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Toast, toast
2005-05-13 13:34
by Alex Belth
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Just a quick personal note here. Cliff and I want to send our best wishes to Jay Jaffe and his beautiful (not to mention funny!) bride Andra, as they tie they knot in Milwaukee this weekend. Our thoughts are with you guys. Have a beer and a brat for us. Here's wishing you a long, and happy life together.

2005-05-13 14:55:05
1.   Ken Arneson
I second that emotion. Best wishes, Jay.
2005-05-13 17:22:36
2.   TFD
Same here Jay. Be well and Godspeed!
2005-05-13 19:09:54
3.   rsmith51
Which begs the question...

Are they Packer fans?

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