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Wrinkles in the Sun
2005-07-09 11:29
by Alex Belth
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I think it's great that Dan Pasqua is going to be at old Timer's Day this afternoon. And equally great to think that Cliff and Jay Jaffe are there in the Big House to see it all live. So, here's the obvious question: who is your favorite Yankee old timer? And, which guy would you most like to see who wasn't invited this year.

2005-07-09 13:29:16
1.   rilkefan
Wish the Iron Horse was still around to invite...
2005-07-09 13:38:50
2.   rbj
2005-07-09 14:44:32
3.   Paul in Boston
The Commerce Comet.
2005-07-09 15:33:40
4.   Rich
Thurm, Mantle, Joe D
2005-07-09 16:54:26
5.   JohnnyC
I suggest George place more seafood on Torre's diet since fish is reputed to be brain food. Perhaps then, finally, our clueless manager can figure out how to use his bullpen. One run back in the 9th after a rather spirited comeback and with Hafner scheduled to bat in the inning, might either one of the two alleged LOOGYs, Groom and Franklin, make a token appearance to neutralize the best lefty bat in the Indians' line-up? Uh...I guess not as Torre stayed with the obviously gassed Sturze (who ended up throwing over 50 pitches for the game...but hey Torre figures he's good for 2+ tomorrow anyway). And Yanks lose by the run Hafner drives in. And miss their chance to get within 2 1/2 games of the division lead. And this begs the question of what Sturze was doing in a 7-3 game in the first place much less throwing 50+ pitches. And don't even ask about what exactly Robinson Cano was asked to do in the bottom of the 9th? Set up a hit and run play on an 0-1 pitch? Why? Does Torre think opposing teams are morons? When Cano didn't even offer a bunt on the first strike, every Indian knew a play was being set up. Torre assumed Wickman would throw another fastball. He threw a curve off the plate because he KNEW Cano wasn't bunting. With two strikes, Cano did the predictable. After all, Wickman's a sinkerball pitcher,an extreme ground vs. air pitcher, if Torre's memory hasn't failed him. Really that was the end of the game. Blame Cano if you want but Torre's the "mastermind" behind today's lost opportunity.
2005-07-09 17:00:16
6.   Rich
Spot on analysis, JC.
2005-07-09 18:47:43
7.   jonm
I would have liked to have seen Tommy Henrich, but he is 92 and probably not well enough to travel.
2005-07-09 19:04:00
8.   rilkefan
NYT says that Cabrera lost one "double" in the wrinkling sun and hesitated on another...
2005-07-09 19:06:55
9.   Jen
Yogi's my favorite. I'd love to see Winfield and Rickey out there again (if he ever stops playing that is). Actually, with Pasqua there this year it would've been great to see more from the '85 team. Wynegar, Rasmussen, Niekro, Dale Berra, Righetti, Bob Shirley. Except Bobby Meacham. He can stay home.
2005-07-09 19:23:00
10.   NetShrine
Hearing the hand for Donnie today, I wished that Paulie was there too - to see who would have gotten the louder chants.
2005-07-09 19:23:50
11.   Rich
It's very tough to pick up line drives in CF at that tme of day.

Waldman said that Sierra said that he told Melky that he has to play deeper because the location of the sun makes it difficult to pick up balls that are deep, but if he plays deeper he can always come in.

2005-07-09 19:28:04
12.   brockdc
Thank God I had no way of viewing today's game, other than by watching updates via ESPN News. By the way, is anyone else aware that The World Series of Poker is coming soon? And that Jennifer what's-her-name was the first "celebrity" to win it? Jeez, give it a freaking rest already.

Anyway, JohnnyC, This is precisely what I mean when I say that Torre's moves have become enigmatic AT BEST.

2005-07-09 19:37:56
13.   brockdc
And, oh yeah, Wayne Tolleson
2005-07-09 21:29:06
14.   jdasilva
Sierra is giving fielding advice? Dear God. Even if it's accurate. Oh well, the old man can still hit a little.

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