMEBODY'S gotta give Mo a break.
2005-09-21 18:34:33
177.   Stormer Sports

Not to be a jerk, but Jet Blue pays more than that. One of only 3 airlies to make a profit last year. The airline does have a defined benefit retirement as well as a matching 401(k). The benefits are average.

2005-09-21 18:34:42
178.   Rich
The tougher the play, the more likely Cano is to make the play.
2005-09-21 18:35:36
179.   Rich
2005-09-21 18:36:08
180.   BxSparksNYC
Torre's just going to keep driving until the tank is empty. Mo is up...
2005-09-21 18:36:22
181.   Schteeve
Let's get some runs.
2005-09-21 18:36:28
182.   Stormer Sports
Pitch count?
2005-09-21 18:36:47
183.   Alex Belth
Johnson's thrown 119 pitches and that is probably it for him. Maybe he's gassed but I sure would like to see him return in the ninth. I have a bad feeling about Mo tonight. I don't mean to be a pessimist, but, well, I guess I just am sometimes...

Need a couple of few runs here Alex, Sheff...

2005-09-21 18:37:14
184.   Rich
2005-09-21 18:37:49
185.   Alex Belth
Be great to see Joe let Randy finish it out and give Mo a rest.
2005-09-21 18:37:57
186.   Cliff Corcoran
119 after 8. I'm reduced to watching Gameday, looks like Randy was emptying the tank against Castro, am I right?
2005-09-21 18:38:17
187.   Stormer Sports
Joe cuts off his nose to spite his face once again. No reason RJ cant throw 10-15 more and give Mo a day off. I repeat, RJ has done it many many times!
2005-09-21 18:38:53
188.   marc
Wow, 119 pitches, 1 run, 3hits through 8. Randy's pitching like Randy but unfortunately the Yankees aren't hitting that much better than the D-Backs were last year.
2005-09-21 18:38:54
189.   singledd
I just got in from work.
I can believe RJ is pitching a great game.
I can't believe our offense has been so pathetic. Would someone please tell them we are in a do-or-die penant race, and every or any at-bat could cost us the PS.

For drying our loud guys...... SCORE SOME RUNS.

2005-09-21 18:39:04
190.   randym77
One of the reasons those airlines made a profit is because of low labor costs.

I bet none of them will make a profit this year. Jet fuel has surpassed labor as the biggest cost for airlines.

2005-09-21 18:39:49
191.   Cliff Corcoran
Yeah, Giambi can rest some.
2005-09-21 18:39:50
192.   Rich
Pinch run Woe for Tino.
2005-09-21 18:40:15
193.   Alex Belth
Way to go Tino.

Sheff, to get this run home.

2005-09-21 18:40:20
194.   BxSparksNYC
Exactly what I mean. I know there's no tomorrow so to speak but its like the last couple of years didn't exist for Joe. Mo is human, we need to treat him right and he'll treat us better. Good job Tino...
2005-09-21 18:41:19
195.   Cliff Corcoran
Oh, and the YES team reports Small is the odd man out and the rotation will actually be just five men, but if they kept it as six per my above post, they could push Randy into the ninth with less concern tonight.
2005-09-21 18:42:42
196.   Rich
Righties seem to have a tough time picking up the ball from Ray given his unorthodox delivery.
2005-09-21 18:44:17
197.   Alex Belth
Man, Sheff was late on a couple of those heaters. Nifty play by Melvin to get him. Stupid thigh injury.
2005-09-21 18:44:52
198.   marc
this would be a big break. they're bringing in a lefty for Matsui instead of the phenom
2005-09-21 18:45:06
199.   Rich
If Torre remains as manager, the Yankees have to go all out to sign Ryan, assuming the O's don't re-sign before he reaches free agency.
2005-09-21 18:45:35
200.   Alex Belth
BJ murders lefties but Godzilla did plant a dinger off of him earlier in the season. But heck, we'll take a cheap single.
Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-09-21 18:45:57
201.   marc
Oh shit, BJ Ryan, that's no break.
2005-09-21 18:46:10
202.   Schteeve
Let's go Matsui.
2005-09-21 18:46:23
203.   Stormer Sports
Ray's runner at 2d, no out.
2005-09-21 18:46:45
204.   BklynBomber
Ryan looks very good right now as an FA pickup...
2005-09-21 18:47:23
205.   Stormer Sports
Check that. 2 runners on, No out in Tampa.
2005-09-21 18:47:31
206.   unpopster
Alex, I think Ken Singleton is reading your posts.
2005-09-21 18:47:31
207.   unpopster
Alex, I think Ken Singleton is reading your posts.
2005-09-21 18:48:06
208.   Rich
Mo is probably coming in. I would stay with RJ.
2005-09-21 18:49:22
209.   Stormer Sports
About to be juiced in Tampa.
2005-09-21 18:50:07
210.   Stormer Sports
DP, tampa tampa tampa, on a 3-1, Wakfield all over the place and Lou lets him swing.
2005-09-21 18:50:11
211.   randym77
Mo again. They can't keep doing this.
2005-09-21 18:50:12
212.   Alex Belth
I'm not feeling Mo tonight...
2005-09-21 18:50:44
213.   Rich
Sportline's Game Center switched RJ's PC back to 119.
2005-09-21 18:50:58
214.   Shaun P
OK, now that Unit is out - hi all - I can say this:

