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Calm Before the Storm
2004-10-11 08:31
by Alex Belth
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Standing on the downtown platform of the 231rst street station this morning I read the news about Mariano Rivera's two relatives who were electrocuted over the weekend. Rivera joined his family in Panama yesterday but is expected back in the Bronx tomorrow night. It is officially cold here in New York. Looking up from the paper, the sun had yet to rise over the eastern skyline. Small clouds littered the blue sky and they were moving south quickly. The sun reflected through these clouds, coloring them orange and then yellow. It was a striking sight. I wished I had remembered my scarf.

I leafed through the Post and the News on the train ride to work to learn that along with Rivera's tragedy, Christopher Reeve and Ken Caminiti died this weekend. Of course, the Yankee-Red Sox hype has begun, but I just couldn't get juiced up about it. When I got out of the subway at 50th street, I noticed that the fruit cart which is positioned at the top of the subway steps was gone. Maybe it's because today is a holiday, or maybe it's finally time to pack up shop for the winter. Either way, it's a somber start to the week around these parts.

It will surely pick up tomorrow night uptown when Curt Schilling starts for the Sox against Mike Mussina and the Bombers. I know there are segments of Yankee fans and Red Sox Nation who couldn't be more amped for this confrontation. But as was noted in the comments section here a few weeks ago, there are also Yankee and Sox fans who are ennervated by the match-up. What do you feel? Any predictions? For what it's worth, my gut tells me that the Sox could steam roll the Yanks in five games, but if it goes to six or seven, the Yankees should prevail. I think the Yanks could swipe Game One tomorrow, and that Pedro will pitch a whale of game on Wednesday. Irregardless, as they say in the Bronx, may the best team win.

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