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Jason Giambi: This is Your Life
2005-02-10 08:27
by Alex Belth

Jason Giambi will meet with the local media today at Yankee Stadium. According to Tyler Kepner, the event is being carefully orchestrated by the Yankees (and will not be televised live):

Late yesterday, the Yankees announced that [the press conference] would be at Yankee Stadium, with strict ground rules. They have invited each newspaper that regularly covers the team to send no more than two reporters.

Giambi will meet with the print media in one location, and Cashman and Torre may be in the room with him. After that meeting, Giambi will speak with television reporters in a separate room.

Does this mean Giambi will be contrite and offer some sort of public apology? Local columnists Mike Lupica and Mike Vaccaro hope that is the case. No matter what he says, or how delicately the Yankees handle the proceedings, Giambi is still going to face a torrent of national media attention once he reports to spring training.

Tino Martinez, who according to Buster Olney's recent book "The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty," used to be a master clubhouse motivator, told the Daily News that Giambi's teammates will be behind him:

"Hopefully, he says he's healthy and he's feeling good," Martinez said. "He's a great hitter. He's got a great eye and he still has the ability to put up big numbers. I don't know what he's going to say, but I know the guys on the team are ready to get him over here and get going and get the first couple of days out of the way because I'm sure those are going to be the hardest, with the media and stuff.

"He'll be accepted just fine by the team. He played with these guys last year; they know him. The thing about it is, because of all the controversy, people don't really realize he's a great guy off the field and in the clubhouse as well. I'm sure everybody is pulling for him. I know I am. I want him to get back and have a great season, because I want to win a championship again and obviously he can help us."

It's like Martinez never left.

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