Bklyn 60 do I get credit for Unit's fantastic start? =)

Would it be too much to ask for a 3 pitch, 3 out inning?

2005-09-21 18:51:04
215.   Rich
Torre Torre Torre
2005-09-21 18:51:37
216.   BxSparksNYC
Mr. Belth, I hope your knocking on wood...
2005-09-21 18:51:44
217.   Shaun P
Umm, that doesn't bode well - though if Tejada grounds into a dp here . . .
2005-09-21 18:51:47
218.   Stormer Sports
Base hit, which would have scored 2, however the score now 4-3.
2005-09-21 18:52:30
219.   Zack
I think Mo's arm is going to actually fall off
2005-09-21 18:53:35
220.   Stormer Sports
Joe just doesn't get it. I absolutely guarantee that if Randy had a shutout going, he would be in there. That makes no sense in the real world, but in Joe's world, it seems the norm.
2005-09-21 18:53:44
221.   unpopster
Let's go MO!

let's go DEVIL RAYS!

2005-09-21 18:54:36
222.   Stormer Sports
118, lol, didn't he thorw 135 against us in the Series?
2005-09-21 18:55:16
223.   yankz
YES has some cool camera angles today.

Let's see "Big Papi" field a tough grounder in the 9th inning to protect a one run lead.

2005-09-21 18:55:22
224.   Shaun P
OK, that's the lead runner at least.

Zack, Mo's a religious guy, right? Maybe the power of prayer will keep it on! I'm not sure what else will.

2005-09-21 18:55:42
225.   Stormer Sports
1st and 3rd, 2 out in tampa.
2005-09-21 18:56:02
226.   marc
oh shit. Bad night for Mo not to be sharp
2005-09-21 18:56:19
227.   unpopster
no matter what happens, Mo is NOT AVAILABLE tomorrow!!!
2005-09-21 18:56:26
228.   Rich
Screw Tampa, we have to win this game.
2005-09-21 18:56:49
229.   randym77
2005-09-21 18:56:52
230.   BxSparksNYC
If Mo could throw to the plate with his big toe, I think Joe would put him in there.
Come on Mo. Dig Deep!!!
2005-09-21 18:57:09
231.   Schteeve
if the O's scored against Randy people would be like, "how can Joe have the best closer and not use him...blah blah blah, the sky is falling!!!" Give me a break. You could make an argument that Randy shoulda gone back out, but this is Mo, and we have to win.

Instead of knee-jerk blaming Joe for EVERYTHING because that's the cool thing to do these days, point the finger at the offense.

2005-09-21 18:57:32
232.   Shaun P
Alex, I wish you hadn't said anything. I'm worrying now.

BTW, whoever asked in the last thread, THIS is why so many were pissed when Mo was used in blowouts in May - and pissed again when he was used last night. Tonight is where we need him - he should be well-rested for it. But of course he's not . . .

