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2005-07-14 04:36
by Alex Belth
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Who do the Yankees play this weekend again?

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2005-07-14 06:30:24
1.   NetShrine
Some bunch of idiots.
2005-07-14 06:48:28
2.   Jen
I'm hearing that the Yanks are trading a minor leaguer for Shawn Chacón. Don't know much about him. Is this a good thing, bad thing? He's coming off of an injury (hamstring?) and has to prove that he can perform first.
2005-07-14 07:21:22
3.   JohnnyC
Wouldn't be a bad pick-up. Good change, overhand curve, throws 92-94, good competitor. Was an All-Star in 2003, failed as a closer in 2004. Has good numbers away from Coors. Is only 27. Decent 4th or 5th starter with some upside. Who's the minor leaguer?
2005-07-14 07:44:16
4.   Zavo
Chacon might be a project worth taking up, but it really depends on what minor leaguer we are giving up. I thought the Yanks might deal with the Rockies, but I thought it might be for their new acquisition, Eric Byrnes.
2005-07-14 08:28:56
5.   Jen
JohnnyC, no word on who the minor leaguer is yet.
2005-07-14 08:43:31
6.   Cliff Corcoran
Chacon has walked more men than he's struck out this year, a trend that's worse on the road. His career K/BB is 1.29. I get a major Felix Heredia vibe off of him. Not good.
2005-07-14 08:47:53
7.   Ryan
Hey, at least they are doing something, right? [/sarcasm]
2005-07-14 08:55:29
8.   unpopster
red sox vs. yankees? BRING IT ON!

BTW, I absolutely love Shef's comments about Arod and the Sox. But I hope the team backs him and Arod should things get ugly. Something tells they will. It seems to me that this Yankee team has rallied around each other over the last few months and things will be very different if a Yankee gets plunked.

Where the Arod/Varitek fight may have woken the Sox up last year, I think a similar incident would do the same for the Yanks.

2005-07-14 09:06:07
9.   dtrain
Can someone link me to Sheff's comments about ARod and the Sox? I haven't seen them yet.

I feel like things aren't as tense anymore between us and the Sox this year - like the Sox finally beating us last year broke some of that tension. ARod and Damon shook hands during the All-Star game intros, and it looked actually pretty genuine to me...

2005-07-14 09:11:24
10.   Cliff Corcoran
Damon's buttering the Yanks up as leverage for his free agency. The rivalry's been less heated thus far because the Yanks have been battling other demons. That might change this weekend.
2005-07-14 09:23:47
11.   Alex Belth
Anyone have an idea as to why Sunday's game starts at 6:05? That seems odd.
2005-07-14 09:30:13
12.   Marcus

Apparently the early start is due to the ESPY Awards which are coming on after the game.

2005-07-14 09:30:40
13.   joe in boston
Couple thoughts/comments:

Alex: I think the ESPY's are on Sunday night
Sad that a Yanks/Sox game takes 2nd
place to that "awards" show

Cliff: I agree about Damon making nice to the
Yanks for next year. He might not be
bad for us - yet, how about that arm ?

Is anyone else just sick and tired reading
Lupica's trashing of the Yanks ?! (And their fans I might add). He seems to think every Yankee fan is a latecomer/front runner rich guy/girl. Doesn't he realize many of us were raised Yankee fans by our dads/family - and also suffered through the late 60s and 70's (and the mid 80s-90's) before we enjoyed our run. He is a boor.

2005-07-14 09:40:32
14.   JohnnyC
Lupica grew up a Yankees fan. His strange attitude toward all things Yankee started to turn ugly in the '90s and pretty much stems from some incident he had with Steinbrenner. His coverage of the team in the '80s bespoke a fan's impatience with George's "lost years" of spending stupidly and Winfield-baiting. In fact, his attacks on Steinbrenner were always the most personal and vituperative...bordering on slander. I think Lupica believes Steinbrenner pulled some strings in the industry to "stall" his career. Some would blame Lupica's emergence as a pompous windbag and ambitious sleaze on his own character flaws. Lupica blames Steinbrenner. Thus the venom that's way out of proportion to the subject matter.
2005-07-14 09:42:28
15.   joe in boston
JohnnyC: I always thought Lupica was a closet Sox fan (NH raised/ BC educated) ??
2005-07-14 09:43:50
16.   Alex Belth
Good Lord, the Espys. Oy veh.
2005-07-14 09:55:16
17.   Knuckles
Yanks-Sox takes a backseat to the ESPYs that have already been filmed? ("Red Carpet" photos are all over right now.)

