Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
2005-04-20 10:24
by Alex Belth
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With the Yankees providing no much joy in Mudville these days, I've had to find pleasure in other places. Fortunately, the spring is in full bloom here in New York. (Today, it's plain hot.) Some trees are sporting great big flowers, others already have little green leaves begining to sprout. The ladies are wearing skirts, strutting (or even strolling now) with purpose, while the guys are cranking their necks around to catch a look. Hey, things are beautiful in New York.

When I entered the subway station on 50th street and Broadway last night, I saw two young Spanish police officers comparing batting stances. I don't know if they were copying their favorite player or giving each other tips, but they looked just like Sweet Lou did on Monday night in the middle of the game, holding his hands up as if he was holding a bat, talking with one of his coaches about hitting, as his team was getting pounded. I spoke with the token booth clerk, a big Yankee fan, for a couple of minutes before the train rumbled into the station.

At 86th street, a group of kids buffaloed their way on the train, full of laughter. I had my earphones on so I didn't catch what they were up to, but when I saw several seated passengers smile, I stopped my music to see what was going on. The kids must have been in junior high, maybe freshmen in high school. There were six of them, and they were scattered around the car. They weren't rowdy or aggresive. There was nothing cutting or harsh about them. One boy laughed so innocently that I was actually taken aback. It was a pure, high-pitched giggle, very clean, and genuine. What is cracking them up, man? Well, it turns out one of them had a whoopee cushion. Need I say more? It's funny, cause I was thinking about whoopee cushions a few weeks ago, remembering how honest and inexpensive a laugh they can provide.

I wish I would have had one to keep me entertained later in the evening.

Oh, and one last thing that I think is good is the Red Sox signing Tim Wakefield to an extension. He's been a great Red Sox, and it's cool to see them show him some appreciation.

2005-04-20 12:53:34
1.   murphy
yeah! big ups to wakefield. as much as it breaks my heart to give props to any one of the Sux, this guy is great. aside from being a knuckleballer, and thus able to pitch eleventeen innings every day, he has jumped into any role any one of his managers has asked him to play and has performed them all at least serviceably (sp?). he's the kind of guy i would never draft for my fantasy team, but somehow finds his way onto my roster halfway through april (yesterday to be exact) year after year after year. to top it all off, he's been nominated for the roberto clemente award quite a few times, which is even a step above and beyond giving your batting gloves to a kid in the front row. note these will be my only kind Red Sux comments for the season.
2005-04-20 13:10:36
2.   Knuckles
That brightened up my day and gave me an idea.
Unfortunately for yours truly, my boss does not share in these kids' unadulterated joys of the benefits of a whoopee cushion.
Aloha for now- beckons.

I guess congrats are in order for Wakes. We can only hope that once the Sox exercise his option for '07, he'll finally be old enough to pitch for us in 2008.

Go Anksy! Beat Lilly!
(but please don't be bush league and spell it out on your jackets)

2005-04-20 19:07:44
3.   Marcus
Now that's what I call "Good". 8 strong innings from Pavano and a 1-2-3 9th by Karsay. Can we get some more of these, please?
2005-04-20 19:17:30
4.   seamus
a good night from here! Nets made the playoffs and the Yankees won with some good starting pitching from beginning to end. wooh hooo!
2005-04-20 20:10:34
5.   bostondude
As a BoSox fan, as weird as it may sound, I'm glad Pavano had a good outing. Wells had a great outing; beyond expectations. Meanwhile, Chen had a stellar start until 'Tek cracked the armour. I personally enjoy a close and healthy rivalry with the Bombers. It's still a young season, and we still have to wait for one team to croak at the all star break...
2005-04-21 10:01:20
6.   rbj
Finally a good starting job and lots of nice hitting (woohoo, A-Rod again gets a hit with a man on).
Regarding Knucksfield, it almost sounds like a reserve clause contract. Still, he could pitch for another 10 years.

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