2005-09-21 18:57:39
233.   Zack
And now we are seeing the result of Torre absusing Mo all year long, he looks exhausted!
2005-09-21 18:57:57
234.   Rich
2005-09-21 18:58:05
235.   yankz
What a pitch.
2005-09-21 18:58:20
236.   unpopster
LET'S GO MO!!!!!! One more out.
2005-09-21 18:58:31
237.   joe in boston
Hi, my name is Mo....has anyone seen my right arm ? It's missing from overuse....
2005-09-21 18:58:43
238.   BxSparksNYC
Thank you Mo.
2005-09-21 18:58:45
239.   Rich

Randy is a first ballot HoFer, btw. Leaving him kind of made sense.

2005-09-21 18:58:48
240.   Stormer Sports
Tampa ahead 5-4, we must win!
2005-09-21 18:58:51
241.   randym77
Phew. Nice catch, Tino.

Go Rays!

2005-09-21 18:58:59
242.   Cliff Corcoran
Pinch hitting a lefty for a right vs. Mo. Bad idea. And Perlozzo did it twice. Game over.
2005-09-21 18:59:02
243.   yankz
Hell yes.

If Mo pitches tomorrow, heads should roll.

2005-09-21 18:59:08
244.   Schteeve
Stormer, wasn't the World Series in which RJ threw 135 like 3 years ago?
2005-09-21 18:59:15
245.   marc
another thrilla and ynnnkeeeee winnn. Tampa now with the lead.
2005-09-21 18:59:37
246.   Zack
Oh God, thank you Mo! Please lets pray for a non Mo situation tomorrow!

And TB up 5-4!!!

2005-09-21 18:59:44
247.   randym77
Tampa's up 6-4 now!
2005-09-21 18:59:52
248.   Zack
2005-09-21 19:00:01
249.   Alex Belth

Man am I ever glad to be wrong about that one, even though the O's hit the ball pretty well off Rivera. Terrific play by Matsui to prevent Tejada from going to third on the Javey Lopez single.

12 pitch inning.

Is anyone out there breathing? Yo, I'm downright jittery over here.

2005-09-21 19:00:11
250.   Shaun P
Phew! Nice job, Mo and Tino!

And Alex, your boy Johnny Gomes might have just given us the division lead! 5-3 Tampa!!

Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-09-21 19:00:33
251.   unpopster
Tampa Bay leads Boston! what the fuck?
2005-09-21 19:00:52
252.   Stormer Sports
Thank you MO! Joe, I know I said to use Mo every day if need be, but not with Rj out there!

6-4 Tampa

2005-09-21 19:01:19
253.   Rich
The offense has to have Moose's back tomorrow.
2005-09-21 19:01:58
254.   Stormer Sports
Mike Timlin for President!
2005-09-21 19:02:42
255.   Schteeve
Wheter or not Mo pitches tomorrow heads should roll. The offense didn't score enough runs, and who else in that bullpen would you have trusted to go out there in the 9th tonight?

Our bullpen is ridiculous.

2005-09-21 19:03:45
256.   Shaun P
My bad, 6-4 Tampa - hopefully they score some more! Look at the crowd in the Stadium. =)

Alex, a few days ago you asked if anyone was getting any sleep lately. Not me, at least until tonight. =) I'll sleep and breathe easy for a change.

2005-09-21 19:04:18
257.   Zack
Ortiz and Manny due up in bottom of the 9th, how does that always seem to happen???
2005-09-21 19:04:47
258.   joe in boston
Tampa Bay up: 7-4 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Sox have ortiz, manny and ???? up in the 9th

How about "Bamtino's " play at first.

Mo, please.....miss your ride to the game tomorrow night

2005-09-21 19:05:18
259.   Cliff Corcoran
So I was watching that on Gameday on my laptop because my girlfriend just had to watch the season premier of Lost, and both the game and the episode (Lost is always a people-in-peril cliffhanger) climaxed at the same time. Intense, we were both crushing one another's hand for different reasons.f

And Matt Lawton was the difference. Wow.

