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Buncha Losers
2005-06-06 21:44
by Cliff Corcoran

A little over three weeks ago, on Sunday May 15 in Oakland, the Yankees put together a two run seventh inning rally against A's reliever Ricardo Rincon to beat the Athletics 6-4. The victory was their sixth straight win and pulled their record even for the first time in more than a month. The Yankees then went on to win their next four and ten of their next twelve to push their record a full six games over .500.

The last of those games, a 6-3 Friday night victory at home against the rival Red Sox, also involved a late game rally, when the Yanks touched up Tim Wakefield and Alan Embree for five runs in the sixth inning. Basking in the glow of that victory and the 16-2 run that it capped, pushing the Yankees six games over .500, I claimed that the Yankees had "passed the test" by taking two of three from the Mets, sweeping the Tigers, and rallying to defeat the Red Sox. Since then, the Yankees have gone 1-8 against the Sox, Royals, Twins and now Brewers. Clearly my declaration was premature. With last night's loss, the Yankees, now seven games behind the Orioles in fourth place in the east, have dipped below .500 once again.

One thing that those two games as well as last night's 4-3 loss to the Brewers had in common was that Randy Johnson started all three. Distressingly, all three required late-game rallies because of early runs allowed by Johnson. What was different about last night's game was that the rally never came.

Well, there was one rally, but it wasn't enough. Down 3-0 in the fourth, Alex Rodriguez drew a full count walk with one out. Jorge Posada and Jason Giambi singled to plate Rodriguez. Bernie walked to load the bases. Robinson Cano grounded to first to score Posada on a play in which all hands were safe. Giambi then scored on a wild pitch with Johnson at the plate to tie the game. But that was it. Johnson struck out and Derek Jeter did the same, leaving runners on second and third.

In the fifth, the Yankees loaded the bases with no outs when Doug Davis's first eight pitches were taken for balls by Matsui and Sheffield and Alex Rodriguez battled for a 12-pitch pass. But Jorge Posada started his at-bat by waving at a ball up in his eyes, eventually striking out on four pitches, and Jason Giambi worked the count full only to ground into an inning-ending double play.

And that was that. As per their final two games in Kansas City, the Yankees threatened to tie the game in the ninth but failed to score. Bernie Williams reached second with no outs via a walk and a wild pitch by Milwaukee closer Derrick "The Goon" Turnbow, but Robinson Cano, after fouling off four high heaters, missed the fifth to strike out, and pinch-hitter Ruben Sierra ground out to third to freeze pinch-runner Tony Womack at second. Derek Jeter, who had two of the mere four Yankee hits on the night after coming back from missing the final two games in Minnesota with a "deep chest cold," then laced the first pitch he saw from Turnbow toward the line in deep right only to watch as Geoff Jenkins, positioned perfectly, stretched out to catch the liner on a full run to end the game.

The Yankees have now scored more than three runs just once in their last nine games. The exception being the four runs they scored on Saturday to beat the Twins, their lone victory of the stretch. To make it worse, Joe Torre played the right line-up last night, regardless of his reasons (lefty on the mound): no Womack, no Sierra (both used in their intended pinch roles), no bench players filling in at the top of the order, not even the ice-cold Tino Martinez (2 for his last 25, 5 for 42 since the ninth game of the west coast winning streak), still just three runs.

Fret about Randy Johnson all you want (despite hitting 98 on the gun, Johnson was very hittable, the difference in the game being a solo homer he surrendered to Junior Spivey on, in Randy's words, "a fastball, not a hanging slider this time"), but until this offense can reliably produce more than three runs per game (the Yankees are averaging 2.4 runs during the current nine-game slump), the Yankees will not see the sunny side of .500.

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2005-06-07 01:18:54
1.   Hank
You know what the worst part was? 'Round about the fourth inning, I caught myself thinking that the game was in the bag. Johnson was actually striking some guys out, Davis started the fifth with nine straight balls, A-Rod worked a walk, and suddenly this was the team I remembered. (Somewhere there's a statistic on the probability of scoring a run when the opposing pitcher opens an inning with nine straight balls; it must be 80-90%.)

