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O's win 12-5. Next!
2005-04-08 22:13
by Cliff Corcoran
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The Yanks got tooled by the O's last night. Just generally manhandled. Jaret Wright, by his own admission, had nothing. An off night that resulted in 6 runs on 8 hits in four innings (though his 4/1 K/BB ratio and 62 percent strikes were solid).

The bullpen didn't fare much better with Steve Karsay bombing in his first appearance of the season. Karsay actually did a decent job coming in, striking out Sammy Sosa with runners on second and third and no outs and allowing just a sac fly before escaping the inning. In the next frame, however, he gave up three straight hits, including a Luis Matos triple, and was yanked before recording an out. Paul Quantrill then made his 2005 debut, allowing a run (plus a runner inherited from Karsay to score) on three hits (all singles) and a balk in two innings of work. Felix Rodriguez uncorked his second wild pitch in as many outings this season (this one ruled a passed ball on John Flaherty) and also hit Sammy Sosa in the process of giving up a run on two hits in 2/3 innings. Mike Stanton cleaned up Felix II's mess with one pitch in the eighth, but then gave up a run of his own on two hits in the ninth, one of them a triple by the en fuego Brian Roberts.

The offense only did moderately better. Derek Jeter is officially on fire, going 3 for 3 with two walks he's 7 for 14 with a .650 OBP in the Yankee's four games. Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui both crushed deeep homers, Sheffield a two-run jobby into Monument Park. Matsui's, coming in the ninth inning, was an absolute bomb, way back into the centerfield part right field bleachers. Tino and Jason Giambi both went 1 for 3 with a walk each.

John Flaherty got the start at catcher last night to save Posada from the day game after night game thang, allowing Jorge to catch Randy today. Flaherty went 1 for 3 with a walk. In the ninth inning, Joe Torre emptied his bench, giving Rey Sanchez another inning in the field and Ruben Sierra pinch-hit at-bat (he struckout). He also got Andy Phillips his first game action, putting Our Hero in for Tino at first. In addition, Bubba Crosby got his first at-bat . . . against left-handed Orioles closer B.J. Ryan . . . against whom lefties have hit .156/.255/.248 (.177 GPA) in 302 at-bats over the past three seasons. Poor Bubba looked utterly bewildered at the plate missing badly on three straight pitches after a first-pitch ball. That was the last out of the game. Andy Phillips was on-deck.

Today Randy Johnson helps us forget last night. Lefty journyman Bruce Chen takes the mound for the O's. Think Joe might start Andy Phillips in place of Tino, Jason or Tony Womack? Yeah, me neither.

2005-04-08 23:00:26
1.   Jen
Well, at least it was a fun night in the bleachers.
2005-04-09 06:06:13
2.   Alex Belth
Jeter: on base five times; Sheff: two-run dinger, and our boy Godziller: solo bomb off of B.J. Ryan. Otherwise, there's nothing to see here. Good call, Cliff. Let's quickly move along.
2005-04-09 06:16:11
3.   seamus
i watched as much as i could of that game because i could. Haven't been able to watch more than a couple of innings of these day games over lunch.
2005-04-09 06:17:28
4.   seamus
oh, and my point being, that it was such a disappointment. But Matsui's shot was a bomb though!
2005-04-09 06:45:28
5.   hardrain
At least there was Marx Brothers film marathon on Turner Classics last night. I kept changing to that for the comic relief.
2005-04-09 07:17:30
6.   rbj
Well, after four games we're still one game ahead of the pace of 1998.
2005-04-09 08:10:46
7.   Dave D
I saw that Phillips was due up and I was pleading with Bubba to get on base just so the man could get an AB. Not this time I guess.
2005-04-09 08:47:56
8.   jayd
I watched a bit of the RS/Jays game last night. Jays were pounding the ball against Brando Arroyo in the early innings but right into the mitts of the Boston's stone-gloved defense.

How the young toe-pirouetting Brando survives is something we need a Catholic Church inquiry into. At the end I understand he had only given up two runs -- how does that happen?

Stunned to hear the Yankee score and Jaret with such a good spring behind him; reminds me again of how unfair baseball, like life, is.

Looks like the reliever pitching staff needs a shakeout cruise. Thank God for Tanyon Sturtze, I always say. Worcester MA's baseball trivia answer to Keyser Söze. No, I don't what I mean there. But there is a connection. You'll just have to wait for the Cy Young balloting.

I don't see the Sox going 14-5 against the Jays this year. When I wrote Go O's the other day, I did't mean for the next couple of days here. I apologize to all.


2005-04-10 10:02:54
9.   brockdc
Trying to behave more optimistically these days. Hopefully, the strand of relievers that got worn out the other night is an abberation and not just Yankees bullpen '04 redux.


(by "My People" I mean Andy Phillips, and by "Go" I mean go man first base for more than two innings a week)

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