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The Blue Jays
2005-09-16 12:05
by Cliff Corcoran

The last week, in which our heroes went 5-1 against the rival Red Sox and dastardly Devil Rays, has been a physically and emotionally draining one for both the Yankees and their fans. Fortunately, while there are no off-days left in the Yankees season, their schedule does get decidedly easier starting tonight when the Yanks begin a stretch of fourteen games against the Blue Jays and Orioles.

But it is exactly that that concerns me about these four series against the weaker sisters of the AL East. The Yankees avoided a let down after taking two of three from the Red Sox, and they avoided a let down after both unloading 17 runs on the Devil Rays in the first game of that series and pulling out a one-run victory in Game Two. But in both cases they were facing a team that had made them angry, the Red Sox by virtue of the natural rivalry, last year's humiliating ALCS, the standings, and all of the accompanying baggage, and the Devil Rays by inexplicably pushing the Yankees around during the first five series between the two teams this year.

The Blue Jays and Orioles, on the other hand, have thus far minded their manners. After a hot start, the Orioles have tumbled to a .476 record, 14 games behind the still second place Yankees, and they haven't been seen 'round these parts since just before the All-Star break when they dropped a pair to the Yanks in the Bronx. The Blue Jays, meanwhile, have gone a very accommodating 4-8 against the Yanks thus far this season, most recently dropping three of four to the Bombers at the Stadium in late August, the only Blue Jay win in that series coming on what remains Mike Mussina's last game of the season, when the inflammation of his elbow became too severe for him to continue.

The fear, of course, is that after the fever pitch of their last six games, the Yankees will ease off against the Jays this weekend, forgetting that they're markedly better than the Seattle team that split a four game set with the Yanks two and a half weeks ago, and perhaps completely unaware that Toronto has a .545 Pythagorean Winning Percentage, which, if substituted for the Blue Jays' actual record, would rank them just two games behind the A's and Angels in the overall American League standings.

Then again, looking back over the Yankees' schedule, other than their struggles against the Devil Rays, the Yanks haven't lost a series to a team not currently in a playoff slot since they dropped two of three to the Mets in late June, and other than that Mariners series the only other split they've suffered over that span was the rain-shortened two-game set against the Orioles that immediately followed that Mets series.

What that tells us is that, over the last two and a half months, the Yankees have done their job against the lesser teams in the league, but simply winning these four series may not be enough to get the Yankees in the playoffs. Let's speculate, shall we?

Let's assume the Yankees will take two of three from the Blue Jays in each of their two match-ups and three of four from the Orioles in each of their two match-ups, an optimistic, but not at all unreasonable assumption. That would make the Yankees 10-4 over that stretch and would find them entering the finals series of the season at Fenway with a record of 93-66.

Now assume the Red Sox take two of three from the A's, Devil Rays, and Orioles and three of four from the Blue Jays. That would make them 9-4 over the same stretch and would put them at 94-65, a game better than the Yankees, entering that final series. They could then eliminate the Yankees with a series win. Meanwhile, the Yankees would have to take two of three from the Red Sox at Fenway to force a one-game playoff in the Bronx, thus effectively needing to win three of four against the Red Sox to continue on into the playoffs.

Meanwhile, assume the Indians take two of three from the White Sox and Devil Rays and six of seven from the pathetic Royals. That would make them 10-3 over this stretch and give them a one-game lead over the Yankees entering their final series of the year against the White Sox. The Yankees would then have to win one more game against the Red Sox than the Indians win against the White Sox over that final series to force a one-game playoff for the Wild Card as merely matching the Indians would eliminate them from the Wild Card.

Of course, the Yankees might be able to work their way back into the Wild Card if the White Sox collapse so badly that the Indians win the Central, but as the Yanks trail the White Sox by five games at the moment, that possibility is akin to shooting the moon in hearts and one the Yankees would be wise to ignore for the time being.

With all of this in mind, it would behoove the Yankees to mix in a sweep or two over the next two weeks. One thing's for sure, unless the Yankees totally tank over these next fourteen games, it's going to be an exciting two weeks, regardless of the inferiority of their opponents.

Tonight the Yankees send Randy Johnson to the mound against David Bush. Johnson is coming off of four straight quality starts, his best run of the season. His line in those four games:

28 1/3 IP, 15 H, 4 R, 0 HR, 6 BB, 26 K

More problematically, Johnson left his last start, that Sunday gem against the Red Sox, with a cramp in his left calf. Also, Johnson is 0-2 against the Blue Jays this year, though the first loss was his brilliant complete-game duel against Roy Halladay in April, which the Blue Jays won 2-0 on a two-run late-inning homer by Erik Hinske. The other game was one of those ugly mid-season games we'd all rather forget.

It's also worth noting that Bush is also coming off of four quality starts, in which he's produced this line:

28 IP, 22 H, 5 R, 2 HR, 5 BB, 22 K

Bush has faced the Yankees twice this year, turning in a quality start both times, though his bullpen blew the first game. In his most recent outing against the Yankees, he shut them out for six innings while striking out seven, picking up the win.

Should be a good one tonight. I just hope the Yankees are up for it.

Toronto Blue Jays

2005 Record: 72-73 (.497)
2005 Pythagorean Record: 79-66 (.545)

Manager: John Gibbons
General Manager: J.P. Ricciardi

Ballpark (2004 park factors): Rogers Centre (106/105)

Who's new?

Ted Lilly (activated from DL)

September Call-ups

L - Gabe Gross (OF)
L - John-Ford Griffin (OF)
R - Guillermo Quiroz (C)
R - Shaun Marcum

Current Roster:

1B – Shea Hillenbrand
2B – Aaron Hill
SS – Russ Adams
3B – Corey Koskie
C – Gregg Zaun
RF – Gabe Gross
CF – Vernon Wells
LF – Reed Johnson (R)/Frank Catalanotto (L)
DH - Eric Hinske


S - Orlando Hudson (2B)*
R - Alexis Rios (OF)
R - Frank Menechino (IF)
L - John-Ford Griffin (OF)
R - Guillermo Quiroz (C)
R - Ken Huckaby (C)

*will miss series due to an ankle injury


L - Gustavo Chacin
L - Ted Lilly
L - Scott Downs
R - Josh Towers
R - David Bush


R - Miguel Batista
R - Justin Speier
L - Scott Schoeneweis
R - Jason Frasor
R - Vinnie Chulk
R - Pete Walker
R - Brandon League
R - Dustin McGowan
R - Shaun Marcum


R - Roy Halladay

Typical Line-up

L - Russ Adams (SS)
L - Frank Catalanotto/R - Reed Johnson (LF)
R - Vernon Wells (CF)
L - Corey Koskie (3B)
R - Shea Hillenbrand (1B)
L - Eric Hinske (DH)
S - Gregg Zaun (C)
R - Aaron Hill (2B)
R - Gabe Gross (RF)