Quick question. Is it possible that Torre could actually take the fall for all this? There's been a lot of blame passed around here, but can George really axe him? We're not talking about Stump Merrill, after all. This is a guy with four rings, like him or not. Personally, I love Torre and would hate to see him go.

2005-06-07 03:17:08
2.   zakysdad1
Typical was the 5th. Tied, 3-3. Two walks to start the inning, A-rod, the man with the great stats in any 12-1 blowout who can't deliver a clutch play of any sort in a meaningful situation, gets to 3-2, fouls off six fastballs, then walks. Posada, coming up after three walks, swings wildly at two pitches out of the strike zone to strike out. Then Giambi, the slug, grounds into a DP. Johnson comes out and an inning later delivers a meatball to the leadoff batter. I loathe this team. I hate Giambi, I hate Johnson, I hate Kevin Brown, I hate Tony Womack, I hate Jaret Wright, I hate A-Rod. I wish Bernie would retire so I did not have to watch him slowly die. I hate having to watch Tino sitting on the bench so Giambi can show that he was all a steroid illusion. I hate watching Jeter continue to play inspired baseball and remind me what the Yankees used to be. I sense the worst is still to come.
2005-06-07 04:04:41
3.   Paul in Boston
Many pundits projected the Yanks to win 80-90 games. If you figure Cashman will trade some youngsters to try and get back in it, that seems about right. The trade will net a few more wins.

But I don't want them to do it. Trading youth to slightly improve an aging team is a big mistake. All us long-time Yankee fans have lived through teams that didn't make it to the post-season, and so it will be in 2005. As long as there's a plan, some overriding view of how to improve the scouting, farm system, and player development, I can live with that.

Biggest change between being a fan in 2005 vs the 1980s - early 1990s? At least now we have our on-line community to share the pain.

2005-06-07 04:15:40
4.   singledd
I don't get Posada. This is a guy that is SO selective, he often takes a called 3rd strike. He looked like he had Jeter's head cold... he looked out-of-it. I've seen him strike out before, but NEVER on such poor pitches.

I really like Joe, but he needs to take controll and start giving signs. What about RJ bunting w/the based loaded. Does anyone think a pinch-hitter was called for? (Wang, RJ's better half was ready in the Pen). How come Posada did not have the TAKE sign? When a pitcher is wild, EVERY player should take strike 1.

ARod's AB (contrary to zakysdad1) is how you win games. 5 opportunities to strike out, but works a walk. Keeps the rally alive. Pushes up the base runners. Reminds me of Paulie's critical AB in the series. Posada's AB is how you loose games. His first swing (at a ball) changed the course of the game.

Guys make out 7 out of 10 times. I expect this... even though it's frustating when you really need a hit. But there is NO excuse to help the other team. NO excuse to swing at the first pitch after 3 walks.

Like last year, and the Sox series, this is a team (regardless of what it looks like on paper) with somewhat-better-then-average pitching and a (theoretically) deadly offense. And while people may point to the pitching not coming through (RJ with a 4 ERA), it is ultimately the offense (like the Sox series) that is losing these games.

And Torre's line-ups are not helping. Last night is one of the few times we had our team on the field. Torre plays Bernie in CF, but because this is 'sneaking him in', the FO and Torre refuse to make the official switch to putting him in LF when his D will hurt us less.

All these mental mistakes and poor line-ups have us in desperation mode which will either cost us Cano/Wang or another bad contract overpaying a CF who is slightly better then Bernie but costs over 10mil (ala Preston Wilson).

2005-06-07 05:26:13
5.   Knuckles
I second zakysdad1 )though I don't loathe A-Rod). This is gonna be one of those seasons where all the guys we loathe are albatrosses, so George/Tampa will force the Cash-man to deal the younger players who we actually enjoy watching for more old guys whom we'll abhor soon enough.

