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2005-05-10 13:13
by Alex Belth
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Sele vs. Wang should mean that there will be some runs scored in the Bronx tonight. (Sele is one of those pitchers I always expect the Bombers to do well against; objects tend to get thrown when he shuts them down.) It should get chilly once the sun goes down, but this has one of those spring days in New York that you just want to mint. It is crisp and clean, no humidity to speak of, with a refreshing breeze, that just makes me happy to be alive. With a little less wind, this would be the ideal day to take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. But who am I kidding? Like you need an excuse to walk over that great bridge.

Let's Go Yanks!

2005-05-10 14:42:35
1.   Dan M
For a time it seemed like the Yanks used to own Sele, but I recall him shutting them down last year. So, yes, I'll be throwing stuff if he dominates them tonight.
2005-05-10 16:09:39
2.   brockdc

I aspire to your level of optimism and appreciation for the little things.

Rumor has it that Wright will return far sooner than expected. Once he gets back, do you think Wang will get moved into long relief? Wang throwing effectively in long or middle relief could make Sturtze expendable - and tradeable.

2005-05-10 19:12:26
3.   Cliff Corcoran
I have not heard, nor do I believe that rumor, but I'd much rather see Wright in the pen.

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