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2005-05-12 05:12
by Alex Belth
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Better late than never, here are some photographs from last Sunday's game vs. Oakland. (Click on photo's for a bigger version.)

Emily and Me

Road Island Red: Bobby Kielty

Octovio Dotel and Ken Macha during bp

Looking For Cliff and His Ma in the Bleachers

Uncle Luis!

The Glimmer Twins take Grounders

In Action

Meeting on the Mound: Brown in Early Trouble

Matsui Can't Handle Harden

Moon Mulligan

All's Well that Ends Well

Smooches All Around

2005-05-12 05:53:10
1.   richie allen
Bobby Kielty is Lion-O!
2005-05-12 06:25:48
2.   jonblack
Have another donut, Alex. Looking at your future wife, I'll assume you know hypnosis.
2005-05-12 06:40:34
3.   Alex Belth
She loves me just the way I am, wise ass.

Oh, and there are some more photos of the game up on "The Griddle."

2005-05-12 06:41:13
4.   Murray
That picture of Matsui is excellent.
2005-05-12 06:50:27
5.   Alex Ciepley
Dude, Belth is like the studliest guy on the planet. He can eat all the donuts he wants.

The Kielty pic's my fave.

2005-05-12 06:52:04
6.   Matt B
I dig the Glimmer Twins reference - although based on that smooch Mick gave Keith on Monday at that press conference, I think they get along better than Jeter and A-Rod. I love that Sojo shot; I want one poster-size.
Emily sure has no problem smiling for a camera--very photogenic.
2005-05-12 07:06:16
7.   rbj
Cool. Looks like a good time was had by all.
2005-05-12 07:58:34
8.   Emily S
Isn't it amazing how poorly some feel about themselves and how jealous they are that they feel the need to make obnoxious comments. Sweetheart, I'd feed you a donut anytime if it meant you were coming home for more!
2005-05-12 07:59:26

Wow, you REALLY did have great seats, great pictures too, thanks.

2005-05-12 08:10:32
10.   Alex Belth
No problem, it was my pleasure. I had a good time taking them. Yeah, I'll never look at Sheff's at bats the same way again. Always looking over to see that he didn't decapitate someone who was in those front row seats. Y'ouch.
2005-05-12 08:17:05
11.   Cliff Corcoran
Mom and I are indeed in that photo of the bleachers. Start at the far right side of the "P" in SHARP then move up until you hit a woman in red looking to her right (about half way between the railing and the Oakland fans). That's mom. To her right, head down (likely filling out my scorecard--in fact it looks like you can see the top of my clipboard), Yankee cap and denim jacket. That's me.
2005-05-12 08:18:55
12.   NetShrine
The pictures, descriptions, and accounts of this game......are way cool. Thanks for sharing.

Next time, can you wear a WasWatching Tee? :-)

2005-05-12 08:23:40
13.   Alex Belth
Cliff, that's so cool. I wish we'd of had bionoculars. I should have known to look for the person with their head down.
2005-05-12 08:30:21
14.   Matt B
Emily, way to go on that donut retort - clearly, you rule.

Alex, just to bust your chops, but would "bionoculars" be something Steve Austin used on the Six Million Dollar Man?

2005-05-12 08:34:54
15.   Alex Belth
Doh. Yeah, something like that. Hey, how come they haven't remade "The Six Million Dollar Man" into a movie yet?
2005-05-12 08:47:03
16.   Matt B
Because six million wouldn't even pay for his kung-fu grip these days.

But hmm...a period piece...set the movie in the 1970s...okay Alex, let's get the rights. Now, who could play Steve? (Lately, I'd say Tino Martinez)

2005-05-12 09:21:37
17.   Rich Lederer
Emily. You gotta love her for posting that comment in support of you. What a gal! What a find! Congrats, Alex. Thanks for the great write-up and the photos.
2005-05-12 09:32:49
18.   Cliff Corcoran
This is 1 1/2 years old, so maybe they bagged it, but they were thinking about it:

Sounds awful.

2005-05-12 10:18:51
19.   jkay
Excellent action packed photos....and the on-the-field pix were pretty good too.
2005-05-12 11:11:51
20.   yankeegirl26
Great photos Alex! Those seats were great. Cute photo of you and Emily, too!
2005-05-12 17:36:05
21.   unpopster
Glad to see that I'm not the only one that's been wondering why they still haven't remade the "Six Million Dollar Man".

I can just see it now, Matthew McCaugnehy as Steve Austin -- though they'd have to update it as the "Six BILLION Dollar Man" (said in my best Dr. Evil impersonation).

And while we're talking about remaking the TV shows of my youth (i.e. "The Hulk," "Spiderman," "The Dukes of Hazard," "Starsky & Hutch," and "The Fantastic Four"), why don't they just go out and make an updated version of "Wonder Woman". Can't you just see Angelina Jolie or Uma Thurman as "Princess Diana/Diana Prince"?

I'd like to see a full thread here on people's picks for Wonder Woman!

Oh, and don't even get me started about a dark, thriller version of "Fantasy Island".

2005-05-12 20:14:06
22.   Will Carroll
They're doing Wonder Woman. The girl from "Lost" is the lead and Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Toy Story) is directing. And don't forget Miami Vice with - no kidding - Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx!
2005-05-12 20:14:06
23.   Will Carroll
They're doing Wonder Woman. The girl from "Lost" is the lead and Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Toy Story) is directing. And don't forget Miami Vice with - no kidding - Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx!
2005-05-13 04:37:15
24.   Alex Belth
Not to mention "The Bad News Bears" remake by Richard Linkletter and featuring Billy Bob Thorton.

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