Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
Hold Up (Wait a Minute)
2004-12-21 08:15
by Alex Belth

The Dodgers are holding up the three-team, ten-player trade that features Javey Vazquez going to L.A., Shawn Green to Arizona and of course, Randy Johnson to the Bronx. The Dodgers want to make sure they've got somebody to play right field, namely J.D. Drew. According to the New York Post:

Early yesterday, the deal hit a minor snag when Dodger GM Paul DePodesta was quoted in the Los Angeles Times saying there was uncertainty in the organization about making Green part of the three-team trade without having a run-producing replacement lined up. Later in the day, however, after Dodgers owner Frank McCourt talked to Diamondbacks CEO Jeff Moorad and Yankees president Randy Levine, it was clear DePodesta's worries had been calmed thanks to L.A. closing in on Drew.

What are the odds this deal gets done--or falls apart--by Christmas Eve?

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