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Ah, Yes
2005-05-14 11:42
by Alex Belth
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Mike Mussina pitched seven strong innings and the Yankee offense jumped on Rich Harden early as the Yankees cruised to a 9-4 victory last night in Oakland. Jason Giambi got the nod at DH, and went 1-4; Robinson Cano had three hits including two doubles. The Yanks have now won six straight. I'm between my nephew's birthday part and my cousin's wedding, so I don't have time to get into anything in detail. One thing that I was thinking about last night though was all the premature talk earlier this season about Matsui being a strong candidate for MVP. I've heard a lot of people say that he's been the Yankees' best player since the start of the 2004 season. He's been solid, no doubt, but nobody has been better in that time span that Gary Sheffield. (Man, was his dinger off a Harden heater in the first last night sweet.)

Brown goes tonight. What are the odds he can string together two good outings in a row?

2005-05-14 12:51:47
1.   Fred Vincy
I'm betting on it. I still expect Brown to end up about where he was last year -- 10 or so wins and an ERA of 4.50 or a little lower.
2005-05-14 20:40:22
2.   singledd
Brown wasn't very good, but will win 10 or more if the Yanks keep scoring double digits for him. Is Bubba Crosby still on the team? If so, how come he's not in center (we are up by 10 runs late in the game)
2005-05-14 21:13:19
3.   Jen
Bubba got sent down when Henn came up.
2005-05-15 06:35:45
4.   Alex Belth
The reason Bubba was sent down is because the Yankees just don't feel he can be an everyday player. When Womack gets the nod over you in the outfield, you know what they think of you...25th man, or nuthin.

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