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Gone (But Not Forgotten)
2005-05-06 10:25
by Alex Belth
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I don't think much about the Red Sox this early in the season when they aren't playing the Yanks. I'm actively avoiding thinking about them these days, just imagining how delighted Sox fans must be at how poorly the Bombers are doing. That said, I just felt the need to state that I miss Edward Cossette.

2005-05-06 10:50:56
1.   Cliff Corcoran
Speaking to a former co-worker and Sox fan last night, he said that now that the Sox have finally won he checks the Yankee score first each day.
2005-05-06 11:30:53
2.   Beth
your coworker is not representative.
2005-05-06 11:54:49
3.   Knuckles
Flaherty has 3 HR against Zito in 12 AB.


2005-05-06 14:14:47
4.   markp
I have to say I'm surprised by the number of older Yankee fans throwing in the towel. I have to tell you we look better than the 78 team did in the first 50 games or so. I still se this as a team that can go 40-10 when they hit their stride.
I think a lot of the reasons given for their "demise" ignore the fact that this team is an improvement in a lot of the areas cited over last year's 100 win team.
Are we in a really lousy (and unlucky) stretch? Obviously. Is this pretty much how this team will play all year? I doubt it.
2005-05-06 15:22:17
5.   Beth
I miss Edw. too, btw. You and he were great rivalry representatives. I am hopeful he will be back.

re the despair in NY: while I can't just say "chin up", I can say that I really am not taking much pleasure in the Yankees' downfall this season. Last season, yes. But not like this. In my opinion, our rivalry is better when it is that--a rivalry. When both teams are competitive, you get Apocalyptic Baseball like both of the past two ALCS. When things are unbalanced, it's not as entertaining IMHO.

Any thoughts as to whether playing the Sox so early was detrimental to both teams? The Sox are doing better right now, but they aren't really tearing up the league, either. I think things are better when a series between BOS and NYY comes along around...well, now, when both teams can put aside their previous performance and play "up" for the rivalry. Last July 24 for the Sox is a good example.

Anyway...I still think there are more similarities between Sox and Yankees fans than differences. Maybe that's why we so often don't get along...

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