2005-09-21 19:06:45
260.   yankz
7-4, bring in Baez baby.
2005-09-21 19:06:52
261.   Zack
7-4 TB, Oritz leading off
2005-09-21 19:08:10
262.   Shaun P
Schteeve, Jeter Sheff and Cano:

0 for 11, 9 LOB

There's the blame for tonight. Moose will need to be economical with his pitches tomorrow - and those three can't do that again.

Hope Giambi is OK - but I'd give him a day off tomorrow.

BTW - another good game for Bubba. Think he gets to play again?

7-4 Tampa. This might be a very very good night indeed!

2005-09-21 19:09:03
263.   BxSparksNYC
Looks like Lou gave the boys the '78 speech as the Devil Boys are doing it from both sides, offense and defense. Hustle play at first on Papi. One out in the 9th...
2005-09-21 19:09:16
264.   joe in boston
Cliff - same situation here, but exchange "girlfriend" for "wife". Glad the Yanks weren't "Lost" tonight....

(sorry everyone)

2005-09-21 19:09:53
265.   Zack
Ortiz groudn out, see he knew he couldnt win it so didn't bother...a forgettable night for Ortiz and Arod alike
2005-09-21 19:10:01
266.   Rich
That's actually pretty funny, Cliff.
2005-09-21 19:10:41
267.   yankz
Ortiz 4-1, Manny K. One out to go till the division is ours.
2005-09-21 19:10:59
268.   BxSparksNYC
K on Manny. 2 down...
2005-09-21 19:12:29
269.   yankz
2005-09-21 19:12:32
270.   Cliff Corcoran
Hot damn! First place!
2005-09-21 19:12:43
271.   BxSparksNYC
Wow. Back in first. Feels good. Lets keep it fellas.
2005-09-21 19:13:55
273.   joe in boston
2005-09-21 19:14:01
274.   Zack
Game over!
2005-09-21 19:14:03
275.   randym77
Game over. Red Sox lose.
2005-09-21 19:16:27
276.   joe in boston
Thinks I'm praying for tonight:

1. Thanks for Mo

2. The Sox complete collapse

3. Repeat #1 and #2

2005-09-21 19:16:41
277.   Cliff Corcoran
Actually, Joe, she's my fiance(e?) now, but she hates that term. I'm going with "wife-elect" (check your Thesaurus), but to keep things simple I went with "girlfriend."
2005-09-21 19:23:10
278.   joe in boston
Cliff, I could never force myself to say that word (fiancee) after I got engaged. Don't know why either.....

Even now, after 5 years of marriage, it sounds weird to say things like "my wife".

Anyway - GO YANKS !

2005-09-21 19:24:20
279.   Shaun P
Cliff, congrats! I'd recommend you put a Tivo on your wedding gift registry - it works wonders in a marriage. =) My wife and I watched the game, and we'll watch Lost tomorrow night.

joe, you should invest in one too. =)

First place - can't wait to see what the Globe has to say tomorrow morning!

2005-09-21 19:28:57
280.   joe in boston
Things to do tomorrow morning:

1. Hang Yankee flag (finally) on garage.

2. Dress my 3 yr old and 1 yr old sons in
Yankee gear for daycare

3. Get Boston Globe from end of driveway

4. Buy Herald on way to work

5. Just enjoy WEEI for a change as they
whine all day.

6. Check out for signs
of panic in Sox land

7. Hope I haven't jinxed my (our) Yanks !

2005-09-21 19:30:49
281.   Rosbif22
lol...i was engaged for all of 11 days, so the whole "fiancee" thing wasn't a problem.
2005-09-21 19:32:18
282.   BklynBomber
The way things oughta be...


2005-09-21 19:35:51
283.   TracedOut
Why did you people want Randy to go 130? He's a much MUCH bigger injury risk than Mo, even if Mo is overworked.
2005-09-21 19:36:58
284.   Cliff Corcoran
Shaun, good idea.

Joe, that flag should never have come off the garage.