And it sucks.

Can this team do anything other than streak and slump?

2005-06-07 05:36:21
6.   zakysdad1
Knuckles, I don't see how you can like A-Rod. Name one clutch hit he's had in 2 seasons? His fielding has cost them at least 4 games this season and every time he gets a chance to get us a lead in a tight game he falls short. No leadership from a guy we need to step up. He's not the worst of the Yankees problems but his contributions aren't really there.
With no young talent on the horizon and George running the show I sense the 80's all over again. No playoffs and overpriced, underachieving talent. We can only hope for a massive fire-sale and another suspension of Steinbrenner to right the ship.
2005-06-07 05:45:20
7.   ChuckM
I'm sure the Yanks have a plan. The only problem is that Cashman probably has one while the Steinbrenner/Tampa morons think they have a better one...
2005-06-07 05:52:39
8.   Knuckles
I'm not calling for Rodriguez to be MVP or anything but I can name about 10 players on the active roster, two coaches, one manager, and one owner who piss me off more on a regular basis.
2005-06-07 06:04:13
9.   bp1
Sent this in a note to some friends, but I wonder how many others had a similar experience last night.


Turned the game off at 9 with the Yanks trailing 3-0 after some nobody on the Brew-ahs hit a dinger. Johnson has been getting hit hard, and was lucky to give up only 2 runs in the first inning. Meanwhile, the Yankees looked lost at the plate. It seems as if every opposing pitcher morphs into Cy Young right before our eyes. Or so our bats make it appear so.

Turned the game back on at 10, score tied 3-3, Yankees at bat w/ the bases loaded and no outs. Hmm .... this is more like it. Better sit up straight and pay attention here. Posada takes a weak hack at a ball over his head and grumbles on his way back to the dugout. One out, bases still loaded. Giambi works the count full before hitting that all-to-famous grounder to 2nd for a 4-6-3 double play. End of inning. No runs scored. Later learned that the bases loaded were due to walks, and Posada struck out on four pitches. Not a shining example of plate discipline there, from a batter known for a good eye and patience. Somebody search the monuments for pods. These players look like Yankees, but they are behaving strangely. Clearly alians have invaded. Bodies have been snatched. And where's Stephen King? Is it coincidence he chose to write a book on the Red Sox last year? No. I think he's behind this - working out a much better storyline about Dopplegangers and Yankees and what not. This is bad.

So anyway, the game is still on. Big Unit gives up another dinger, and the Brew-ahs go up 4-3. Had to suffer through the wretched mascot sliding down his slide for the homer. The indignity of it all. The sausage race! A fan friendly park, for sure, but Yankees (and their fans, I'm sure) are not in a laughing mood these days. I was hoping they'd all burst into flames.

We held things steady till the 9th. Bernie gets on base and takes 2nd on a wild pitch. Man on 2nd, no out, down by 1. Can we tie the game? Last year - this would have been a no brainer. This year?

Does Cano bunt him to 3rd? No. Does he hit to the right side of the infield to move him to 3rd? No. Does he drive the ball deep to the outfield so he has a chance to tag and move to 3rd? No. He strikes out. That's ok. The kid has been good for us. Don't want to be too hard on him. People strike out. Fault the manager for not having your 8th batter know how to bunt a man over. And if he couldn't get the job done, bring in Womack to bunt him over, and then take over 2nd. I assume he still remembers how to play 2nd. Oh - but wait! The last 47 times Womack has squared to bunt, we've heard the words "bunted foul". What to do? Bring in Sanchez? He knows how to bunt and can play 2nd. Nah. Why try to move Bernie to 3rd, to setup the chance of tying the game w/ another sacrifice. Just let Cano swing away. He's hitting .250. He's got a 1-in-4 chance of doing something good. At this point in the season, we have the luxury of taking such chances, right? This game doesn't mean anything. We can afford to lose one, while giving the kid a chance for a confidence boosting play.

