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We Can Work it Out
2004-11-12 08:36
by Alex Belth
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At the annual charity dinner for Joe Torre's "Safe at Home" foundation last night, Jorge Posada told reporters that should the Yankees sign Pedro Martinez, he would be cool with it:

"I don't have anything against Pedro, if he's my teammate," Posada said. "Obviously, we'd work things out. I'd catch him. You know this guy's a winner, he knows how to pitch, he does everything possible to try to win and keep in shape.

"I've got no problems getting things straight and going on. We are gentlemen here and we are adults, so we can work things out."

Posada also lobbied for another Martinez, his old pal Tino, to return to the Bronx. Which Martinez would you rather see in pinstripes in 2005?

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