Who honestly watches that crap? 14 & 15 year old kids without their drivers license. Put the ESPYs on a Fri/Sat night, not instead of a key divisional baseball game and up against the Simpsons/Family Guy/HBO slot.

I think the FCC should revoke ESPN and MTV's rights to the letters S and M, respectively.

2005-07-14 10:00:12
18.   sabo
Looking forward to a great series.

I was a little curious why Torre would start Sturtze again on Monday. Doesn't that mean we lose him from the bullpen for 4 important games, all to let him pitch 3-4 innings on Sunday.

Just seems odd to me. I would rather see him get the opportunity to pitch a solid 6th/7th innings 1 or 2 games. Any thoughts?

2005-07-14 10:02:40
19.   unpopster
I was at the All-Star game and paid close attantion to Arod and his on-field interaction with the Sox players. A few things stood out:

1. Before the pre-game ceremonies, Arod was one of the last players out into the dugout. Meanwhile, Mo was a clown in the dugout. Bouncing the ball around and laughing/smiling with all the other AL players. You could tell that he was enjoying himself and the other players really love him.

2. Damon was announced first, then Arod, and then Ortiz and Manny. Standing on the 3rd base line sandwiched between those three Sox players, I worried for Arod's safety.

3. With every player announced, Arod clapped along with the rest of the stadium. But when Varitek was announced (he was warming the pitcher up in the bullpen), Arod stopped clapping and stood still. I found that VERY telling about his feelings for Tek.

4. Arod looked great at the plate. So did Ortiz. Manny looked horrible, hitting into a DP and then striking out.

5. Yankee players were loudly booed by the whole stadium -- even Mo.

6. Lastly, while it seemed that almost every team was well represented by fans in jerseys, there were just way too many Red Sox jerseys, hats and t-shirts in the crowd. Yankee fans were insulted and ridiculed while walking around the stadium. Wow, the whole baseball world hates us.

My luck, I ended up sitting next to a Red Sox fan.

2005-07-14 10:26:31
20.   rbj
Mo got booed last Sunday too, when he was brought in to protect the 1-0 lead. More boos than anyone other than Jeter. I never got more than good natured ribbing from Tiger fans, maybe Sunday afternoon games are just different.

And Lupica is an ass. Best just to ignore him.

2005-07-14 10:31:58
21.   Schteeve
I really want to see A-Rod get plunked this weekend, and then see Sheff lose his mind and drive past the Sox dugout in an 89 El Dorado shooting an AK.

I can dream can't I?

2005-07-14 10:36:32
22.   JohnnyC
On Lupica: not that it matters in the final analysis...because Lupica doesn't matter...but in his book "Summer of 98," Lupica waxes poetic about the 1961 season, Maris and Mantle's pursuit of the Babe, and how each night his father would leave him notes on late Yankees games (the cute little tyke couldn't stay up past his beddy bye time)and if Maris and Mantle hit homers. Yeah, not all New Englanders are Red Sox fans, you know. The obvious joy he shows in recounting his youthful Yankees fan days makes his current shenanigans all the more sickening.
2005-07-14 10:39:58
23.   JohnnyC
Oh, one more thing on Lupica, his sons are Yankees fans. He raised them on the Yankees. Generations of Lupicas have been Yankees fans. As I said, it's Steinbrenner he hates and the Yankees get caught in the crossfire.
2005-07-14 10:44:49
24.   unpopster
Flying into Detroit, I sat a few seats in front of a couple of Red Sox fans. They were loudly discussing the upcoming Red Sox-Yanks series. They continually referred to Shef as "SHITfield". Looks like those Sox fans have a new Yankee to hate other than Jeter and Arod.

