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Happy Mudda's Day
2005-05-08 07:44
by Alex Belth
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So Cliff is taking his mom to the ballpark today. Emily and I were lucky enough to be given two cherce corporate tickets--I'm not sure where they are, but they seem pretty fancy, as they come with V.I.P. parking pass, and two vouchers for the Stadium Club--by me mudda, who scored them through her office. She told me it's her Mother's Day gift to me. I told her to expect a dozen roses on my birthday.

Bronx Banter will be in the house, front and center to witness Kevin Brown's latest outing. Pardon me if I'm not overcome with confidence, especially with young Mr. Harden going for the A's. Still, stranger things have happened. And for now, it's still nice that Mike Mussina tossed a complete-game shutout yesterday.

Rich Lederer, president of the Bert Blyleven Fan Club, sent me the following bit of Mussina information last night:

SHUTOUTS                        SHO   
1    Roger Clemens                46  
2    Randy Johnson                37  
3    Greg Maddux                  35  
4    Tom Glavine                  23  
5    Mike Mussina                 22

The top three are first-ballot Hall of Famers. The fourth has a good shot at the HOF. And then there was Mike Mussina, the Bert Blyleven of modern-day pitchers.

Good call, Rich.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday. Let's Go Yan-Kees!

2005-05-08 11:27:25
1.   singledd
After 4: We're up 1-0. Brownie gets out of TWO bases-loaded situations. ARod hits #11. Think Cliff and Alex can hold their breath for 5 innings?
2005-05-08 12:08:08
2.   rilkefan
Harden has thrown around 120 pitches at least twice this year - guess he's not coming out soon.
2005-05-08 13:05:28
3.   redshift
I have to admit, I did not see that coming. Maybe I gave up on Brown too early?

Hopefully we can keep this going.

2005-05-08 13:06:54
4.   Simone
Cliff, see the Yankees win the last 2 games like I said they would. No more negativity from you.

Great game. Hopefully StepfordBrown remains for the rest of the season. A-Rod, Tino, and Jorge all had home runs. It felt like the Yankees are back.

AL East, hope you had lots of fun because the party is over. Here come the Yankees.

2005-05-08 13:11:21
5.   Harley
Okay, at the least, the Professor is in better shape for his Mel Debate with Jaffe tomorrow (see Pinstriped Blog). And given that Brown's problem has been mental as of late, well, who knows, maybe he's gonna turn it around.

Not convinced. Still hopeful.

2005-05-08 13:35:53
6.   Nick from Washington Heights
Anyone else think that the AL East is the best division in the AL? and the 2nd best in baseball (NL East being #1?)?

Oakland's hitting has been anemic all year. It proved to be the prefect antidote for the pitching staff. I didn't watch the game, nor have I been able to catch any of the games the past week), but is our defense looking better? How's the OF? How's Woemack in LF? Pretty low k rates from 2 straight shutouts. Perhaps, the D is helping. Also, is Sheff ok? I heard his legs went from under him and he was ginger the next inning around the base paths.

2005-05-08 16:02:29
7.   Jen
Nick, I've been fairly impressed with Womack in left. He's seems to track the ball pretty well. Hideki's doing well in center. He had a tough catch today on one that was straight over his head. He turned about 3 or 4 times before finally coming up with it.

Sheff slipped while running in for a looper. He fell just as he was getting to the ball but he managed to make the catch. Looked like he twisted his ankle a bit but he stayed in the game.

2005-05-08 19:31:38
8.   Harley
So we pick up a game on the Orioles and a half game on the Sox. And I can't believe I'm making these calculations in May.

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