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2005-09-16 15:38:49
1.   randym77
I'm actually more concerned about this game that I was about last night's. Mainly because of Randy Johnson. He was so awesome, and so intense in his last start. He left it all on the field against the Sox. Does he have anything left today? One thing about getting starts taking longer to bounce back.
2005-09-16 15:43:45
2.   Rich
I'm concerned about Gordon and Rivera wearing down. The best antidote is for the offense to explode and for Johnson to go deep.
2005-09-16 15:52:54
3.   rbj
Aw crap, the game isn't on Extry Innin's. Maybe just as well, don't want to push off the important Tampa Bay - Baltimore game.
2005-09-16 15:56:39
4.   Tom Carroll
It's not carried because the game is on Channel 9 and not YES and Extra Innings doesn't have an agreement to carry those network games.
2005-09-16 16:15:09
5.   rbj
Thanks Tom.
I preferred it when WOR carried Mets games.
2005-09-16 16:16:49
6.   watziznehm2
Great at bat...
2005-09-16 16:20:35
7.   unpopster
2005-09-16 16:21:23
8.   JVarghese81
Let's see Ortiz steal a base like that...
2005-09-16 16:23:58
9.   marc
I'm also worried a bit about RJ. That last game had the feel of Ali-Frazier 3 where they left everything in the ring and were never the same
2005-09-16 16:27:18
10.   Rich
Fuck you Randy.
2005-09-16 16:28:04
11.   BklynBomber
rbj — I hear ya... Friday night games are rarely on the Extra Innings package... but of course every other game is available. Oh, well — Plan B: MLB Gameday Audio and Sterling...

Damn! What a moment to tune in... Wells 3 run dinger. Shit.

2005-09-16 16:29:59
12.   unpopster
oh well, those will be the only three runs the Jays score all night off of RJ...
2005-09-16 16:30:05
13.   marc
Get Leiter loosening up
2005-09-16 16:31:46
14.   JeremyM
This is so not what we needed!
2005-09-16 16:34:08
15.   Rich
That error aside, it's time to pair Po with RJ, but of course, Torre won't do it.
2005-09-16 16:35:06
16.   Rich
He threw over 30 pitches.

Cover his butt offense.

2005-09-16 16:35:19
17.   randym77
Gawd, and people were complaining about Posada's throws.
2005-09-16 16:36:19
18.   marc
He was either nowhere near the plate or down the middle saying blast me. Now he's getting more strikes at least. But he's gonna be at 32 pitches with Mo and Gordon needing a rest. Not good
2005-09-16 16:38:29
19.   randym77
Cano's still hot.
2005-09-16 16:38:40
20.   unpopster
Marc....well then, he's going to have to throw 120 pitches today, won't he!

Like I said, the scoring for the Jays ends at three runs!

2005-09-16 16:38:42
21.   marc
ROTY Robby
2005-09-16 16:38:50
22.   Rich
How good is Cano?
2005-09-16 16:38:51
23.   BklynBomber
C'mon Lawton, make Joe look smart...
2005-09-16 16:39:52
24.   Rich
BB, You're asking him to do the impossible.
2005-09-16 16:40:14
25.   BklynBomber
2005-09-16 16:40:38
26.   Rich
Lawton and Flaherty, god I hate Torre.
2005-09-16 16:41:57
27.   Rich
Shit, he got a hit!
2005-09-16 16:42:38
28.   BklynBomber
No way...
2005-09-16 16:43:34
29.   unpopster
remember folks...Flash is the guy who won that famous "Jeter into the stands" game last year with the double into left field!
2005-09-16 16:43:42
30.   watziznehm2
Come on Cap'n
2005-09-16 16:43:45
31.   Rich
Fuck you Bush.
2005-09-16 16:44:14
32.   Rich
That phrase has a nice ring to it. ;-)
2005-09-16 16:44:38
33.   BklynBomber
Now get Cap's back, A-Rod!
2005-09-16 16:44:42
34.   unpopster
"Fuck you Bush"

Feels like I've been saying this for 5 years straight now!!!!!

2005-09-16 16:45:25
35.   Rich
I hear that, unpopster.

No more runs, Randy.

2005-09-16 16:48:11
36.   marc
Good start Randy, 1 pitch, one out
2005-09-16 16:49:00
37.   Hank
For those of us GameCasting, how does RJ look? Slider diving or flat? How's the fastball look? I'm hoping the first inning was a fluke. More likely, the last start was a fluke.
2005-09-16 16:50:11
38.   Rich
He had poor command in the 1st inning. He looks better now.
2005-09-16 16:50:18
39.   randym77
He's doing a lot better this inning.
2005-09-16 16:51:49
40.   Mattpat11
If he can kepp it here and last seven, its a decent start
2005-09-16 16:53:42
41.   Rich
Fuck you ump.
2005-09-16 16:53:52
42.   randym77
OMG. RJ got ejected.
2005-09-16 16:54:04
43.   Rich
I want to fight that fat fuck.
2005-09-16 16:54:30
44.   BklynBomber
WTF??? What did he say?
2005-09-16 16:54:32
45.   Rich
Head butt Torre, and I will never criticize you again.
2005-09-16 16:54:34
46.   Mattpat11
what the hell happened?

Sportsline still has Adams walking

2005-09-16 16:54:46
47.   Rich
(head butt HIM)
2005-09-16 16:54:50
48.   marc
Even Sterling is going ballistic over that
2005-09-16 16:55:43
49.   Rich
Matt, Randy got squeezed and the ump got his panties in a bunch.
2005-09-16 16:55:47
50.   Hank
Someone explain... please.......
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2005-09-16 16:56:35
51.   Rich
You fat piece of shit.
2005-09-16 16:56:55
52.   BklynBomber
Is the ump a young fuck?
2005-09-16 16:57:12
53.   Hank
Was it an obvious blown call, or just a borderline pitch? Did Torre (hopefully) get himself tossed as well?
2005-09-16 16:57:25
54.   Rich
No, he is a middle aged fucktard.
2005-09-16 16:57:56
55.   Rich
I thought Randy has been squeezed all night. It was a strike.
2005-09-16 16:58:41
56.   randym77
Ump called the pitch inside. RJ started cursing him. Ump yelled back, then ejected him. It all happened very quickly.

Scott Proctor is coming in. Leiter is also warming.

Fans are ticked. They paid to see Randy Johnson, not Scott Proctor.

2005-09-16 16:58:46
57.   Hank
Is Mennechino still at bat, full count? Did he really toss RJ for arguing about BALL THREE???
2005-09-16 16:59:13
58.   Tom Carroll
All Randy did was stare in and say "Not inside" after a pitch was called a ball

AND THE UMP WAS LIKE !!!!!!!! and came charging to the mound, and Randy started yelling back and got tossed.

What bullshit.

2005-09-16 16:59:55
59.   Rags
Total BS. Proctor and gamble, boys.
2005-09-16 17:00:43
60.   rbj
So what happened? Did a 5 time Cy Young winner get tossed because he didn't like the ump's small strike zone, and the ump is too damn sensitive during the last 20 games of the season and one team is in a pennant race?
2005-09-16 17:00:44
61.   atc
Just to look on the bright side, which is not easy to do right now: Unit had absolutely nothing tonight and was up to 50 pitches already. At least this way, he should be able to come back in a few days.
2005-09-16 17:01:02
62.   Rich
I really want to fight him.
2005-09-16 17:01:38
63.   Mattpat11
I FULLY condone this umpire losing his job. Just like the one that picked a fight with David Wells, just like the one that picked a fight with Gary Sheffield.

