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Game Three: Open Thread
2004-10-16 10:20
by Alex Belth
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Warshed Out

There was rain but no baseball in Boston on Friday night. Thankfully, the good people at Major League Baseball didn't attempt to get the game in. Fenway Park has an antiquated drainage system but hopefully the field will be in decent shape tonight. Game Three will be made up on Monday. The question is, which team benefits more from the rain out? Ahhh, you tell me. An extra day of rest just can't be bad for Kevin Brown and El Duque. Curt Schilling had a bullpen session yesterday and obviously will try to get in another start should the series return to New York. In addition, now Pedro Martinez can pitch Monday on full-rest. No changes have been announced, but I would expect to see Mike Mussina pitch on Sunday and El Duque go against Pedro Martinez, and not Derek Lowe, on Monday if necessary.

I'm going to miss the first part of the game tonight on the count of a wedding. For real. One of Emily's cousins is getting hitched and there is no way out, I gotta go. But it's not a big deal. It should be funny. We've got to get all decked out in the fine threads; the wedding is being held at some snooty-ass joint on Park avenue. It starts in the early evening so I figure we'll catch the last couple of innings in the car on the way home. Since I won't be around to watch--though I'll most likely tape it--I'd sure appreciate it if y'all you could leave me your thoughts, impressions, and all of the gory details.

Go Yanks.

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