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Dare We Ask For Four?
2005-05-10 13:46
by Cliff Corcoran
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Chien-Ming Wang makes his third major league start tonight. Despite it resulting in a loss, his second outing, last week in Tampa, was not a total disaster. In fact, considering the fact that he is a groundball pitcher who was working on the slick turf of the Trop, and that one had to expect some regression after his excellent first start, he did just fine for someone making their second-ever start in the majors. Here's hoping he will build on that performance tonight, particularly on the three strikeouts (two swinging). Wang struck out 7.16 men per nine innings in his minor league career, with his strikeout frequency increasing at each level as he moved from rookie ball to triple-A over the past two seasons.

His opponent is Aaron Sele, who had a nice run as a solid league-average or better innings eater for some successfull Texas and Seattle clubs from 1998 to 2001 (his age 28 to 31 seasons), but has been comfortably below league average ever since.

Yanks go for four-in-a-row tonight. As Alex always says . . .

2005-05-10 16:31:36
1.   Marcus
Looks like Wang is having a "ball" out there. I remember hearing when they decided to call him up that he was characterized as a pitcher that pounds the strike zone. Hopefully he turns it around before he starts getting pounded. It's only the 2nd...
2005-05-10 17:17:39
2.   rilkefan
Hope Tino passes his drug test... (Just kidding. I'm kinda skeptical about their efficacy.)
2005-05-10 17:18:21
3.   redshift
Wow, I don't think too many people expected this from Tino. But everyone expected him to be a leader, and he sure has been leading the team these last few days.


2005-05-10 17:44:19
4.   Adam B
Seems like Mel has gotten to Wang. And another K bites the dust.
2005-05-10 18:06:51
5.   singledd
Man, when Cano hits from the #9 spot, it really adds to the team. Wangs looks excellent. Tino obviously loves playing in NY, and must be having some serious secret satisfaction at being the 'big man' as Giambi heads for the minors. 4 rbi w/2 outs... a great sign.
2005-05-10 19:39:13
6.   Adam B
We get 4!
2005-05-10 19:57:16
7.   Nick from Washington Heights
2005-05-10 20:12:18
8.   rbs10025
Cliff's mom spoke her mystical chant again!
2005-05-10 20:55:21
9.   Simone
Tino! I'll have some of whatever Tino is taking to bring back his glory days. Insane. Great outing from Wang! Plus, Cano got a couple of hits. The Yankees have put together a nice winning streak here. Things are really turning around.
2005-05-10 21:09:40
10.   Marcus
It doesn't look like there will be any trades involving F-Rod any time soon:

What's the story on Wes Johnson?

2005-05-10 21:39:10
11.   Cliff Corcoran
They must mean Russ Johnson (there is no "Wes"), who, you may recall, I had suggested deserved a roster spot back in spring training. Plays 1B/2B/3B/OF, hits doubles, draws walks. Righty bat. Should be here instead of Rey Sanchez, though Rey's making it hard on me as he's 7 for 16 and coming up with pinch hits when asked. Still, over time I'll take Johnson, who's in his low 30s and has some pop, over no-hit late '30s Sanchez.

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