Ok. No.

Man on 2nd, one out now. Ruben at the plate. Dribbles weakly to short. Two out. Bernie falling asleep at 2nd. Jeter up.

Jeter works the count, the drives the ball toward the right corner in classic Jeter style, the ball tailing away from the right fielder. I jump up off the couch. He did it!! He did it!! Tie game!!

RF'er makes the catch on the run to end the game. The crowd goes wild. Chalk it up to Brew-ah scouting, 'cause they had Jeter played perfectly. No chance he was gonna burn them with a shot to right.

Click. TV off.


I really don't know what to think.

2005-06-07 06:11:19
10.   dtrain
zakys, arod had more than his share of clutch hits last year against minnesota in the playoffs. granted, he went cold against boston, but so did matsui and others. i don't know how you can pin the current losing streak on arod when our starters have something like a 7 era over that span.
2005-06-07 06:34:54
11.   Simone
When the Yankees were losing the first time around, I said that they needed their pitchers to bear down and pitch a shut out so that the offense could get a break and I feel the exact same way now.

I agree that the offense is struggling at the moment, but the bigger problem is that the Yankees can't win close games because the pitchers are barely able have quality starts. There are times when the only shot to win a game is if the pitcher throws a shut out or a 1 run game and the Yankees pitchers are simply not doing that.

2005-06-07 06:38:19
12.   domvjr
No use rehashing last nights game, all of the above posters have stated the obvious about this team. I have a question about the Major League Baseball package. I have direct tv, and I get the Yes network. The past 10 days I have been forced to watch the opposing teams network, which has fared from OK, the Twin, to the surreal the Royals. Who makes the decision to show which network carries the game. I need to bitch to somebody. If I am going to watch the Yanks play pathetically, at least I would like to hear the Yes broadcast. If any of you can help me out there in blog land, I would appreciate it.


2005-06-07 06:45:58
13.   Knuckles
I'm the same way- we get Extra Innings on Directv down here in DC, as well as paying for the regional sports networks (which is a joke because any sport you don't pay for their league package, the games are blacked out anyway.)

As I understand things, the choice of who to televise is pretty random, though when the Yanks are on Channel 9 at home, that will never be picked up by Extra Innings (this is why most Friday night games are either the other team, or blacked out.) And now we have the lovely Saturday blackouts whereby we're not even allowed to watch any game but the one Fox is showing.

It's a pain in the ass, and year after year I am continually dumbfounded by how user-unfriendly these packages are, though perhaps I shouldn't be; it IS after all MLB we're talking about here.

Everyone says the easy fix is to get, but I guess I'm enough of a luddite to want to watch baseball on my 27" television with surround sound, not my 17" computer...

2005-06-07 06:48:10
14.   Mikey Bronx
People seem to forget that A-Rod saved this team from being down 0-2 to the Twins in last year's ALDS. Remember that RBI double? Without him, they would've never made it to the ALCS.

Everyone gets on A-Rod's case, but what about Matsui? Why does he get a free pass for having his average plummet and hitting one home run since April?

2005-06-07 06:51:52
15.   jalexei
Don't know if I can help you domvjr, only to say I've been suffering the same fate - Agreed the Royals guys are the worst - they sound drunk.

Have to say I enjoy the local-yokel commercials. I remember a couple of years back we got the St. Louis feed for Clemens' 300th. Cut to commercial and there's some guy dressed in a chicken suit squawking about dirt cheap liquor at the Liquor Barn. Damn near fell off my chair laughing. You'll notice I'm avoiding discussing baseball in form at the moment.

