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Angels with Dirty Faces
2005-07-29 15:46
by Alex Belth
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The Angels were up all night playing extra innings with the Blue Jays. They are in the Bronx tonight to face Mike Mussina and the Bomb Squad. I wish I had a good feeling about Moose but I don't. Hopefully it's just something I ate and he'll Yanks be fine. Sure is wunnerful anytime they beat the stinkin' Angels.

It was slightly overcast today but really it's as nice as it is going to get in New York at this time of year. The humidity is low and there is a calm breeze in the Bronx.

Just thinking about who could be the star(s) tonight is fun: Sheff, Alex, Jeter, Godzilla, Robbie Cano, Posado, Giambo, Tino, heck, Tony Womack: which one of dese?

Let's Go Yan-Kees.

2005-07-29 16:04:40
1.   rbj
Why the ^%&@@+!#@(! hell isn't this game on Extr-y innings. Oh yeah, there are so freakin' many people who want to see KC vs. Tampa Bay. I'm so glad I got my chores done early.

Moose will do well, the Angels are tired. We just need to wear out their pitcher. Take lots of pitches.
Womack's being showcased for Chillicothe.

2005-07-29 16:08:20
2.   tommyl

I think its because its on WWOR or whatnot. I'm guessing they don't have an agreement with them. Sucks for me too.


Manny to the Mets in a 3-way deal?!

2005-07-29 16:26:31
3.   JeremyM
Womack must be playing so he can screw up a la Enrique Wilson in right, so the Yanks will do something drastic and irresponsible, like getting Ken Griffey, Jr. If people believe in Torre conspiracies.

I see Wayne Franklin is back up. Great. Just great. Torre will for sure use him in a big spot.

2005-07-29 16:45:03
4.   rbj
OK, so Moose won't do well. Off to the porch with a book and a beer.
2005-07-29 18:04:08
5.   Rich
The Yankees DFA'd Graman, but kept Franklin. Who runs this team, chimps?

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