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2005-04-30 09:53
by Alex Belth
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A fine day for Chien-Ming Wang's major league debut, eh? It's been raining steadily in New York all morning. I wonder if they'll just call this one and play two tomorrow instead.

2005-04-30 12:37:06
1.   seamus
Wang looks good (knock on wood). Even in the fifth I thought he pitched well. Only the one hit was hard hit and he was close to out of it. three more innings. In any case, glad he has gotten his chance.

And how about A-Rod with another HR! Wooh hooh!

2005-04-30 12:51:39
2.   seamus
anyone watching this on the blue jays station has tthese weird commercials in the middle of the inning. There will be a hit and runners on second and third and all of a sudden a commercial starts. I thought they screwed up and started the commercials early for some reason. I find it annoying.
2005-04-30 12:54:24
3.   rilkefan
Cliff, re Phillips's 11-pitch AB - say you have a player who has a 0.000 OPS but draws n pitches/AB - he fouls off the first n-1 pitches then strikes out. Let's assume that pitchers never catch on. For what value of n do you put the guy in the lineup? I'd guess n=30 would make for a good leadoff guy.
2005-04-30 13:25:36
4.   murphy
if i were wang, i would be pretty pissed right now. 7 IP, 6 H, 2ER, 2BB in my major league debut and i don't get a friggin win? c'mon, hitters, do your thing!!!
2005-04-30 13:36:31
5.   singledd
It would have been great for Wang to get a 'W', but I think the kid may have 'won' a spot on the starting rotation. Will Atlanta take brown for 2 mil?
2005-04-30 13:53:37
6.   Marcus
The only reservation I had about Wang's performance today was the fact that he didn't strike anyone out.

Womack coming through in the clutch!

2005-04-30 14:43:18
7.   rbj
I think we'd have to pay Atlanta more than $2 mil to take Brown.
2005-04-30 15:02:49
8.   markp
It's funny how many Yankee fans never waste an opportunity to take a cheap shot at Yankee players. I guess putting famous athletes down makes some people feel better about themslves.
2005-04-30 15:12:34
9.   Jen
When they played "Here Come the Yankees" before the game I had a feeling that things may go their way today.

It was the old school version too, not the instrumental that they used to play on WPIX. I can't say I remember hearing it before at the stadium.

2005-04-30 23:59:12
10.   Adam B
I actually would rather have Brown than Wright right now. Brown atleast seems to be coming around. Wright seems like his shoulder is going to do him in at any moment.

As for the Tiger, I'd be more worried about the Ks if he didn't throw so few pitches. If he had thrown 100 through 7, let's say, then I'd be worried. But 81 and the fact that 2/3rd of them were strikes was fine with me.

Andy Phillips' at bat put a smile to my face. Too bad after that one Torre thought he should bunt in the 9th. Still, I think Phillips is proving his value to Torre. I say especially after reading Torre's latest comments about Sierra and how the Yankees should let him take his time getting back.

2005-05-01 00:01:28
11.   Cliff Corcoran
Jen, I can't thank you enough for that link!

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