2005-06-07 07:26:02
16.   JohnnyC
bp1 had, for me, the most perceptive comments on the game's most crucial turning point. Cano is not a good bunter (most of the team isn't)so Torre had a choice: give him three chances to sacrifice (even after Williams took second on the wild pitch)or pinch-hit Sanchez who can, theoretically at least, bunt. Then you have, in classic terms, two chances to tie the game or better. Rattling Turnbow with a runner on third and less than 2 outs was more than likely. But, as he's done over and over, he takes the bunt sign off...the reasoning behind this is unclear: is he throwing his hands up about his players being able to bunt or is he instilling "confidence" in his hitters by letting htem hit away? Strange time to try to build confidence, n'est-ce pas? One of the least experienced hitters on the team does the predictable: expands his strike zone in his eagerness and is punched out. Is this why we idolize Torre? Also, the final play, with Jenkins positioned perfectly according to thorough scouting reports just points out how little Torre's 2002-05 teams prepare for their opponent in contrast to all the teams who, ironically, learned the benefits of increased scouting from...ta da...Gene Michael's superb scouting from Showalter's tenure through 2000. Finally, I believe RJ's problems stem from lack of command caused by his subtly changing his mechanics due to having to pitch through his groin injury. Of course, mechanics has never been Stottlemyre's strong suit. You will recall it was Andy Pettitte's father for chrissake who spotted the flaw in Andy's wind-up that put him back on track in 2001.
2005-06-07 07:35:05
17.   Pete
It seemed that Jorge was swinging at that pitch no matter what, probably counting on the bases-loaded first pitch strike the announcers always talk about but you almost never see.
Irregardless of statistics, the feel of this team is all wrong. Watching the games, the only guys I EXPECT to get a hit at this point are Jeter, Shef, and sometimes A-Rod. I'm somewhat hopeful that Matsui, Cano, and Posada will get hits, and everyone else--when they get even one hit or merely get on base it feels like a bonus.
2005-06-07 07:37:27
18.   Cliff Corcoran
JohnnyC, I had that exact same thought about Johnson's mechanics after last night's game. He appears to have stuff and control, but not command, meaning it's likely a subtle mechanics problem. But I don't have faith in Mel to fix it either. That said, I'd rather it be a mechanical flaw than age.
2005-06-07 07:58:27
19.   JohnnyC
Cliff, just another example of how George's millions have gone up in smoke in recent years. It can't be a coincidence that so many quality major league pitchers come here and either fail miserably or have a very long period of adjustment before pitching up to previous standards. For want of a competent pitching coach who can analyze a pitcher's motion and make corrections to flaws, we have missed out on at least two additional championships. If either Weaver or Vazquez had been able to re-locate their release points...well, you think about it.
2005-06-07 08:17:44
20.   Simone
Harold Reynolds (hottie) was saying on BBTN that he thought RJ's problems were mechanical as well. Good news, I thought as well.
2005-06-07 09:43:35
21.   Alex Belth

I'm not going to make a federal case for Rodriguez here, but come on. Don't you remember last year, the playoff series against the Twins? In Game Two, Rodriguez was 4-6 with 3 RBI, including the game-tying RBI in the 12th inning, when he doubled Miguel Cairo home. How was that not clutch? What about Game 4, where Rodriguez was 2-4? In the 11th inning, he doubled, stole third and scored the winning run on a wild pitch.

That's pretty clutch to me.

2005-06-07 09:45:40
22.   bp1
It seems to me that Torre is slumping as badly as his hitters and pitchers. No way should he let Cano swing away in the 9th, and no way should Posada have been given a green light to swing with the bases loaded and no outs, after the pitcher loaded the bases with walks. Those were two Torre errors as glaring and costly as any A-Rod boot at 3rd - and they cost us the game.

Difference is - A-Rod steps up and admits his errors and takes extra fielding practice to improve. Wonder if Torre considers those two moments in the game errors in strategy, or just poor hitting by his players. I didn't see the post game interviews, but it would have been interesting if someone called him on it.

Lack of execution I can forgive. There's no guarantee Ruben hits a sac fly if Bernie is on 3rd. But lack of strategy? Not so easy to let those slide. Even if Torre misses the call, isn't that why they have bench coaches?

