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Dollar, Dollar Bill Y'all
2005-05-10 09:55
by Alex Belth
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Our labelmate Mike Carminati is undertaking a cool data-gathering project. He wants to assemble all of the free agent contract information from 1976-1984. Mike still has a ways to go, but he's already compiled a boatload of great information. If anyone can help him fill in the blanks, head on over to his site and drop him a line. Meanwhile, here is a list of the Yankee free agent signings (for players who amassed ten Win Shares the year before inking a new deal):
playerIDNameYearIDWinSharesToTeam Contract Yrs Contract $
winfida01Dave Winfield198122NYA10$15,000,000
kempst01Steve Kemp198322NYA5$5,450,000
hunteca01Catfish Hunter197527NYA5$3,750,000
baylodo01Don Baylor198313NYA4$3,700,000
guidrro01Ron Guidry198210NYA4$3,600,000
gossari01Rich Gossage197826NYA6$3,600,000
jacksre01Reggie Jackson197725NYA5$3,500,000
collida02Dave Collins198214NYA3$2,400,000
watsobo01Bob Watson198016NYA4$1,500,000
johnto01Tommy John197912NYA3$1,200,000
eastwra01Rawly Eastwick1978 NYA5$1,200,000
mayru01Rudy May1980 NYA3$1,000,000

Rudy May? Rawly Eastwick? Ah, dem wuz duh daze. Thanks, Mike.

2005-05-10 11:18:13
1.   rbj
Steve Kemp?
2005-05-10 12:08:40
2.   Knuckles
This is sweet. I wonder how much data he'll be able to compile?

I'd like to see Win Shares per contract dollar graphed for all of MLB and for individual teams, as well as against the Consumer Price Index, and maybe (this would be a real chore) against the average TV revenues by market or something like that.

I'd be curious to see just how much the market is out of whack against the economy, and just how badly the Yanks have signed FA's...

2005-05-10 19:47:29
3.   weeping for brunnhilde
Please forgive my ignorance, but my knowledge base of baseball statistics was mostly formed as a kid in the eighties. (These days I feel lucky to understand this newfangled OPS what everyone keeps trumpeting.)

That said, could someone help me out with this "Win Shares" jazz?


2005-05-11 09:36:27
4.   Mike Carminati
Win Shares are a stat of Bill James' construction used to dole out shares of team wins to individual players based on batting, fielding, and pitching. See James' book of the same title.

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