The umps are NOT part of the show. They need to learn that.

2005-09-16 17:01:48
64.   Rich
I thought RJ found his stuff in the 2nd inning.
2005-09-16 17:01:49
65.   marc
what a Fuckin outrage.
2005-09-16 17:02:37
66.   BklynBomber
The offense better figure on about 12 runs tonight — I hope they're pissed off enough to get it done...
2005-09-16 17:02:43
67.   Hank
Remember when umps used to keep their heads on their shoulders? It's not as bad as it was five or ten years ago, but they seem to escalate -- and sometimes even instigate -- situations much more than they used to. They're all a bunch of bastards.
2005-09-16 17:04:22
68.   BklynBomber
Hank, Waldman was just discussing that. The old school guys knew when to walk away.
2005-09-16 17:04:41
69.   Rich
I would start Randy on Sun. or Mon.
2005-09-16 17:04:52
70.   randym77
I think RJ said the F-word. That's what ticked the ump off. That's why the ump charged the mound.

Flaherty put himself between Randy and the umpire and kept them apart, or it could have been worse. They were both really ticked off. Torre was hot, too. He was yelling at the umpire himself, after Randy left.

2005-09-16 17:05:31
71.   Rich
Today's umps are jealous of these young multi-millionaires.
2005-09-16 17:05:47
72.   BklynBomber
It was just reported that RJ said "You missed the one before it, too", then the ump lost it...
2005-09-16 17:05:48
73.   Mattpat11
I miss the days where Tim McClelland and the like just called the game
2005-09-16 17:06:08
74.   rbj
Ok hitters, get fired up. The ball is that ump's head.
2005-09-16 17:06:14
75.   Rich
randy, Maybe so. But the ump has to keep his own insecurities out of it.
2005-09-16 17:10:07
76.   Rich
2005-09-16 17:10:22
77.   watziznehm2
whoooooooooooooooo hoooooo
2005-09-16 17:10:59
78.   BklynBomber
I think we should keep this kid...
2005-09-16 17:11:16
79.   Rich
His shin still hurts.
2005-09-16 17:11:20
80.   randym77
The umpire should have warned Randy first. He shouldn't have to take any abuse, but he threw RJ out in about 5 seconds. It was crazy.

Holy crap! Cano hit a home run!

This may be a blessing in disguise. The rest of the team has something to prove now. And Johnson was not pitching all that well.

2005-09-16 17:11:32
81.   marc
huge homer Robby. ROTY
2005-09-16 17:12:54
82.   Rich
When Cano learns to hook the ball at YS, he will have 30+ HR potential.
2005-09-16 17:13:54
83.   watziznehm2
whoa.. whats up with the bottom of our order...
2005-09-16 17:13:56
84.   Rich
Flaherty shut me up for tonight.
2005-09-16 17:13:59
85.   Hank
Might the guys on the bench start calling him ROY Canó?
2005-09-16 17:14:02
86.   randym77
Flaherty hit a homer, too. Sheesh. Flaherty and Cano are the heroes of the game.
2005-09-16 17:14:07
87.   BklynBomber
2005-09-16 17:14:29
88.   watziznehm2
Didn't Flaherty get the notice that he's not supposed to hit...
2005-09-16 17:14:30
89.   marc
Flash! keep piling up those runs, we're gonna need a lot more.
2005-09-16 17:14:52
90.   randym77
Bye-bye, Bush.

I like the sound that that, too... ;-)

2005-09-16 17:15:02
91.   rbj
Hell, Flaherty hits one out? Must be angry over Unit getting tossed. Don't make Flaherty angry, you wouldn't like him angry. Er, scratch that, make Flaherty angry all the time.
2005-09-16 17:16:34
92.   rilkefan
Is the strike zone being called small for both sides, or is Flaherty just in the moment?
2005-09-16 17:16:38
93.   randym77
They're pitching to him high. I suspect they don't know he likes 'em high.
2005-09-16 17:17:05
94.   JVarghese81
that's freaking right - get mad - bomb these guys and keep it rolling. Momentum's a dangerous thing...just ask Cleveland
2005-09-16 17:17:21
95.   Rich
Bubba is trying to do too much with the pitch.
2005-09-16 17:17:37
96.   marc
It don't mean a thing if the Jays have their swing. We are pitcher challenged right now.
2005-09-16 17:17:48
97.   JVarghese81
if crosby homers at some point in this game...i might just shart.
2005-09-16 17:21:07
98.   marc
At least ESPN is giving me the Yankee TV feed now with the Boston rain
2005-09-16 17:21:30
99.   joe in boston
OK, picture this. I'm stuck in my living room with my in-laws Yankee game on TV (they're watching "Dateline" I am "watching" this crazy game on espn-gamecast.....WTF !!! Sounds like a great game ! Keep hitting Yanks! (I'm making believe I'm doing school work - I'm a teacher.....)
2005-09-16 17:23:59
100.   Rich
Scared me.
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2005-09-16 17:24:29
101.   marc
I spoke too soon, they just teased me. They got the Marlins on. I give about as much a shit about the Marlins game as some aardvark turd
2005-09-16 17:24:48
102.   BklynBomber
Sterling is way off with his 'it is high, it is far' calls tonight. Drivin' me crazy...
2005-09-16 17:25:09
103.   watziznehm2
Damn it throw strikes..
2005-09-16 17:27:17
104.   marc
He usually does that with the Yankees hitting. At lease one of Sterling's premature articulations went our way
2005-09-16 17:27:26
105.   rbj
Is Sturtze healthy enough for 2 innings?
2005-09-16 17:29:10
106.   Rich
Double for Jeter.
2005-09-16 17:29:46
107.   Rich

Maybe with a 10 run lead.

2005-09-16 17:30:22
108.   Rich
2005-09-16 17:31:20
109.   marc
An A-Bomb by A-Rod
2005-09-16 17:32:21
110.   marc
Keep piling up boys. We need all the runs we can get tonight.
2005-09-16 17:33:43
111.   rbj
We may just get that. Let's hope so. The last thing we need is for Gordon or Mo to have to pitch.
2005-09-16 17:34:38
112.   randym77
I think Sturtze is healthy and rested. He just can't deal with being put into situations where there are already runners on and a narrow lead to protect. He needs some time to get his bearings, settle in.

Doesn't look like pitching will be critical tonight, anyway. The Jays look like they've rolled over and given up.

2005-09-16 17:37:30
113.   marc
Nice Sheff. They try some rinky-dink shift on him and he hits it where they ain't, knocking out the pitcher
2005-09-16 17:38:53
114.   watziznehm2
Keep 'em coming.....
2005-09-16 17:39:10
115.   vockins
Why do the Blue Jays have American flags on their hats?

Maybe it's just League.