2005-09-21 19:39:27
285.   yankz
284- I hear ya. I wore my garb the day after an embarassing defeat at the hands of the D-Rays.
2005-09-21 19:43:23
286.   randym77
Lost watchers - what happened in the last minute? Friend of mine who had technical difficulties missed the last minute.
2005-09-21 20:02:06
287.   Schteeve
TracedOut, thank you.
2005-09-21 20:03:42
288.   randym77
I suspect it's because if push comes to shove...well, Randy's expendable. Mo isn't.
2005-09-21 20:10:28
289.   yankee23
Tampa's five in eighth,
Mo shuts the door on the O's,
Hello half-game lead.
2005-09-21 20:22:50
290.   jkay
"climaxed at the same time"

Way to go!

2005-09-21 20:27:19
291.   Rich
Here's something I wasn't aware of:

"Jet Blue passengers have seatback monitors with DirectTV, and thus have the ability to watch live coverage [assuming it wasn't turned off] of their troubles..."

2005-09-21 20:30:39
292.   NetShrine
Cliff, Unit will pitch on Mon 9/26 @ Bal - not Small. The Yankees want to keep him on 4 days off and not make it 5.
2005-09-21 20:45:11
293.   randym77
CNN interviewed a passenger. She was watching it on MSNBC. She said she wondered if she was watching her own death on TV, and commented on how "post-modern" it was. The CNN anchor (I think it was Anderson) said that she was a true New Yorker, because no one else they interviewed used the term "post-modern" to describe what happened.
2005-09-21 20:58:29
294.   Cliff Corcoran
JKay, what took you so long?

NetShrine, I know see #195.

Randym, 288: yup, RJ has four to five days to recover, Mo doesn't get that. 293: I love New Yorkers.

2005-09-21 21:59:19
295.   Bob Timmermann
The schedule I'm looking at has Cleveland playing Thursday.
2005-09-21 23:23:32
296.   Rich
You would appear to be correct:

2005-09-21 23:39:54
297.   Zack
Ok, everyone does realize that the Yanks are just setting us up for catastrophic heartbreak, right? I mean, they have us right where they want us, starting to believe and care again, thinking maybe, just maybe, the Yanks can win a little on the road and get in good position for the final weekend. Its cruel and something usually left for the Sox, but since this world has turned upside down since last year, its our turn. I know its goign to happen, and I am trying to prepare myself best I can, for what its worth. Everyone is fully aware of this right?
2005-09-21 23:56:54
298.   Bob Timmermann
Cleveland's day off is Monday.
2005-09-22 04:24:45
299.   randym77
Re: Cleveland's schedule: Cliff made a mistake when he wrote this entry. See posts 123 and 130.
2005-09-22 04:27:05
300.   singledd
The bottom line is the AL will be settled on the last weekend in Boston. This is a little scary, because mentally, and with the Sox at home, they have the edge. I can only hope we go in 1 up, so the Sox would need 3 out of 4 (sort of like last years 4 out of 4).

Cleveland/Chicago had 6 games. We needed a lopsided victor. So far, Cleveland 2 of 3. Next time around, someone has to sweep.

Its great to be in first, but it is very tenuous.

We need 8 of 11 for a chance, 9 for a peaceful, easy feeling. Last night, Randy gave our O a chance to rest Rivera, and the O did not respond.

We need every game, but I don't want to drag into Boston with everyone bleeding. We can only hope Ortiz slips on a banana peel.

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2005-09-22 04:40:03
301.   singledd
Bonds..... Barry Bonds:

22 AB/ 4 HR / .318 - .429 - .909 - 1.338

Out of Baseball the entire season and back a week. Un-freakin-believable. 4 HRs in his first 22 ABs. Un-freakin-believable.

2005-09-22 04:48:50
302.   Nick from Washington Heights
Yeah, that Bonds guy is pretty good. He also looks as big physically as ever.
2005-09-22 06:07:55
303.   Yanks in NH
Zack - take it easy there, you sound just like a true Sox fan! Leave it to the Sox to blowout and end up out of the playoffs - they're very good at as they've had much practice over the years and things need to get back to normal around here. Have faith in your team! As I've said before, the Curse of the Bambino is not over - it's just cyclical - here's to another 70+ years of misery for the Sox fans!

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