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2005-04-03 08:02
by Alex Belth
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The rain has calmed down significantly. Saturday was bananas here in New York city. Not only did rain steadily all day long, but the winds were brutal, leaving the streets paved with broken, and subsequently, abandoned umbrellas. Still, there was a warmth in the air that we haven't felt yet.

It's colder this morning and the drainage system at Yankee stadium is earning its pay today, let me tell you. With the NCAA men's finals tomorrow night, you know that MLB wants to get this game in this evening. Cliff C will be in the house, braving the elements, as well as Red Sox Nation (although I don't know how many Sox fans make their way into the bleachers...actually, I'm curious if there will be fewer Dominican fans rooting for Boston now that Pedro is gone, all due respect to the home town kid, Manny Ramirez).

Joe Torre has made out the starting line-up that will face Boomer Wells:

Jeter SS
Rodriguez 3B
Sheff RF
Ruben, Ruben DH
Godziller LF
Jorge C
Giambi 1B
Bernie CF
Womack 2B

Of course, tonight is the New York debut of The Big Unit. Here's to a good game, and kicking off what we all hope will be another compelling season!

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