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Bonderman v Brown
2005-05-26 13:48
by Alex Belth
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Each time Kevin Brown takes the mound, I imagine that it's going to be a long, stupid night for the Yankees. But to his credit, Brown has performed reasonably well of late. (Not that I'm changing my tune or nuthin.) Let's see what he's got in store for us tonight. Anyhow, I'm curious to see J. Bonderman pitch.

Go Yanks.

2005-05-26 18:41:20
1.   singledd
Not a great game by Brown, but I not longer want to pay someone 15mil to take him.
2005-05-26 22:42:14
2.   brockdc
Bonderman deserved a better fate tonight. His stuff is straight-up nasty. It's encouraging to see the Yankees maintain their poise and patience (for the most part) against a bona fide stud.

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