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2005-04-15 13:42
by Cliff Corcoran
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The Yanks kick off a three-game series in Baltmore tonight at 7:35 as Carl Pavano makes his first start since taking Melvin Mora line-drive off his right temple. Sunday, Kevin Brown is expected to return from the DL to make his 2005 debut against Daniel Cabrera. Brown's return will, in all likelihood, return Andy Phillips to Columbus. Phillips remains the only Yankee hitter without a plate appearance, thus the Yankees have wasted this opportunity get a good look at the best hitter in their minor league stystem. Is it too much to ask that Torre start him at first against the lefty Chen tonight? That's a rhetorical question.

Fri 4/15 7:35 YES (Pavano v. Chen)
Sat 4/16 4:35 YES (Mussina v. Lopez)
Sun 4/17 1:35 YES (Brown v. Cabrera)

2005-04-15 14:18:48
1.   Sam DC
Dodger Thoughts reader here; wandered over because the title reminded me of some Mersey D'oats nonsense my pop used to hum. Anyhow, I've got great home plate seats for the Brown-return game. Any sense if he is really ready to go?
2005-04-15 14:28:48
2.   Cliff Corcoran
That was the reference, Sam. I really haven't heard much about Brown. The Yanks almost didn't DL him for the cranky back that showed up at the end of March, but since they only needed four starting pitchers through the first 11 games they made the wise move and added Andy Phillips to the roster (of course they then failed to use him, but I've said enough there, I think) and rested Brown.

Far as I can tell, Brown's throwing sessions have all been smooth, and his spring training rate stats (Ks and hits primarily) were closer to '03 than '04, which was nice to see. That said, I don't expect much. Wouldn't be surprised to see the game turn into a slug fest (of course, having said that it won't happen). Thanks for stopping by and enjoy those seats!

2005-04-15 14:55:46
3.   Sam DC
Thanks Cliff. Of course, at Camden, you can never really be surprised when a slugfest breaks out.
2005-04-15 16:46:35
4.   Marcus
Well how 'bout that? Bernie batting second today. A-Rod 4th and Matsui 5th. I think Matsui should stay 4th, although I'll take anything if it gets A-Rod out of his Red Sox-funk.
2005-04-15 18:53:41
5.   JeremyM
Geez, is it too much to ask to get a couple runs off of freaking Bruce Chen in two starts?
2005-04-15 19:15:55
6.   Clay Caviness
A complete game 4 hitter? Bruce Chen? What the hell?

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