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2005-04-21 09:50
by Alex Belth
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Carl Pavano earned his first win as a Yankee last night, as the Bombers breezed past Ted Lilly and the Jays, 11-2. Pavano worked quickly and pitched efficiently. In an e-mail exchange this morning, Cliff and I talked about how Pavano reminds us of Andy Pettitte. For me, it's a physical thing. Pavano is a big boy like Pettitte, with a big ass and strong legs. Curiously, he has narrow shoulders and his uniform top hangs in a funny, schlubby way. He's also got strong facial features, a sturdy chin, and a fine Roman nose. Pavano would look just fine in a toga. Cliff noted that he is a good, but not great pitcher, who has fine control and who may share Pettitte's ability to pitch well when the team really needs a win. We aren't alone in making the comparision--which to be honest, isn't such a stretch. Steve Lombardi, who has just launched his own Yankee blog, "Was Watching" is on to it too:

Carl Pavano is starting to remind me of a right-handed version of Andy Pettitte. Both of them have that Betty Davis eyes thing going at times. Both of them are big body pitchers that you would expect to throw harder than they really do chuck. Their uni numbers are close - 45 now for Carl, 46 then for Andy. And, it seems like they be alike in the sense that they're capable of throwing a great game or a hosting Tee-ball session. I know many were down on the signing of Pavano based on the "one-year wonder" theory. But, I think I'm going to like him--as I did Pettitte.

Lombardi's site should prove to be a must-read for Yankee fans as the season unfolds. I especially like how he came up with the name of his blog:

Talking about some long-term baseball announcer, someone once said (and I think it was Bob Costas but I could be wrong) that the announcer's voice was the male voice that was most heard in their house after his father. Listening to Phil for nearly a quarter-century, it was something like that for myself as well.

Phil was always entertaining to me. And, one of the items (with respect to his coverage) that always stayed with me was his habit of scrawling "WW" on his scorecard for plate appearances where he "wasn't watching."

As a result, when I decided to start a Yankees-focused Weblog, almost out of the chute, I thought that would be an appropriate handle. After all, my intent for this blog is to provide running commentary, personal musings, and the like, on the Yankees. In order to do this, I will have to do the opposite of "WW"–-meaning that I have to watch what is going on.

Ken Singleton and Bobby Murcer mentioned "WW"--or as Murcer called it "Wasn't Looking"--on the YES broadcast last night in the ninth inning when Gary Sheffield came to bat. Hey, stop on over and wish Steve the best of luck. While you are bouncing around, be sure and check out Tom Lederer's terrific piece for his baby brother's site. Lederer bares a slight resemblance to Leo Decaprio. Just has a little more meat on him. It's a wonderful bit of personal history, another compelling chapter from the Lederer family baseball scrapbook.

Meanwhile, speaking of Sheff--who, after going 0-4, ripped a double and slapped a single in his final two at bats, the Yankee right fielder will not be fined or suspended for his part in the altercation in Boston last week.

Finally, both Bernie Williams (sore left knee) and Ruben, Ruben (strained right bicep) had to leave the game last night. Tony Womack took a pitch off his left knee but he seemed to be okay. Bernie expects to be in the line up tonight, but Sierra could miss some time.

2005-04-21 10:57:29
1.   Cliff Corcoran
If the Yankees were truly lucky, Ruben would land on the DL and his righty platoon ABs (which as Steve Goldman points out in the latest Pinstriped Bible, are misguided judging by his inability to hit lefties over the past several seasons despite early success against them this year) would go to . . . (as Springsteen would say) do I even have to say his name? (If I do, it's Andy Phillips.)

Bernie's barking knee may not keep him out, but it could be bad news as Bubba Crosby has looked over matched since a respectable 1 for 3 in his first start. Other options include a healthy Sierra in left and Matsui in center or, if Sierra's out, Womack in the outfield and Rey Sanchez at second. Bad news all around.

2005-04-21 11:22:46
2.   rbj
I'd keep Bernie on the bench or DHing tonight. It's the last game of the set, and it's artificial turf. Bubba can roam CF for the night.
2005-04-21 11:25:24
3.   Jen
//Pavano is a big boy like Pettitte, with a big ass and strong legs.//

I thought the same thing last night (most notably the big ass). They have that hockey players ass thing going.

2005-04-21 12:57:17
4.   Dave D
I was trying to think of who Pavano reminded me of and that's exactly it. Both big Italian kids who don't throw nearly as hard as you'd expect. I did love how fast Carl was working last night. Get the ball, set and pitch it, rinse, repeat. He seems sturdy (despite his injury history), the guy took a baseball off the dome and was right back out there the next start. The Yankees should continue this trend of signing physically large pitchers, that way they can crush the Sox when the next brawl breaks out.
2005-04-21 14:17:51
5.   NetShrine
AB - a million thanks for the mention, etc. It is very kind and appreciated.

I nearly fell out of my chair when Ken and Bobby mentioned "WW" last night. Perfect timing!

Thanks again for the inclusion here. You and Cliff are first class dudes.

2005-04-21 14:58:46
6.   Mick S
Pavano got his first win. Wright is 2-1 with an ERA of 10. Jon Lieber? Oh, he is now 4-0. Not too shabby.
2005-04-21 15:16:52
7.   Knuckles
I know who else's got a big fat ass.

Gustavo (Big Pun) Chacin.

And we gonna spank it tonight.

Go Ansky. Beat Fat Joe.

2005-04-21 15:46:22
8.   Dan M
Did Ken & Bobby mention the Scooter in re: to WW? I don't think they did, but I wasn't paying full attention. Oh, man, that just wrote itself.

I'm gonna go home and bust out my "The Poetry of Phil Rizzuto" book. Best money I ever spent.

2005-04-21 22:54:44
9.   Adam B
And Ruben is on the DL. Now for Phillips to be called up. Of course that means we'll get Damian Rolls instead.

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