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Attsa Fine
2004-11-07 10:01
by Alex Belth
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On the field Joe Girardi always struck me as combination of Yogi Berra and Chico Marx. He didn't look as much like an ape as Berra did, but they could have been distant relatives. Far from effete, Girardi had a maternal quality about him. I'll never forget how he pulled David Cone to the ground like a mother bear protecting her cub after the last out of Cone's perfect game. Anyhow, it appears as if Girardi will replace Willie Randolph as Joe Torre's bench coach. Nothing is official yet, but expect an announcement to be made one way or the other this week. Personally, I think it's great news and the prospect of Girardi sitting next to Torre for a full season is a welcome one. The status of Mel Stot and Donnie Baseball is still uncertain. Both are believed to be haggling over money with the Yankees.

The Yankees declined Jon Lieber's $8 million option for 2005 but are still interested in bringing the right-hander back next year.

Scanning the Sunday papers, Ken Rosenthal thinks the Bombers need to go for broke and do whatever they need to do to get Tim Hudson. Also check out Murray Chass on Curt Schilling, and the latest from Peter Gammons. It's sunny and brilliant in New York today for the Marathon. Hope everyone has a great one.

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