I wonder what happens if Sheffield gets swiped at again in the right field corner. Me thinks Mr. 'Tude won't be holding himself back this time.

2005-07-14 10:51:53
25.   Cliff Corcoran
Actually, from my conversations with Sox fans, the Yankee that really gets under their skin is Matsui. Not that they necessarily dislike him as an individual, but they all see him as the guy who always gets the big hits and clutch performance (checking it out, his career line vs. the Sox is almost identical to his overall numbers as a Yankee).
2005-07-14 10:59:10
26.   Simone
unpopstar, A-Rod bumped fists with Varitek when he scored so I don't think that things can be that bad between them.

I am not a big fan of Detroit sports fans, myself. I wonder what they would have done if Jeter had been there. They hate the Yankees, but most of them adore him. They may have exploded from the pressure of deciding whether to cheer or boo. I just rolled my eyes when I saw them clapping when Mo was making Ensberg look like a fool. Ass swipes.

JohnnyC, I thought that Lupica was a Mets fan growing up. You are right, that he was a Yankee fan as a kid and turned out to a Yankee hater is quite disgusting. He is nothing more than a loud mouth obnoxious venomous little man. If George actually took the time to "stall" Lupica's pathetic career then my respect for George has increased a 1000 fold.

2005-07-14 11:27:10
27.   JohnnyC
Joe Kerrigan joins the Yankees, eh? Discuss.
2005-07-14 11:53:30
28.   Dan M
I have tickets for Sunday, and I'm glad it's at 6 pm, Espy's or not. This way I can get to be before 1 am.

Remember when the Espy's used to be in the "Best Save By a Goalie" or "Best Catch by an Outfielder" vein, rather than "Best Male Athlete"?

2005-07-14 11:54:58
29.   Dan M
Forgot to mention.. Any surprise that the fans in Detroit were morons? Have we forgotten the Ron Artest incident so quickly?
2005-07-14 11:57:21
30.   Knuckles
I guess they think more of the country would rather see a Williams sister in (Vera) Wang than the Yankees' Wang.
2005-07-14 12:01:42
31.   uburoisc
The Yankees begin a series with Church of Christ, Scientist.
2005-07-14 12:26:38
32.   KJC
"...if a Yankee gets plunked"

If? With Arroyo pitching tonight, I'm afraid you mean "when" (even if it isn't on purpose).

"I feel like things aren't as tense anymore between us and the Sox this year"

I agree, but it's still more tense than against any other team. I don't think the ALCS is the only reason for this, either -- the fact that the Orioles are actually a threat this year keeps the AL East from being the typical 2-horse race.

"the Yankee that really gets under their skin is Matsui. Not that they dislike him as an individual, but [he] always gets the big hits and clutch performance"

As a Sox fan, I totally agree with that.

2005-07-14 12:37:44
33.   Zack
I have actually found the opposite to be true. Most Sox fans admire Matsui and would kill for him next year. Its still really A-Rod that they all hate, for whatever reason (mostly their near miss at landing him I guess). The Jeter thing has died down a bit. What I always found funny was the deep hatred for Paul O'Neil, who everyone I know depised. And yet, the Sox now have an entire website dedicated to Paulie's mold, the "Dirtdog," albeit Trot Nixon is much dirtier...
2005-07-14 12:45:01
34.   KJC
"Most Sox fans admire Matsui and would kill for him next year."

Well, that's true: I wouldn't mind Matsui (or Mo) in a Sox uniform. It's not a hate like the hatred for A-Rod or's a respectful hatred. ;)

2005-07-14 13:06:28
35.   unpopster
Wang placed on DL. OUCH!
2005-07-14 13:11:04
36.   bnoj
Michael Kay's saying that TIM REDDING might be pitching Friday instead of Wang, who could even be out for the year, on 1050 ESPN.


