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Good as Golen
2005-03-03 13:54
by Alex Belth
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Phil Allard has a good interview with the author Peter Golenbock over at It's part one of two, and worth checking out if you are into Yankee history. Speaking of which, peace to Repoz for linking this article on Jim Bouton early in the week. Here's a good one from the Bulldog:

"Baseball has become a gross game presented in a gross manner with loud noises and advertising,"Bouton said. "There's nothing beautiful about it. Nothing contemplative. Baseball's beauty is its timelessness. There's no clock.

"But now when you walk into a ballpark you are blasted with advertising messages and a big TV set in centerfield. You don't listen for the crack of the bat. Now it's all about home runs. It's not about bunting or moving the runner over and all the little things. It's just a different game.

"A home run is now as boring as the dunk is in basketball."

I remember that the Pirates had one night last summer where they shut down the electronic scoreboard and just had an organist play during the game. Man, I wish I could have been there for that. Not to be a snob, but it sounded so, well, civilized.

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