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You Could Look it Up
2005-06-10 04:25
by Alex Belth
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Our pal Steve Lombardi, who runs the excellent "Was Watching" Yankee blog, has written his first book, "The Baseball Same Game." Using advanced metrics, Lombardi's book compares players from different eras who has similar lifetime statistics. Fun for the baseball nyerds everywhere. In the true blogger spirit, Steve's book is self-published, something Cliff and I both greatly admire. Check out his site for reviews and consider "The Baseball Same Game" as an ideal Father's Day goody. Dude, it's better than a tie.

2005-06-14 07:44:42
1.   NetShrine
Alex - I just saw this now - four days after the entry was posted.

Please accept my belated thank you for the mention and the kind words!

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