2005-06-07 10:00:22
23.   JohnnyC
bp1, now we can clearly see how Torre's coaching staff (with the exception of Mel)greatly contributed to his "managing." Zimmer for in-game strategy, Mazzilli for outfield positioning, and Randolph for infield positioning. Awful picture but: Torre stands naked before us. Mazzilli and Randolph also worked with players on their defense before games. There is no sign that this coaching staff puts in the time necessary to properly prepare the team to play. Indeed, the major concern for Torre seems to be endless "resting" of his players. I know they're old but I don't think they're in need of bed rest exactly. Torre also seems to have no grasp of what his team's major deficiencies are and, thus, has no solutions. While other managers presumably self-scouted their own team in spring training and early in the season, Torre predictably kept putting matters to the side, always claiming "it's just a matter of building confidence." Was he talking about the players or himself?
2005-06-07 10:25:02
24.   Nick from Washington Heights
Why is anyone talking trash about A-Rod right now? Considering the production we're getting out of the LF and 1b slots, the blame should be placed on a poor off-season by Cash and Co, or Tampa or whoever. The jabs at A-Rod are so odd even after yesterday's game. He DID work out a 400 pitch AB which led to a walk. Was it his fault that Jorge struck out? and Giambi, the ultimate dead weight, grounded into a GIDP?

And what the hell is happening to Godzilla?!

2005-06-07 11:08:23
25.   Andre
When will it end?

How far out of first do the Yankees have to be before you throw in the towel on the season (if you haven't already). I'm like a moth to a flame in that I keep being drawn to the tv to watch, even though I know what the outcome will be. I don't know what it will take for me to completely give up. 10 games out by the All Start Break? 15 games?

Also, re: Extra Innings, I'm glad I can watch Yankees games from up here in Boston (I'm a New Jersey transplant) but I agree about the choice of network. Also, I wish I could get the games in HD, whenever the chosen network broadcasts in HD. It's unbelievable switching between HD Red Sox games and the crappy, compressed, SD Yankees games. Why couldn't they just have the games on-demand? Choose team and network and press play?

2005-06-07 11:28:03
26.   singledd
A little help please: I am a transplanted NYer living in NH. The only way for me to get the Yankees on TV is by subscribing to Satelite TV and buying the package with the YES network. Anybody out there got this? Would love to know how good it is and the realities, as I hear all kinds of horror stories about folk outside of NY trying to get Yankee games.
2005-06-07 11:32:45
27.   jedi
Sidenote: Yankees drafted SS Carl Henry with the 17th Pick and RHP James Cox with the 63rd Pick.

I like the Carl Henry pick because their is alot of good reviews about this kid coming out of high school. He dropped in the draft and I think it was a steal for the Yankees because alot of teams were staying away because they think he may play basketball with Kansas. However, this wont be a Drew Hensen part deux as he has signed no commitment letter to any college to play ball and looks to be fully commited to playing baseball. He hits for power all around the field and has speed and ranks third in fastest among high school draft prospects on the board. It will take time to develop him but he looks to be the heir to Jeter's throne in several years from now.

P.S. Even though it was a steal. The Yankees past on Closer RHP Craig Hensen out of St. John's. Alot of teams said he was ready to contribute as soon as next year. He fell really far down the draft. Guess who got him? The Boston Red Sox at #26 =T

Anyone want to provide more info on Henry, Cox or other prospects the Yanks may have missed, I would be interested...