2005-07-14 13:17:11
37.   Simone
TTim Redding?! Ugh. Oh well. Lets go, Timmy. You da man. The Yankees' luck goes even further south. Get well soon, Wang.
2005-07-14 13:20:43
38.   Jen
To put things in perspective, Rueben Sierra is the one who told Michael Kay that Wang may be out for the year.
2005-07-14 13:21:30
39.   Simone
Shit!!! I just read that Wang may be out for the year. if this is true, Yankees = Up Shit Creek.
2005-07-14 13:22:16
40.   Marcus
What is wrong with Wang? I can't find anything on the web about it. How long? AHHHH!!!
2005-07-14 13:22:46
41.   Simone
Any chance that Ruben doesn't know squat?
2005-07-14 13:24:21
42.   rbj
From the Yankees website:
The New York Yankees announced today that they have placed RHP Chien-Ming Wang on the 15-day disabled list with inflammation of the right shoulder (retroactive to July 9th) and purchased the contract of RHP Tim Redding from Triple-A Columbus.

Gulp. I think the title for this season is A Series of Unfortunate Events.

2005-07-14 13:25:06
43.   vockins
What timing.

Maybe TBD can make the start tomorrow and still get in a solid six for the Monday Rangers game. He's usually lights out after the All Star break.


2005-07-14 13:30:41
44.   Simone
How has DePaula been looking lately? I know that he was horrible a few weeks ago. Any improvement? Because DePaula and Munro are probably the only help left in the minors.
2005-07-14 13:32:45
45.   Dan-el
Let's all pray it's strictly a 15-day DL thing (though the "inflammation of the right shoulder" thing sure sounds ominous). Otherwise the Yankees are screwed.

Is Pavano coming back from the DL for sure this weekend? I guess Wang's injury is gonna really put some pressure on Cashman and Co. to wrap up the Chacon trade; we just need bodies at this point.

2005-07-14 13:32:47
46.   JohnnyC
do you think pitching in a driving rainstorm for two innings plus had something to do with it? ya think? well, at least George saved his receipts from the sell-out.
2005-07-14 13:37:39
47.   bnoj
Dan-el, I heard on 1050 that reports say that Pavano won't be back this weekend.

We may need two pitchers this weekend against Boston. Not good.

2005-07-14 13:40:18
48.   singledd
Congrats Alex...
for getting 47 comments (so far) on an 8 word commentary!
2005-07-14 13:41:07
49.   Zavo
From the reports it sounds like Brown will be back in a week and Pavano in two weeks.

I certainly hope Wang gets good new from Dr. Andrews. I love watching him pitch.

2005-07-14 13:45:33
50.   Dan-el
Bnoj - thanks for the info. This is no good at all. We can't possibly have May pitch at Fenway (the Red Sox will eat him alive) and Brown is still at least a week or two away. And as for Redding this weekend ... I doubt he'll make it through the fifth.

If Wang is gonna really be out long-term, we need to find some way of trading for someone like A.J. Burnett, though I am aware that we have very little to offer from our minor-league system to make such a trade.

Question: we're in pretty dire straits right now, so if the opportunity presented itself to acquire someone like Burnett, what do you think about trading Cano? It would kill me but ... we have practically no tradeable chips. Maybe we can dangle Colter Bean? (The Yankees seem so averse to calling him up.)

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2005-07-14 13:48:50
51.   Simone
"do you think pitching in a driving rainstorm for two innings plus had something to do with it? ya think? well, at least George saved his receipts from the sell-out."

It probably had more to do with the fact that Wang has had shoulder surgery in the past.

2005-07-14 13:49:32
52.   Zack
No no no! Trading a major league ready prospect for Chacon, or a few for Burnett who will then ebcome a free agent is NOT what we need to do. That is exactly what has been our problem these past few years. Our team is decimated by injuries, but if we panic and trade away our prospects for a "shot" at the playoffs, we have lost any progress we made this season in terms of the future.

Chacon is not the answer, and I hate to say it, but I don't think Burnett is either. How would trading for him be any different than trading for Weaver, Vasquez or the rest?

2005-07-14 13:54:44
53.   NetShrine
ROTFLMAO on # 48
2005-07-14 13:57:01
54.   Simone
Wang is going to Alabama to see Dr. Andrews for further diagnosis. This does not sound good at all.
2005-07-14 13:57:26
55.   singledd
"...placed RHP Chien-Ming Wang on the 15-day disabled list with inflammation of the right shoulder (retroactive to July 9th)..."