2005-09-16 17:39:21
116.   Rich
2005-09-16 17:39:58
117.   Max
2005-09-16 17:40:00
118.   randym77
Cano is unreal!
2005-09-16 17:40:11
119.   watziznehm2
Man alive he's hottttttttt.....
2005-09-16 17:40:19
120.   Rich
This is the way Cano hit to start the season in Columbus.
2005-09-16 17:40:27
121.   JVarghese81
2005-09-16 17:40:34
122.   marc
robby ROT¥ another 2 run blast!
2005-09-16 17:40:52
123.   marc
robby ROT¥ another 2 run blast!
2005-09-16 17:41:29
124.   rbj
Vockins, it's MLB wide. Minor leagues too.
And now's the time for Flash Gordon's nemesis, Ming the Merciless. 19-3 would be fine. And put pressure on the late starting Red Sox.
2005-09-16 17:41:38
125.   Mattpat11
You know, gentlemen, I think tha yankees may be annoyed tonight
2005-09-16 17:43:01
126.   Hank
Anyone paying attention to what's happening in Boston? They're battling rain, with much more due tomorrow, so if they don't get to play these two games, the A's and Sox will have to make them up on a single off day -- or maybe the day after the regular season ends. Not a bad scenario for the Yanks.
2005-09-16 17:43:33
127.   Sean
I second on Robby for ROTY
2005-09-16 17:44:13
128.   joe in boston
Raining here now....I'm 25 miles north of Boston
2005-09-16 17:45:16
129.   JVarghese81
and let's keep wearing out their pitching too. Proctor can go for a while...he was starting for a little bit in AAA when he got sent down a little while ago.
2005-09-16 17:45:52
130.   Rich
That's why I didn't want to platoon him with Bellhorn despite the stats. He needs to play. btw, I have yet to see his R/L splits broken down for home v. road.
2005-09-16 17:46:24
131.   JVarghese81
I'd probably vote for Huston Street myself but Cano would be on my ballot.
2005-09-16 17:48:10
132.   randym77
Will Boston have to make those games up, if they're rained out? What will they do, play a doubleheader?
2005-09-16 17:49:35
133.   marc
Boston now on ESPN, they're playing in the rain and they look like they're slip sliding a bit on the wet field. I hope the rain plays issues on Wakefield's knuckler
2005-09-16 17:50:37
134.   Hank
I'm sure they'd raise holy hell if told to play a double header, but what else could they do? They couldn't delay the playoffs, and you can bet that two games between Boston and Oakland will DEFINITELY affect the playoff picture.
2005-09-16 17:51:44
135.   watziznehm2
Good inning there...
2005-09-16 17:54:03
136.   rbj
How about, they play 6-7 innings in Boston tonight, it's scoreless, then they have to suspend play. Game's declared a tie and they have to make it up Sat. or Sun. as a doubleheader.
2005-09-16 17:56:28
137.   Hank
I think the concern is that the weather is supposed to be worse tomorrow. Sounds like they're already expecting a rainout. That's why they're playing in this mess.
2005-09-16 17:58:30
138.   rilkefan
Humidity is considered good for knuckleballers.
2005-09-16 17:59:56
139.   randym77
There's something to be said for domed stadiums, I guess. Even if they have stupid catwalks in 'em.
2005-09-16 18:03:46
140.   marc
I don't like this calling off the dogs BS. Sure if it's an absolute blowout but it's early, Toronto still has 5 innings to hit and we have a serious pitcher problem today
2005-09-16 18:04:54
141.   Rich
I was bummed when we traded Ford-Griffin.
2005-09-16 18:05:37
142.   Hank
Hey, anyone know if J Griffin is the guy the Yanks drafted in the first round a few years ago? John Ford Griffin, I think?
2005-09-16 18:07:45
143.   Max
The best thing in Boston outside of an A's win (shortened or otherwise) would be for the teams to play enough innings to waste Wakefield. Plus the Sox don't get a break and continue their exhausting stretch of consecutive games.

Although it looks like they'll get their break tomorrow...all the signs are that tomorrow will be a complete washout. But then the Sox will have to turn around and play a doubleheader on Sunday.

2005-09-16 18:08:00
144.   Rich
Proctor's future should be as a starter.
2005-09-16 18:08:43
145.   Rich
Does Shea ever get hits against any other team?
2005-09-16 18:14:44
146.   rbj
Even at 7.62, Brandon is the League leader in ERA.

Hey, put the pitchforks down. . .

2005-09-16 18:16:05
147.   JVarghese81
Hank - J griffin and John Ford are one in the same -
2005-09-16 18:18:15
148.   JVarghese81
JFG was our first round pick back in the day (2001). He was part of the Weaver deal, he went to Oakland with Lilly & Arnold. oakland then sent him to Tor for a PTBNL a couple years back.
2005-09-16 18:20:15
149.   Rich
He's tiring.
2005-09-16 18:21:05
150.   Rich
Detroit got the best of the three way deal, by far.
Show/Hide Comments 151-200
2005-09-16 18:22:25
151.   rbj
I was hoping Proctor could go longer. Sturtze? Embree? F.Rodriguez . . .?
2005-09-16 18:24:32
152.   randym77
Embree and F-Rod are warming. F-Rod's coming in.
2005-09-16 18:24:33
153.   JVarghese81
yep - Bonderman was a nice little prize - maybe German will work out too.

This was the deal in case anyone was wondering - the Oakland Athletics traded Carlos Pena, Franklyn German and a player to be named later (Jeremy Bonderman) to the Detroit Tigers, the Tigers traded Jeff Weaver to the New York Yankees, the Yankees traded Ted Lilly, Jason Arnold and John-Ford Griffin to the Athletics.

2005-09-16 18:27:42
154.   JVarghese81
Assuming out of this with minimal damage, once F-Rod tires, I'd see what Mendoza has...or is that nostalgia just playing with my head?
2005-09-16 18:28:20
155.   randym77
F-Rod was not the right man for the job.
2005-09-16 18:29:09
156.   Rich
Torre looks perturbed, but it's kind of tough for F-Rod to come in with the bases loaded.
2005-09-16 18:30:37
157.   Rich
2005-09-16 18:31:22
158.   Max
What I don't understand is why A-Rod didn't steal second a few innings back when there was an opportunity to score another run.

Wasn't it a little early to be consenting to "baseball etiquette" and not run up the score? Now it's a game again.

