Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
Yo Oh No
2004-12-25 08:30
by Alex Belth

As Jason Varitek's new deal--not to mention, exclusive new title---is sealed for the holidays, Javier Vazquez had some cherce words for the Yankees:

I'm disappointed that the Yankees are talking about trading me for having only a bad second half to the season," Vazquez was quoted as saying yesterday in La Perla del Sur in Puerto Rico.

"I've had four consistent seasons in the major leagues, and for one bad second half it's unfair that they want to trade me," he added. "I still trust in my abilities, and if the Yankees trade me, they will regret it."

"Good for him," says Emily when I read her this quote. You can't hardly blame Javey for being irked. I love the guy. Still, it seems increasingly unlikely that he'll be returning to the Bronx in a Yankee uniform next year. Quite frankly, if I were the Bombers and could have either him or Randy Johnson--sentiment aside--I'd take my chances with the Big Unit. But I will also miss Vazquez should he leave. I expect him to have a great year no matter where he pitches. At least I sure hope he will.

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