2005-06-07 11:42:29
28.   JohnnyC
Cox closed for Texas this year, replacing Huston Street. He's considered on the fast track to the majors, almost as good as Street. Projected to be at least a solid righty set-up guy if not a closer. Features a fastball at 90-91 but his out pitch is a power slider that dives at lefties' feet. He's 21, 6'4". John Sickels likes both picks by us so far.
2005-06-07 11:50:46
29.   Cliff Corcoran
Excellent draft commentary, guys. Thanks. Sounds like passing on Hensen was just fine considering they got Cox further down. Henry, meanwhile, could take over for either Jeter or Rodriguez in about five years or so (when they're in their late 30s and the Yanks are out from under their contracts), but he could also shift to center. The Yankees have a pretty good record with moving Oklahoman short stops to center. This kid probably isn't the next Mantle, but if he's the next Bobby Murcer that'd be just fine by me (provided we keep him out of Shea Stadium and the broadcast booth).
2005-06-07 12:08:07
30.   JohnnyC
Oh Henry: the names that keep popping up as comps for the kid at this age (19) are Vernon Wells and Gary Sheffield. I'd switch him to CF as soon as his second year in the minors (leave him alone this summer) to get him to the Bronx faster rather than give the organization the excuse that he's "blocked" by either Jeter or Rodriguez.
2005-06-07 12:17:33
31.   domvjr
Singledd, read my post above. Buying the Extra Innings package, plus the all sports package,(YES) will not guarantee you the Yankee games on the YES Network. You will always get the pre and post game shows, unless they are on Channel 9. Getting the game on the YES network is a crapshoot. I guess it depends on the whim of some suit who handles which network is broadcast that particular night.
Hope that answers your question!
2005-06-07 12:25:22
32.   Cliff Corcoran
The Yanks' third pick is College of Charleston CF Brett Gardner. From what little I can gather, Gardner's a doubles-hitting basestealer.
2005-06-07 12:28:13
33.   JohnnyC
Third round pick: Brett Gardner CF College of Charleston. Speedy (38 out of 43 stealing in 2005), top of the line-up type (batted .450 with 2 homers). Had several long hitting streaks in last two seasons. Coco Crisp maybe? College pitching pool not deep this year, so go for need? My guess.
2005-06-07 12:39:29
34.   Cliff Corcoran
The A's have picked three high school pitchers, which is likely evidence of how thin that pool is. I'd like to see the Yankees grab a catcher. Looking over the next five years in the Bronx, finding a productive catcher to replace Jorge will likely become their biggest problem. Their system is currently barren in the catching dept.
2005-06-07 12:58:25
35.   Cliff Corcoran
The Yankees' fourth round pick is another outfielder, Rice's Lance Pendleton. Pendleton is also listed as a RHP, but the only mentions of him I can find refer to his hitting. He seems to be a solid corner OF power bat. The pitching on the resume would suggest a strong arm, slating him for RF, where the Yankees have previously enjoyed the exploits of former college pitchers Dave Winfield and Paul O'Neill.
2005-06-07 13:14:40
36.   aboveavg
The yanks drafted Pendleton as a pitcher. He supposedly blossemed on the mound this year, fell back as a hitter. I'm listening to the draft on XM.
2005-06-07 13:31:31
37.   JohnnyC
Looking at Pendleton's stats this year, the Yankees must be projecting him as a closer or set-up guy since all 17 of his appearances were in relief (2 saves, 30 IP, 22 H, 29 Ks, 15 BB, 0 HRs). Can't find any radar readings but this guy must be a hard thrower.
2005-06-07 13:39:48
38.   JohnnyC
Fifth round: Zachary Kroenke LHP U of Nebraska Lincoln 6'3" 210 21. Any info?
2005-06-07 13:50:26
39.   JohnnyC
Did a fast search on the net and Kroenke just pitched the Huskers into the Super Regional on Sunday, striking out 13 Creighton batters. Made the all Regional All-Tournament Team along with teammate Alex Gordon, who was picked by KC as the second pick overall today.
2005-06-07 13:57:27
40.   JohnnyC
With 6th round pick Doug Fister of Fresno State, Oppenheimer seems to be picking up best available college pitchers, Kroenke and Fister both tournament-tested starters. Both are 21 so they're slotted to move up quickly through the system.
2005-06-07 13:58:24
41.   Andre

If you have Adelphia cable in NH, you can get Extra Innings on your cable package (without satellite). The disadvantage is that you can't get the all sports package (so you don't get YES pre and post game shows) but you still get to see about 99% of all Yankees games.