We can only hope that if the Yanks bothered to make it 'retroactive' to 5 days ago, that they think/hope this will be better within '15' days.

What a bummer!
We are somewhat of a longshot as it is. We simply don't have the depth to lose anyone (other then Womack, etc) to injury.
Man... I hope RJ steps up.

2005-07-14 13:59:15
56.   Dan-el
Zack, I definitely think you're right. But if -- as you mentioned -- the past is a reliable guide, I'm worried that the front office is gonna begin to dangle Cano in trade talks.
2005-07-14 14:06:55
57.   JohnnyC
Sure picked a bad day to give up smoking...
2005-07-14 14:35:42
58.   Harley
Latest EPSN rumors (via Star Ledger):

Chacon, Burnett, Corey Patterson, and Junior.


2005-07-14 14:38:00
59.   jalexei
I think we may see Stottlemeyer pitch this weekend...
2005-07-14 14:52:05
60.   jalexei
And how's this snippet from an ESPN update (on Wang's DL trip) to build confidence:

"...and purchased the contract of right-hander Tim Redding from Triple-A Columbus of the International League....Redding, who was acquired in the trade that sent reliever Paul Quantrill to San Diego, was 0-5 with a 9.10 ERA with the Padres. Darrell May, who allowed seven runs in 4 1/3 innings in his first start with New York on Saturday, also was acquired in the deal."

0-5!? 9.10 ERA?! Seven runs in 4 and a third!? JohnnyC, can I bum a smoke?

2005-07-14 14:53:29
61.   JohnnyC
Injuries happen. The Red Sox have had their share of pitching injuries this season as well. Toronto just lost Halliday for 4-6 weeks at least. Oakland was without Harden for a while. They haven't had Dotel for most of the season. The Yankees really ought to suck it up and go out and play (do some mashing in Fenway this weekend, for chrissake). The Unit and Moose are going to have to take it to another level. That's it. Simple as that. Whining about bad luck and injuries is exactly what makes Yankees fans so "well-liked" everywhere. I'd like them to win as much as anybody but, for once, let's see them try to overcome some hardships. Maybe this will be the inspiration they've needed.
2005-07-14 15:03:55
62.   Harley
I'm sorry. But starting Tim Redding in Fenway Park stands as 'the inspiration they need' to one team and one team only. The Red Sox.

ESPN lists the projected starters as Mussina, Redding, Sturtze, and Wang. Replace Wang with Johnson and we can hope for two.

This isn't whining. It's just understanding that there is no more damaging loss to a team's chances than the stability of its starting rotation. And in a four-game series like this one? That's rarely a problem you can overcome with mashing.

Nice to know I'm well-liked, tho'.

2005-07-14 15:35:31
63.   tommyl
The Marlins just designated Leiter for assignment. Worth a pickup if Wang is really down?

WHEN did this happen? Wang seemed fine and free of pain in his last start. Does anyone have any information?

2005-07-14 15:44:52
64.   Cliff Corcoran
See my next post. Leiter may indeed be worth a shot.
2005-07-14 15:52:15
65.   tommyl

Thanks, I've gone into panic mode a bit. Why can't someone useless ever get hurt? I mean this season is now reduced to hoping Brown and Pavano get healthy?

Hopefully they don't make an idiotic trade for someone like Burnett (who will likely pitch two games and get hurt anyways). I'd say pick up Leiter as a spot starter/long relief man if Wang is truly down.

2005-07-14 15:55:08
66.   Cliff Corcoran
As I say in my next post, if Wang's cooked, the season's over anyway. Any panic move to get a pitcher would be foolish.

That said, Wright and Sturtze getting hurt early in the year is what gave us Wang in the first place, so injury giveth and injury taketh away . . .

2005-07-14 15:59:26
67.   tommyl

True. Injuries to starting pitching often make or break a season and are by far the hardest gaps to fill midseason. I am hoping Wang just has tendinitis or inflammation and will be back in a start or two. If that's the case, we have a shot.

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