2005-09-16 18:32:30
159.   randym77
They're just going to have to score a few more runs.
2005-09-16 18:32:38
160.   JeremyM
Is that still the etiquette? I'll have to ask Gehrig367 or whatever his handle is.
2005-09-16 18:32:40
161.   JVarghese81
cough: Oakland up now...please Lord, don't let me have jinxed it.
2005-09-16 18:33:11
162.   Rich
Torre should have changed pitchers when the first runner got on base. I'm kind of surprised that he didn't use Leiter.
2005-09-16 18:35:31
163.   rbj
Switched over to the deuce, the Houston - UTEP game is 9-5. We're outscoring them.
And F-Rod needs to get an out when he comes in, even if it results in a run. Don't be too fine, just get outs.
2005-09-16 18:36:07
164.   JVarghese81
good point rich - i had forgotten about him - he does have pretty good numbers against toronto this year in 2 starts
2005-09-16 18:36:59
165.   marc
I agreee Max, It was ridiculously early to call off the dogs given the early inning and our pitching problem with Randy gone. If they're so concerned with etiquette let him worry about where to set the doylees on the table when he gets home
2005-09-16 18:38:44
166.   JeremyM
Gehrig383 or whatever says you steal with an 8-run lead, but you still can't bunt for a base hit in the 8th inning of a close game where the pitcher is tossing a no-hitter, for those who care.
2005-09-16 18:39:00
167.   Rich
Mofo asshole.
2005-09-16 18:39:24
168.   JVarghese81
Actually marc, Torre doesn't believe in using doylees until they have been used by someone else...he prefers proven veteran doylees.
2005-09-16 18:40:13
169.   Rich
Double steal.
2005-09-16 18:42:06
170.   JeremyM
JVarghese81, too funny. And probably true.
2005-09-16 18:42:48
171.   JeremyM
Really wanted a run there, pretty weak stuff. Come on Sheff!
2005-09-16 18:47:01
172.   Rich
He looked out.
2005-09-16 18:47:13
173.   randym77
Leiter started warming when Randy was tossed, but never came in. Maybe Torre wants to keep him in reserve. In case Chacon implodes again.
2005-09-16 18:48:36
174.   Rich
See ya, F-Rod.
2005-09-16 18:48:50
175.   randym77
This is not good.
2005-09-16 18:50:14
176.   JVarghese81
good point there randy - that makes sense - lets hope FRod can get out of the inning and we don't have to bring him in then
2005-09-16 18:50:27
177.   JVarghese81
yeah - never mind then.
2005-09-16 18:50:34
178.   Max
Ugh, this is like the Rays all over again.
2005-09-16 18:51:33
179.   Rich
Come on Embree, it's time to make Yankee fans trust you.
2005-09-16 18:51:34
180.   JVarghese81
I swear to GOD...IF either Flash or Mo have to come into this game, I will...well, i'll just probably be annoyed but still...
2005-09-16 18:52:39
181.   Rich
It's almost a certainty that Flash and/or Mo will pitch.
2005-09-16 18:53:18
182.   Rich
The ump was an ass, but Randy screwed the pooch.
2005-09-16 18:53:49
183.   Rich
2005-09-16 18:55:31
184.   Rich
God, this pen sucks. Try Leiter Torre, please.
2005-09-16 18:55:42
185.   randym77
Gawd, this is awful.
2005-09-16 18:56:15
186.   atc
I think I just broke a bone in my hand
2005-09-16 18:57:11
187.   Mattpat11
I leave for an hour and I see the Yankees are doing whatever they can to lose this game
2005-09-16 18:58:18
188.   Rich
Tanyon must really be dead.
2005-09-16 18:58:27
189.   randym77
This is horrible. How can it have come to this, when we were up 11-3?
2005-09-16 18:58:48
190.   JVarghese81
this is absolutely...there are no words
2005-09-16 19:00:22
191.   Mattpat11
I swear to Christ this team gives me fits
2005-09-16 19:00:23
192.   Rich
$200 million and we still only have two relievers that have any shot of getting outs.
2005-09-16 19:00:42
193.   randym77
Gawd. Tanyon's coming in. I'm not sure that's a good idea.
2005-09-16 19:01:11
194.   atc
Obviously, fuck our bullpen, but fuck RJ too
2005-09-16 19:01:47
195.   Rich
What do you suggest, randy?
2005-09-16 19:02:21
196.   Rich
Where's Colter Bean? Can't he get a shot?
2005-09-16 19:03:24
197.   Rich
How the fuck are we going to get six outs without giving up another run?
2005-09-16 19:03:30
198.   rbj
C'mon Tanyon.
2005-09-16 19:03:30
199.   marc
this is bleek. But figure it this way. We lose the game and have to pitch Flash and Mo. But on the other side we maintained our gentlemanly etiquette by not running A-Rod when they were giving us the base
2005-09-16 19:04:42
200.   randym77
Well, it might not be so bad with two outs and only one man on. Tanyon seems to do better if he has some breathing space, at least at first.

I think I'd go with Leiter. He's used to pitching with men on, after all. :-P

Well, my worries were for naught. Tanyon got the out. Though not without some nervous moments.

Show/Hide Comments 201-250
2005-09-16 19:05:07
201.   weeping for brunnhilde

It was 11-3 and now it's 11-10?

Words fail.

2005-09-16 19:05:32
202.   rbj
And the Red Sox are down 2-1. It's possible we could tie them tonight.
Don't be nice Yankees.
And if A-Rod had stolen that base, they might have hit him later. Oh, wait.
2005-09-16 19:06:12
203.   randym77
We are not going to get six outs without giving up another run. Unless we bring in Flash and Mo, and even then it's hardly guaranteed.

Yankees must score!!!

2005-09-16 19:06:27
204.   marc
OK get some run you pathetic bunch of crap
2005-09-16 19:06:44
205.   singledd
This is not the 1st, or the second, or even the third time our pen has blown a big lead. You wonder why in the past, Torre has brought in Gordon with a 4 run lead? You wonder why TanGorMo has been overused?

It is embarrassing to think about this bullpen playing in the PS.

And Rich... forget about the "F-Rod has not been used enought". There is good reason for that.

2005-09-16 19:06:54
206.   Rich
I'm not looking at a scoreboard until this game is over.
2005-09-16 19:07:17
207.   Rich
Mean culpa, F-Rod SUCKED!
2005-09-16 19:07:28
208.   Rich
2005-09-16 19:08:01
209.   Mattpat11
we need more runs. All the momemntum is on their side
2005-09-16 19:08:03
210.   BklynBomber
I duck out for some food and this happens! Holy Shit! Then I remembered about our pitching staff...

ESPN just picked up the feed here...

What a mess...