2005-06-07 13:59:51
42.   Cliff Corcoran
Good stuff. I still wish there was a catcher in there, but five college players in six rounds, the one high-school guy being an elite first-rounder and four of the five college guys being pitchers (though I'm still suspicious about where Pendleton winds up). Gotta like that approach.
2005-06-07 14:16:15
43.   JohnnyC
Garrett Patterson LHP Oklahoma with a history of arm problems (2 surgeries)but healthy as a 23 year-old junior this Spring and sitting at 92-93, reaching 95, with a curve and cutter. BA ranked him in the Top 15 in Oklahoma, college and high school. Starting to look like Oppenheimer wants to stockpile some pitching talent that's near-ready for the Show.
2005-06-07 14:19:56
44.   JohnnyC
Houston just selected Rocket's son Koby, 3B Memorial HS. Negotiating ploy to stay in town? Wouldn't put it past Roger, that old con man. But, he'll probably end up going to school and playing for the Longhorns instead.
2005-06-07 14:27:46
45.   JohnnyC
With their 8th round pick, Yankees make a reach...not for talent but signability. Austin Jackson OF Denton Ryan HS, Denton, Texas. A 5 tool player at 6'2" 180, he's a serious candiate to play college basketball. In that respect, he's like Kenny Lofton. But he's not a burner and he has much more power potential than Lofton. Scouts say think of a Marquis Grissom at the top of his game. Great value in the 8th round...if he signs.
2005-06-07 14:42:13
46.   JohnnyC
9th round pick: James Cooper, LF, Loyola Marymount, 5'10" 190, 21, Junior. This is a bit of a mystery. Nothing really stands out: decent but not great speed, middling power, .300 hitter with good OBP (12 HBP!), and is a leftfielder, so probably not a plus arm or range. However, is reported to have "leadership skills" and is known for hard-nosed, hustling play. Cliff, I hear you, could have gone for a catcher.
2005-06-07 14:54:32
47.   JohnnyC
10th round pick: Kyle Anson, 3B, Texas St. U, 6', 204, led his team in hitting (.353)but had a startling 42 walks and only 24 strikeouts (.465 OBP). Slugged .514 with 7 homers and 55 RBI (both led the team). Made only 5 errors. But was not highly rated by BA, ranking 87th in the state of Texas. Yipes?
2005-06-07 14:56:59
48.   JohnnyC
Gotta go. Will check in later tonight for a first day wrap-up thread. On first blush, not a bad first ten rounds but Austin Jackson's gonna be a tough sign...he's already sent in his letter of intent to Georgia Tech.
2005-06-07 16:05:54
49.   brockdc
A-Rod's catching heat, but Jeter has been God awful with runners in scoring position lately. Yeah, that's right: Jeter.

Assuming Matsui fails to find his stroke and ends the season hitting .270 with 15 HRs, do the Yankees re-sign him at age 31 to a huge (8 mil./yr or more) contract?

2005-06-07 16:51:45
50.   yankee23
But hey, on the plus side, each win has only cost us approximately $2,617,598.34 so far, so that's good... right?

Oh, and as far as watching the Yankees from outside NYC, I'm in Germany and I've had to deal with feeds from the other teams on, so I guess nothing works.

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2005-06-07 20:29:13
51.   zakysdad1

About A-Rod and the Minnesota series all I can say is

Every Dog has his day.

The Yankees are missing leadership. Torre is not providing it nor Cashman. Ultimately, what I hate about everyone of these guys is that George pulled the strings to bring them here thinking that because they were super-stars they could win. But these guys are mentally weak. The 96-2001 Dynasty had stars but they were a team full of leaders.....O'Neal, Tino, Jeter, Cone, Raines, Davis, Gooden,Knobloch, Brosius,Strawberry, Pettite......... a bunch of tough guys with a singular purpose. Georgie never has understood that.

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