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Stop Making Sense
2004-12-18 09:36
by Alex Belth

With the Randy Johnson-to-the-Yankees deal still in the works--I didn't know that Kaz Ishii was part of this now--the Boston Red Sox acted swiftly yesterday, agreeing to a deal with Matt Clement (three years, about $25 million). After over-paying for Edgar Renteria, I think the Clement contract is very sensible. I'm frustrated that Clement didn't choose another destination; it's too bad the Yankees didn't go after him instead of Jaret Wright (or even Carl Pavano, you could argue). But, he'll pitch for Boston instead. He isn't a control pitcher but he's got nasty stuff. This deal keeps the Yankees and Sox extremely close in talent, don't you think?

In other Red Sox news, all you yentas out there check out the Pedro Martinez-Curt Schilling melodrama.

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