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Defending Rodriguez
2005-02-23 08:11
by Alex Belth

Here's a little blurb from Sam Borden that appears in today's Daily News:

[Bernie] Williams offered the first strong defense of A-Rod yesterday when asked for his reaction to the procession of Red Sox players who have bashed Rodriguez over the past week, calling him a "clown" and saying he wasn't a "Yankee type." Several Sox implied A-Rod wasn't a true Yankee because he hadn't been part of the championship teams of the late '90s, but Williams said that was a silly sentiment.

"You have probably one of the greatest Yankees that ever wore this uniform, and that's Cap (Don Mattingly), and who would argue that he's not a true Yankee?" Williams said. "Still, he didn't win a World Series here. I just don't think that's an accurate statement."

Could this be Bernie's last year with the Yanks? Will he possibly hang em up for good at the end of the year? According to Newsday:

"Some days I feel like I want to retire right at that moment, and some days I feel like I want to play another 10 years," Williams said.

I've always imagined that Bernie is the kind of guy who will walk away from the game. I don't think of him as someone who will be a coach or a broadcaster. But who knows? Maybe he wouldn't mind playing for three or four more years as a part-time player. I don't see it, but stranger things have happened.

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