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2005-07-03 17:35
by Alex Belth
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Chien-Ming Wang and Nate Robertson both pitched brisk, efficient games today. Wang, starting in place of Carl Pavano, lasted seven innings, while Robertson went the distance; both were helped out by some key double plays. The difference was an RBI single by Gary Sheffield in the fourth inning. The Yankees won 1-0, taking the weekend series and gaining a game on the Red Sox, who lost to the Jays (the Orioles lost too).

Mariano Rivera allowed a double to Ivan Rodriguez to start the ninth, but retired the next three men to earn his 18th save of the year. Rivera's earned run average is now down to 0.85. Rivera is one of three Yankees who are going to the All-Star Game. Alex Rodriguez will be the starting third baseman while Gary Sheffield made it as a reserve outfielder. Notably, Derek Jeter did not make the team. Fans do have the opportunity to vote in one more player from each league, so perhaps Jeter (or Godzilla Matsui) will make it after all.

2005-07-03 18:22:43
1.   seamus
i voted for matsui
2005-07-03 18:35:48
2.   singledd
Wang is looking pretty good
3.87 1.19 .302 .355
The Ace of a 50+ mil rotation

If Cano learns to take the BB, he will be an impact player for a 2nd baseman.

Who wudda thunk.

2005-07-03 18:59:34
3.   Jen
Alex, I don't know if that was your intention with that last line, but now I have the Mary Tyler Moore theme in my head. Thanks.
2005-07-03 22:03:05
4.   Rich


"If he's [Wang's] got his good two-seamer, it's almost like you know what's coming, but you can't put it in play hard," Flaherty said. "It's almost like Mariano."

2005-07-03 22:04:22
5.   Cliff Corcoran
Singledd, you took the words right out of my mouth. I called Wang The Anchor a couple of starts ago. Now he's the ace. Incredible.
2005-07-03 22:54:41
6.   Rich
Within three years, the top of the Yankees' rotation could be comprised of Hughes, Wang, and Clippard. It's time to stop relying on pitchers whose best seasons are behind them, or who are unable to adapt to the pressure of playing in New York.
2005-07-04 02:32:57
7.   Hank
While this series proved what Cliff's been saying for eight months about Placido Polanco, I have to admit that I'm glad the Yanks didn't sign him. I'm not sure if I could have made it through an entire season looking at his grotesquely misshapen head.
2005-07-04 04:18:02
8.   Alex Belth
Hank, man are we on the same page. You know, I guess I was just never that familiar with the way Planco looked, but when I first saw him on Friday night, I thought he had gotten drilled in a earlier at bat. The dude has definitely got some Elephant-Manities in his head. I told Em that he was good and that Cliff had wanted him to be a Yankee like nobody's business, and she said that she was glad he isn't because looking at his head on a regular basis might be too disturbing for her.

I haven't voted yet. I don't know if I will, but I'll likely go for Jeter.

2005-07-04 07:08:43
9.   Ryan
My wife refers to Posada as Pinhead...
2005-07-04 08:17:51
10.   rbj
What a great game Sunday. I got to the park early, lots of Yankee caps there. Next to me there were three traditional blue NY caps, then me with the 1914 red, white & blue version. One funny moment was when Cano popped foul the 1B in the fifth. He had run down the line while Jeter was standing on the bag. Derek playfully slapped him on the helmet "what are you doing swinging at that".
The Tiger fans weren't happy with the three hit batters, but I like it that Wang is not afraid to pitch inside (unlike some pitchers). Jeter got the most boos, only a smattering for A-Rod & Giambi. Mo got the second most when he was announced for the ninth.
And hey, games in which the Yankees score less than 3 and I'm not there: 0-27. Those games when I attend: 1.000.

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