2005-09-16 19:08:14
211.   atc
Why is Lawton hitting here? - Fuck
2005-09-16 19:08:41
212.   Rich
Sadly, if not pathetically, Gordon and Mo will have to suck it up and Chacon will have to be a warrior tomorrow.
2005-09-16 19:09:13
213.   Mattpat11
nice four pitch inning there
2005-09-16 19:09:30
214.   singledd
5 pitches, 3 outs. Are we trying to pump Toronto up even more?
2005-09-16 19:09:54
215.   Max
Unbelievable. Two innings left, an almost completely blown 8 run lead, a spent bullpen, and an offense that's gone to sleep. Getting through this will be a minor miracle.
2005-09-16 19:10:21
216.   Tom Carroll
lets go Sturtze
2005-09-16 19:11:17
217.   Rich
And the offense has been somnolent since the 4th.
2005-09-16 19:12:28
218.   singledd
If Tanyon can keep the score as is for the 8th, I say let him start the 9th... and keep Rivera up just in case.
2005-09-16 19:12:35
219.   JeremyM
Screw Lawton. Time to let this guy ride pine for the rest of the year.
2005-09-16 19:12:47
220.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
4 pitches. B/c we wouldn't want to break up their offensive momentm or anything. Let em get right back at bashing our "bullpen".
2005-09-16 19:13:42
221.   atc
When even the Jays announcers are saying "Catalanoto might have caught a break there" you know the ump blows
2005-09-16 19:13:48
222.   randym77
Yeah, I think that's the big problem. They eased off on offense. Eight runs is not a big enough lead. Not with the pitching problems the Yanks have had this year.
2005-09-16 19:15:05
223.   singledd
Ortiz ties it with #43. Shit.
2005-09-16 19:15:49
224.   Yankee Fan in Chicago
Friggin Ortiz again.
2005-09-16 19:16:08
225.   JeremyM
I really wish Giambi made a productive out in the 7th now.
2005-09-16 19:17:54
226.   marc
I'm already pissed and I see Ortiz standing there and say shit but then I say he can't homer ever time and then Boom tie game
2005-09-16 19:18:36
227.   Mattpat11
Memo to Joe Kennedy. You are not good enough to pitch to David Ortiz. Please stop trying.
2005-09-16 19:18:41
228.   weeping for brunnhilde
You know, it's shit like this that makes me feel like the season's already over. I mean, even if we make the PS, then what?
Can anyone give me even a shred of hope that this team can contend in the PS?
2005-09-16 19:19:01
229.   Bill
Watching this game, how can you blame Torre who all those times he used Gordon or Rivera with a 4-run lead? Who was he supposed to use?
2005-09-16 19:20:49
230.   BklynBomber
This feels like the bottom of the 9th... you mean we have to do this again?
2005-09-16 19:22:07
231.   JeremyM
Whew! Thank God! 3 more outs and I can breathe....
2005-09-16 19:22:14
232.   atc
Good job Sturtze
2005-09-16 19:23:00
233.   watziznehm2
Can't take another inning of this.. we need some runs!!!!!!!!!!
2005-09-16 19:23:10
234.   Max
Nice job, Tanyon!

Let's bring out Flash or Mo to close this sucks, but no more screwing around. Clearly, the offense has checked out for the rest of the night.

2005-09-16 19:23:23
235.   rbj
Gordon for one out, Mo for two?
Hitters, now would be a good time to manufacture one, or two, or twenty.
2005-09-16 19:23:46
236.   Mattpat11
can we PLEASE get some runs?
2005-09-16 19:23:54
237.   Rich
I don't care about Boston now, just win this game.
2005-09-16 19:24:10
238.   randym77
Phew, that was nerve-wracking. One more inning. Please, give Mo a few more runs.
2005-09-16 19:24:56
239.   marc
Mo in the pen. If they bring em in I just hope it's in a win.
2005-09-16 19:27:34
240.   marc
Wakefield's pitching another gem. That's not a good sign for the season
2005-09-16 19:28:05
241.   Mattpat11
how many people have grounded out to the pitcher tonight?
2005-09-16 19:29:47
242.   domvjr
What the hell happened to the offense, they can't get the ball out of the bleepen infield. This team,cannot stand success!
2005-09-16 19:31:14
243.   atc
Alright, fuck how we got to this point. 1 run lead, 9th inning, go get em Mo
2005-09-16 19:31:42
244.   Mattpat11
well then
2005-09-16 19:32:32
245.   Rich
The soft under belly of the pen is a mile wide.
2005-09-16 19:33:39
246.   Rich
I would have left Giambi in.
2005-09-16 19:33:59
247.   marc
We're in trouble. Not only is Mo coming in but under a high stress situation with no breathing room after having already pitched a lot recently
2005-09-16 19:35:31
248.   Rich
Stop squeezing him dickhead.
2005-09-16 19:36:31
249.   rbj
I wouldn't worry about Jason, Rich. If the Blue Jays score one, they'll score two. But they're not going to score any.
2005-09-16 19:36:39
250.   Rich
Define deep, Kay.
Show/Hide Comments 251-300
2005-09-16 19:37:15
251.   BklynBomber
Whew... not letting the leadoff guy on is huge... Keep it up, Mo!
2005-09-16 19:37:46
252.   Rich
Still squeezed.
2005-09-16 19:38:31
253.   Mattpat11
ESPN says lineout. Was it a happy lineout or a holy shit lineout?
2005-09-16 19:39:06
254.   Rich
One more.
2005-09-16 19:39:25
255.   marc
squeezed or not, don't argue Mo. There's nothing left if this ass tosses you
2005-09-16 19:39:35
256.   BklynBomber
One more, baby... one more.
2005-09-16 19:39:41
257.   singledd
Without Mariano, we are a .500 team
2005-09-16 19:40:00
258.   atc
It was not a deep line out
2005-09-16 19:40:32
259.   Rich
Then Mo is the MVP.
2005-09-16 19:41:06
260.   rabid stan
One more pitch Mo...
2005-09-16 19:41:16
261.   randym77
It was a holy shit lineout, at least to me. Luckily, it went straight to Bubba.
2005-09-16 19:43:36
262.   Rich
2005-09-16 19:44:26
263.   Rich
Phillips would have had it. He's better than Tino now.
2005-09-16 19:45:04
264.   rabid stan
Ugh.. nine pitch single
2005-09-16 19:45:37
265.   BklynBomber
There. Another easy win... ;-) Now, let's go A's!!!
2005-09-16 19:45:41
266.   Mattpat11
2005-09-16 19:45:44
267.   marc
Damn, Zahn got the hit on the 9th pitch
2005-09-16 19:45:45
268.   watziznehm2
2005-09-16 19:46:09
269.   domvjr
Mo, a win is a win is a win!!!!!
2005-09-16 19:46:29
270.   rabid stan
Oh thank God that's over. I need some Pepto(TM)
2005-09-16 19:46:39
271.   randym77
Holy goddamn effin' shit. They held on. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
2005-09-16 19:46:50
272.   marc
Theeeeee Yankeees win.
2005-09-16 19:47:54
273.   atc
Let's Go Oak-Land
2005-09-16 19:48:24
274.   Mattpat11

I didnt need that

2005-09-16 19:48:51
275.   rbj
What's that Harrison song "Man, it don't come easy"?
Mo can't be anywhere near the park tomorrow. He needs to be in his pjs at game time, drinking some cocoa and reading his Bible.
2005-09-16 19:49:15
277.   weeping for brunnhilde
Someone care to tell me how Johnson could possibly have gotten himself tossed? I didn't see it, but it sounds like a bush-league, Kevin-Brown-punching-the-wall type of situation. I mean, not like the team needs you or anything.
2005-09-16 19:49:31
278.   Rich
Free Colter Bean NOW!
2005-09-16 19:49:39
279.   watziznehm2
Hope Chacon does not implode tomorrow..
2005-09-16 19:50:25
280.   Rich
Johnson was getting squeezed and he told the ump. The ump had Johnson envy and he moronically tossed him.
2005-09-16 19:52:19
281.   singledd
rbj.... that Ringo... You know it Don't Come Easy.

Red Sox about to win. Based loaded.

On a different not, anybody check out Andruw Jones' numbers lately?

