Baseball Toaster Bronx Banter
What's with the Coal in our Stockings?
2004-12-09 08:20
by Alex Belth

The Yankees sign Jaret Wright. For the same money, Jon Lieber moves to the city of brotherly love. Which pitcher would you rather have? Give me Lieber. And another thing: If the Yankees do wind up signing Eric Milton, how happy will Manny, Cookie Monster and company be to see Wright and Milton pitching against them next year? I'd say, very, very happy. (Cliff Corcoran covers a bad day in the Bronx.)

At this point, the Yankees are putting all of their off-season hopes in landing Randy Johnson, and perhaps Carlos Beltran too. If they can't make a splashy move, Wright, and possibly Milton, could end up haunting the team for the next several years.

At least the winter meetings shouldn't be dull this weekend. Meanwhile, Al Leiter signs with the Marlins and isn't pleased with the way his Met career ended, while the Red Sox brass met with Pedro Martinez yesterday.

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