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Shut Out
2005-03-03 13:43
by Alex Belth
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The Veteran's Committe did not elect anyone to the Hall of Fame yesterday. (Say what you want about Maury Wills, but I don't get how he gets twice as many votes as Minnie Minoso...okay, I understand how, I just don't think it's fair.) In the Times, columnist Dave Anderson questions the committe's methods:

After two veterans committee shutouts, it's fair to wonder how responsibly do the Hall of Famers, especially the 58 ex-players among them, take their duty as voters?

Do they really study the two pages of statistics, rankings and highlights supplied to them for each of the 25 candidates on the ballot - particularly those of players from other eras whom they never competed against and probably know nothing about?

Do they just glance at the list and make a snap judgment?

...Particularly annoying is that three committee members did not cast a ballot. (A fourth committee member, Murray Chass, the baseball columnist of The New York Times, does not vote, in accordance with the newspaper's policies.) If they were ill, that's understandable. But if they simply did not care enough about the process to fill out the ballot, they should be removed from the committee. No vote this time, no ballot in two years when the committee will be polled again.

For more excellent Hall of Fame coverage, check out what my label-mate Mike Carminati has to say. (Oh, and while you are there, Yankee and Red Sox fans should definately read the first part of Mike's history of trades between the two teams.)

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