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2005-06-08 14:11
by Alex Belth
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O.K., man, forget this, garbage: The Yanks are going to spank the Brewers tonight, and that's that.

2005-06-08 14:25:06
1.   blue
amen, brother.
let the dingers rain down upon the unbelievers in Miller Park.
2005-06-08 14:31:23
2.   Simone
Damn right. The Yankees put a beat down on the Brewers tonight.
2005-06-08 16:21:21
3.   chris in c-bus
You cant deny we are due for a W...I just hope we dont score like 15 runs tonight and then go stone cold for another week...Watching games on the package has been torture considering we havent seen an enjoyable game since May 27...
2005-06-08 16:52:06
4.   uburoisc
Well, Polanco is gone. Off to the Tigers. Cano doing fine, in my opinion, however.
2005-06-08 17:05:21
5.   zakysdad1
Alex, Your optimism is refreshing. Unfortunately, I am not. The torture will be worse in St. Louis.
2005-06-08 17:08:38
6.   uburoisc
Am I on crazy pills! What is Ruben doing in left field, aside from making our bad defense worse? Joe, no, this doesn't make us better.
2005-06-08 17:11:32
7.   chris in c-bus
is matsui's streak going to end or will he ph later?
2005-06-08 17:14:16
8.   uburoisc
Ruben, Bernie, Shef: That, ladies and gentleman, is the worst defensive outfield in the major leagues.
2005-06-08 17:15:35
9.   singledd
Matsui will definitely PH. Maybe a little pine will help him relax. I don't know if he will do anything, but it sure is NICE to have Bernie in the #2 hole.
2005-06-08 17:16:39
10.   Simone
Wow, a lead. A thing so rare, I'd forgotten what it looks like. Way to go, Alex!
2005-06-08 17:17:57
11.   singledd
Friggin' ARod. Where's Osama?
2005-06-08 17:18:24
12.   Simone
LOL! Capuano is throwing to 1st to pick off Ruben. When last has he stolen a base?
2005-06-08 17:31:30
13.   Simone
And sucky Mussina gives up the lead. The Yankees just cannot catch a break.
2005-06-08 17:35:59
14.   uburoisc
I'm on audio only, would a good CF have caught either of those?
2005-06-08 17:46:42
15.   Marcus
So if a fielder commits an error on what would be the third out of the inning, a home run on the next at bat is still considered unearned? I understand the runner on base being unearned, but the batter too? At least the box score on has it that way...
2005-06-08 18:03:04
16.   alasky
yes marcus and if the next hundred guys had hit home runs, those would all be unearned too. You inherently seem to grasp how ridiculous it is that we evaluate pitchers by ERA, as opposed to RA, which, while still rough, is a much better indicator
2005-06-08 18:06:49
17.   uburoisc
I wonder what the Yankee pitchers would look like, statistically, if they had a real solid defense behind them? Ah, just when Ruben makes me eat crow, Sheff goes and pulls it back out of my mouth.
2005-06-08 18:27:57
18.   Mike Z
Ouch, bad call on Tino out at home. He shouldn't have been sent anyway, but hopefully that non-run won't come back and bite them.
2005-06-08 18:41:17
19.   Marcus
Bases loaded, no outs. A-Rod up to bat...
2005-06-08 18:44:23
20.   Marcus
A-Rod ends the bases loaded 0-fer! What a prima donna.
2005-06-08 18:45:45
21.   singledd
Pittsburgh picks a good time to get hot. Beats the O's again, 6-1. Friggin' ARod only manages an RBI single.
2005-06-08 18:55:35
22.   Alex Belth
Rodriguez smacked that ball good. I suppose you prefer Tino's double play? Nice night for Rodriguez and the Yanks thus far. Let's just hope the pitching doesn't find some cruel and unusual way to sperl this.
2005-06-08 18:59:49
23.   Marcus
Alex, your blog entry today has so far been prophetic.

How/why did Tino get ejected? I am at work watching MLB Gameday and it is less than descriptive...

2005-06-08 19:00:26
24.   singledd
Now Torre. Why?
2005-06-08 19:04:04
25.   Jen
Go Joe! Nice to finally see him get fired up. Was he saying "Who the fuck do you think you are?"

The batter tried to check his swing but clearly went around (almost falling over). Tino made a comment towards the ump and he threw him out. Then Torre came out to question why Tino got thrown out. And he, as the YES announcers would say, got his money's worth. Got a lot of F-bombs in.

2005-06-08 19:06:39
26.   Simone
Good for Tino and good for Joe. Joe just released some tension and pleased George all at once. Perfect.
2005-06-08 19:06:50
27.   Marcus
Was the called third strike a make up call by any chance?
2005-06-08 19:07:11
28.   Alex Belth
On a 1-2 pitch, the batter, Clark tried to check his swing but went around. They appealed to the first base ump who signaled safe. It was an awful call, as Brady clearly went around. Tino had something to say and before you know it he got tossed. He argued a bit but didn't got nuts.

Torre came out and started slowly, but it was obviously a case where he was not going to leave the field without getting tossed himself. The amusing part was that the ump was giving him a wide birth. So it was just a matter of time before Joe said the magic words.

I haven't laughed so hard in weeks. Man, did that ever feel good. You could see the vains popping out of his neck and everything. Didn't somebody mention Sweet Lou earlier today? Well, Joe just gave us a bit ot that schtick.

The best part was that when the game continued Mussina threw a fastball up and in, and Clark was punched out. It was a borderline pitch, but since he already whiffed once, he wasn't going to get a second chance.

Good shit.

2005-06-08 19:13:24
29.   tocho
No Batting Practice for the rest of the year.
2005-06-08 19:32:58
30.   alasky
Yeah Joe!!! Just goes to show, you can take the boy out of Brooklyn but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the boy. Maybe calls the reporters "youse guys" for an encore
2005-06-08 19:47:07
31.   singledd
Up 10-3, shouldn't we be saving TanGorMo for St. Louis?
2005-06-08 19:49:31
32.   Cliff Corcoran
Great, the Yankees finally score 8 runs and I miss it. Drat. Forgive me if I'm still a bit grumpy as a result, but up by 7, why take more miles off Sturtze's arm? Is it me or is that plain stupid? Also, props to Joe for getting tossed but it was mighty forced. Everyone knew he came out to get tossed and Larry Vanover wasn't gonna give him the satisfaction. I would have liked some backwards cap spittle, dirt kicking or base tossing. I guess I'm just never satisfied.

Also: Russ Johnson hits doubles, and the Canoe Cano-s.

2005-06-08 19:56:00
33.   singledd
Friggin', Friggin' ARod.
2005-06-08 20:02:20
34.   Simone
Congrats, Alex.
2005-06-08 20:03:48
35.   JeremyM
If A-Rod could hit in the clutch, he'd have 500 by now....
2005-06-08 20:18:58
36.   Cliff Corcoran
Matsui leggin' out the infield hit! Huzzah!
2005-06-08 20:21:34
37.   tocho
Alex, now you will have to repeat your post every day until this new streak is over (probably 10 games).
2005-06-08 20:28:45
38.   Simone
Nice job with the ESP, Alex. Are you daring enough to predict that the Yankees beat down the Cardinals?
2005-06-09 04:42:53
39.   Alex Belth
Nope, don't have any gut feelings yet. Hopefully, they can win two-of-three though.
2005-06-09 06:53:06
40.   Cliff Corcoran
That would get them to .500. A modest goal, if a somewhat unreasonable one considering how good the Cardinals are.

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