2005-09-16 19:52:30
282.   atc
He was getting squeezed and yelled "Fuck You Ump" or something close to that. I'm watching on MLBTV on the computer and the F word was clearly audible. He was frusterated after an awful first inning, then got 2 quick outs in the 2nd, starting getting squeezed, and let his emotions get the best of him. If we had lost, he would have gotten absolutely destroyed in the papers tomorrow.
2005-09-16 19:52:38
283.   watziznehm2
The Sox leave the bases loaded...
2005-09-16 19:52:44
284.   randym77
The Yankees better stomp all over the Jays tomorrow. Our bullpen is shot. Besides, the freakin' Jays plunked Jeter AND A-Rod tonight.
2005-09-16 19:52:52
285.   singledd
Whewwwwwwwwwww. Sox leave 'em loaded. 2-2 in the 8th.
2005-09-16 19:54:09
286.   singledd
"The Yankees better stomp all over the Jays tomorrow". Sad. Eleven runs is not enough.
2005-09-16 19:54:13
287.   rabid stan
Renteria for MVP?
2005-09-16 19:54:37
288.   marc
weeping, everyone was kind of shocked when he got tossed so it wasn't anything obvious. He apparently has a history with this ump who is known to be aggressive instead of just doing his job. I guess we'll find out what he supposedly said or not. We don't even know if he was warned before he got tossed
2005-09-16 19:54:49
289.   rabid stan
No takers?
2005-09-16 19:55:20
290.   BklynBomber
Ellis, Kendall and Kotsay due up for Oaktown...
2005-09-16 19:55:32
291.   Max
Worst win of the year...our "ace" has a piece of crap first inning then gets ejected in the second, offense cranks it up against poor pitching, middle relief does OK then starts tanking HUGELY, offense completely shuts down against mediocre pitching, then a tired bullpen finally gets some clutch outs that shouldn't have been necessary.

But hey, it's still a win. At least we don't fall behind in the loss column.

2005-09-16 19:57:04
292.   JVarghese81
hey Cano said it in the postgame, why didn't they score more against the jays relievers? They were savings some runs for tomorrow...he makes a good point ;)
2005-09-16 19:57:22
293.   randym77
Yeah, the f-word was clearly audible on YES as well, at least the first time. He was really screaming.

They muted the sound out on the replays.

But it was really quick. Like, seconds. All of sudden, he's screaming, the ump's screaming, and he's ejected.

The ump had a really short fuse, and I think he should have given Randy a warning first.

But Randy should know better. The guy's over 40, and should know that nothing good will come of cussing out umps.

2005-09-16 19:58:51
294.   BklynBomber
Wakefield is cruising. 1.2.3. — bottom 8
2005-09-16 20:00:24
295.   BklynBomber
Cookie Monster, Manny and Millar due up...
2005-09-16 20:01:28
296.   atc
Any chance Ortiz doesn't homer right now?
2005-09-16 20:01:55
297.   marc
Oh geez, Ortiz's face back on my TV
2005-09-16 20:02:30
298.   BklynBomber
Ortiz grounds out to short...
2005-09-16 20:02:34
299.   randym77
They got him out!
2005-09-16 20:04:17
300.   rabid stan
So how 'bout this Robbie Cano kid in September?

Way north of .400 AVG and 1.000 OPS for the month, even though he's only really been crackin' off some big power in the last few games.

At this point, "white-hot" wouldn't quite cut it.

Show/Hide Comments 301-350
2005-09-16 20:04:54
301.   BklynBomber
Allright, Dorchester-shyster-schuster, whatever his name is... he punches out Manny looking!
2005-09-16 20:05:52
302.   atc
The way I figure it, the A's have 2 innings (7 batters until Ortiz) to win this thing
2005-09-16 20:05:55
303.   BklynBomber
Millar skies out deep to right...
2005-09-16 20:07:13
304.   JVarghese81
and Kevin Millar flies out to my favorite name in baseball Hiram Bocachica!

though Coco Crisp comes very close

2005-09-16 20:07:18
305.   weeping for brunnhilde
All right, so atc's account is the most damning, but otherwise, I'm hearing that the consensus is with RJ. So he didn't pull a Kevin Brown. And a mighty good thing for him that he didn't because I'd never forgive him for that. But be that as it may, his last start was his best yet and he needs to do that EVERY time from here on our and in the PS if he's to even remotely earn the keep that was so recklessly assumed on his signing.
2005-09-16 20:09:15
306.   atc
I don't think he should have been thrown out without being warned, but he had no business pulling a Clemens and putting himself, and the team, in that situation.
2005-09-16 20:12:35
307.   Shaun P
I'm glad that this game wasn't on Extra Innings, 'cause I think I would be in the hospital now if I had. I'll take the win, but christ! The bullpen imploded and Mo had to a pitch a 23-pitch inning - argh!!!!!!!!!!!

Since Johnson pitched so little, perhaps he could be used on his throw day out of the 'pen? Might give GorMo a rest.

Rich is right - where the #%(& is Colter Bean!?!

Meanwhile, Cleveland won, ChiSox just took the lead in the top of the 10th, and Boston-A's still tied. #%()in Ortiz.

2005-09-16 20:14:11
308.   Shaun P
Bottom 9 in Boston, Trot, Mirabelli (probably Tek pinch hits), and Mueller up . . .
2005-09-16 20:15:57
309.   randym77
Cano has been amazing.

Someone here suggested that Cano's sudden improvement was due at least partly to the acquisition of Bellhorn. I didn't buy it at the time, but now I wonder. He suddenly seems worried that he'll lose his job. He hasn't had those brain fart moments on defense lately, either, which seemed to be due to lack of focus.

2005-09-16 20:17:22
310.   rilkefan
"Mirabelli (probably Tek pinch hits)"

Wakefield will pitch until a decision is reached.

2005-09-16 20:17:57
311.   BklynBomber
Free baseball in Beantown! C'mon A's, make this one something like 19 innings...
2005-09-16 20:19:10
312.   rabid stan
Check out Duchscherer.

Why can't our middle relievers be more like Oakland's?

2005-09-16 20:19:22
313.   Shaun P
You're right rilkefan, I was hoping that with the rain and all, Wakefield would come out . . .

How many times have I wished that the Pirates had held onto him? Here comes the tenth . . .

If the Yanks go to the playoffs, and Cano keeps hitting like this the last two weeks, I think he may sew up ROY, Street or not.

2005-09-16 20:21:01
314.   marc
per Suzyn: No warning given to RJ and he got thrown out for saying "where the fuck was that"

Torre thought the ump uncharacteristically short tempered. He hasn't talked to RJ. I think he's afraid to talk to him until RJ hopefully cools off by tomorrow

note:what Suzyn actually said was RJ said where the blank was that and I assumed RJ didn't say where the blazes was that.

2005-09-16 20:22:00
315.   Shaun P
rabid stan, instead of blowing millions on washed-up hacks like Steve Karsay, or uselss veterans like Wayne Franklin, Oakland looks for guys who throw strikes, don't walk people, and don't give up home runs, and then lets them play, regardless of their age and/or amount of big-league experience.

In other words, Colter Bean would've been in the A's pen since Opening Day. Sigh.

