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2005-06-27 14:12
by Alex Belth
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If there was ever a time when two teams were primed for a brawl, tonight could be the night in Baltimore. Not that the Yanks and O's have any heated rivalry going yet, but both teams have struggled of late, and the Bombers are playing like a team that could use a bench-clearing incident to get the led out of their systems (it would be funny if Torre joined the O's in the fight, just to kick some of his own players in the ass). Plus, the volatile Daniel Cabrera is pitching for the Birds. That could help. Word to the wise: Don't plunk Sheff, dude, unless you are prepared to throw bolos.

2005-06-27 14:49:06
1.   Knuckles
I'd bet most of the Yanks who have to bat behind Woemack in the order wouldn't mind a shot at Torre, either.

I'm really trying to enjoy each game for what it is lately, rather than fretting over the standings, because that's not useful. And a good ol' fashioned donnybrook would be a nice way to start the week.

2005-06-27 15:06:41
2.   Simone
Sheffield isn't in the line up tonight so that won't be a problem. Good news, Womack is hitting 9th. Bad news, Womack is playing center. Why, Joe, why?

The line up:

Jeter SS
Cano 2B
Sheffield DH
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui LF
Posada C
Giambi 1B
Sierra RF
Womack CF

I find ESPN's schadenfreude of the Yankees' struggles to be real annoying. Dan Patrick and Peter Gammons are just so smug.

2005-06-27 15:11:43
3.   bobtaco
Politics + Yankees satire...

2005-06-27 16:01:54
4.   rbj
Just got my ticket for Sunday's game against the Tigers.
Detroit wants $35 for the ticket. Fine, though it is via &^%*%@!! Ticketmaster.
Charges are
"Convenience" charge: $4.50
Order processing charge: $3.75
Ticketfast: $2.50
An extra $10.25 to get the ticket online! This is disgusting. (and it's been this way for atleast the last three years.)
2005-06-27 16:41:53
5.   Dan M
2005-06-27 16:42:22
6.   Mike Z
Man, I can't deal with Woemack. Why is he swinging against a pitcher that can't throw a damned strike!?! Its almost as if he wants to fail.
2005-06-27 17:05:14
7.   Jen
You got the plunking part right, just got the pitcher wrong.
2005-06-27 17:24:49
8.   tocho
I don't know if it's just me, but Jeter has been throwing terribly to Giambi at first base. I'm surprised that there has only been 1 error. His throws are always in the dirt. What gives?
2005-06-27 18:40:09
9.   Zack
Anyone else read this on espn:

Those kind of comments from George scare me. Could he really think the solution to this team's woe(mack)s could be solved via trades? Could be a rough month before the trade deadline

2005-06-27 20:00:46
10.   Simone
I just shrugged at George's statement, myself. However on BBTN, the host guy, Kruk, and Gammons called George's comments insulting. I must be so immune to George's ranting and insults that I am totally unfazed.

Also, in my post above I meant to say that Bernie wasn't in the line up. He ended up contributing though.

Good win. I'm surprised, but happy. A 2 game winning streak. Cool.

2005-06-27 20:09:11
11.   Simone
I didn't see it mentioned here, but apparently Stick Michael is back in George's inner circle so there is hope that the Yankees make the right moves.
2005-06-27 20:15:47
12.   JeremyM
The same Stick Michael that recommended Woemack? Well, I guess that doesn't undo what he did in the early 90s to bring the Yankees back, but still!
2005-06-27 20:44:54
13.   Simone
Turns out that Womack was an Emslie recommendation not Stick's as reported in the New York Times. Stick was on Mike & Nutty Dog show's a couple weeks ago and said that he has had no input in any of the Yankees decisions over the last season. He said that he was completely out of the loop, but that he was willing to help anyway that he could. Imagine having an asset like Stick Michael, the highest paid scout in MLB and refuse to consult with him on decisions. George is really a mystery at times.
2005-06-27 20:58:14
14.   Nick from Washington Heights
I'm probably too optimistic, but it is my hope that this past off-season was entirely the doing of Tampa people, that Stick and Cash were excluded entirely from the process (as punishmment for the ALCS collapse), and that George is finally understanding that his Tampa people are idiots that have cost him a lot of money, and because of that he will end up giving Stick and Cash back more power.

I'm being way too optimistic.

2005-06-28 07:06:43
15.   Cliff Corcoran
Tocho, I too have noticed Jeter's throws have been poor over the past few games. I'd date it back to that error that cost Chien-Ming against the D-Rays on Thursday. Something to keep an eye on.

Nick, you are indeed being way too optimistic, but it's a nice thought anyway.

2005-06-28 07:20:59
16.   Upperdeck
I've got the same feeling as Nick from Washington Heights. Cashman has a real trump card with Wright and Womack vs. Cano and Wang. Even George has to see the money (and victories) Tampa's costing him.

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