2005-09-16 20:22:25
316.   randym77
Here's AP's description of the Randy Johnson thing:


With Toronto leading 3-2 with two outs in the second inning, Frank Menechino at the plate and the count 2-2, Johnson threw a pitch on the inside part of the plate that was called a ball. The 6-foot-10 left-hander yelled at umpire Fieldin Culbreth, who popped out to the first-base side of the plate and took off his mask.

Culbreth yelled something at Johnson and pointed at the pitcher. Johnson yelled something back, and the umpire then ejected him.


2005-09-16 20:22:28
317.   rilkefan
"You're right rilkefan"

And no I'm not. Funny managing.

2005-09-16 20:24:21
318.   Shaun P
I'm confused, too - if Wakefield wasn't coming back out, why not pinch hit with Varitek? Is he hurt? No complaints if so!
2005-09-16 20:25:54
319.   rabid stan
Well that was was my point.

I left that unsaid because because I couldn't have said it without alot of four-letter words.

2005-09-16 20:26:18
320.   BklynBomber
About Wakefield, it only takes one, ala Aaron F. Boone. The guy could go another 5 tonight, though...

Wow! Scutaro legged out a double on a short hit to right. good hustle!

2005-09-16 20:29:24
321.   rabid stan
Scutaro again
2005-09-16 20:29:52
322.   BklynBomber
Scutaro takes third on a ball that rolled a few feet from Mirabelli... almost threw it into left field...
2005-09-16 20:31:38
323.   BklynBomber
Shit. Ellis grounds out... bottom 10
2005-09-16 20:34:18
324.   JVarghese81
Juan Cruz is not as sure a play as the rest of that pen...
2005-09-16 20:34:45
325.   randym77
It's raining like crazy. What happens if the game is rained out while it's tied in the 10th?
2005-09-16 20:37:14
326.   JeremyM
The only fair thing to do in that case would be to award the win to Oakland, in my opinion.
2005-09-16 20:39:09
327.   randym77

But it looks like the Sox are gonna pull it out again. A man on 3rd and one out.

2005-09-16 20:40:18
328.   BklynBomber
randy — I think it would be suspended and resumed where it was left off, probably prior to their next scheduled game... not completely sure...
2005-09-16 20:43:02
329.   BklynBomber
Edgar got plunked on the elbow. 1st and 3rd. Guess who's up now?
2005-09-16 20:43:51
330.   JeremyM
Did I just see that? It's ruled the ball hit the bat, then Renteria says no, it hit my elbow, and the ump says, oh, OK. Not that it wasn't the right call, but it was amazing how quickly the call was changed by the ump.
2005-09-16 20:44:38
331.   JeremyM
Yeah, Boston won this one, might as well turn it off.
2005-09-16 20:46:01
332.   randym77
They walked Ortiz. It's all on Manny now.
2005-09-16 20:46:10
333.   BklynBomber
IBB for Ortiz. Bags loaded. Manny up... Yabu coming in...
2005-09-16 20:47:49
334.   weeping for brunnhilde
I'm with JeremyM who's just revealed himself to be one of the brilliant legal minds of our day. That's a very considered judgment.

BTW, there's a couple of spots on the high court. ;)

2005-09-16 20:48:23
335.   JohnnyC
Rick Sutcliffe is the worst. Master of the obvious, purveyor of the inane hyperbole...yeah, there's almost 40,000 in Fenway tonight. As if a difference of more than 5,000 is "almost." Well, according to that line of reasoning, there's almost 5,000 in my house right now. Gotta go, they're sucking up all the oxygen. Feeling light-headed.
2005-09-16 20:50:17
336.   BklynBomber
Yabu plunks Manny. Sawks win. What a horseshit ending.
2005-09-16 20:50:39
337.   randym77
Well, that was lame.
2005-09-16 20:51:04
338.   marc
well that strategy didn't work very well. Sox win when Manny gets hit forcing in winning run
2005-09-16 20:51:44
339.   JohnnyC
By the way, if ESPN insists on using Gary Thorne on Red Sox games, why won't they use John Sterling for Yankees games? Same difference.
2005-09-16 20:51:47
340.   BklynBomber
'night, all! And make sure Chacon has a 'Do Not Disturb' on his door tonight...
2005-09-16 20:52:38
341.   JeremyM
Wow, what a way to end that one. I still think they should've called it due to rain- the rain picked up in the bottom of the 10th which caused Oakland's pitchers to lose their grip and hit two guys, as well as causing the walk to Ortiz. The pitcher threw 4 of them way outside to Ortiz because of the weather, the poor guy couldn't even get them close to the plate:)
2005-09-16 20:52:57
342.   weeping for brunnhilde
2005-09-16 20:53:07
343.   Max
Wow, what a way to cap off a surreal day.

All things considered, this isn't that bad. This was the game the Sox were supposed to win, and it took them 10 innings and every ounce of effort from their best two pitchers to do the job. They're still struggling offensively, even at home.

Let's see how they do the rest of the weekend.

2005-09-16 21:02:11
344.   weeping for brunnhilde
BTW, I'm listening to WFAN and a couple of callers have attacked Sterling for something to do with the ejection. Anyone hear anything objectionable on that front from Sterling?

I'm guessing Sterling took up an irrational defense of Johnson just as Republicans do of Bush, but I can't be sure.

2005-09-16 21:12:47
345.   marc
Sterling was outraged and pretty much said so. The usual stuff like the fans didn't come to watch the umpires in a penant race. Frankly everyone I've heard so far is outraged. The ESPN guys were outraged everybody was. they showed it was the umpire who pulled his mask off and headed toward Randy. As I said before Suzyn was told RJ said "where the fuck was that" though she said blank instead of F. On ESPN they said this ump has had a lot of problems throwing people out and they were wondering why he isn't sisciplined. I'm not saying RJ is a saint and completely innocent but this is baseball not tiddlywinks.
2005-09-16 21:16:13
346.   JohnnyC
Callers to WFAN attack Sterling on principle. It's the Mets' radio outlet after all. I don't listen to WFAN for longer than 2 takes only that long for some poor fool of a Mets fan to voice some silly opinion about the Yankees. Oh, I forgot, I do listen to Sir Sominex, Richard Neer...when I need 40 winks. WFAN is a joke.
2005-09-16 21:17:57
347.   JohnnyC
Marc, sisciplined? Sounds like something they do to young inmates in the Big House.
2005-09-16 21:25:05
348.   weeping for brunnhilde
Ok, I'm getting mixed accounts. Callers on the radio seem to suggest that Johnson actually provoked the whole thing, stepping off of the mound and being confrontational about the call.

Whosever fault it really is, we can't have this. Given the import of each game, RJ has to account for irascible umps and act accordingly, for the good of the team.

2005-09-16 21:48:44
349.   marc
weeping, while I agree in principle, it's that mean viscious intimidating bastard giant quality in RJ that makes him the great pitcher he is. If he gets too nice for a game he'll become nothing but an awkard clumsy thrower.
2005-09-17 03:57:23
350.   randym77 has a story on the RJ incident:

Culbreath claims he warned Johnson in the previous inning, though not formally.

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