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All-Baseball AL East Preview
2005-03-25 09:27
by Cliff Corcoran
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I'm just a dirty preview whore. Two days after participating in the Baseball Analysts' roundtable on the AL East, I've provided the Yankee entry in All-Baseball's AL East preview, which is now up on the main page over there.

In these previews I've been allowing my homerism to show through by picking the Yankees to win the division. At Baseball Analysts I was outnumbered three to one on that subject, but logic seems to win the day at All-Baseball, where Evan Brunell's Red Sox entry (written independently) confirms my belief that the Yankees remain the team to beat in the East. Check it out.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "why the hell doesn't he write something for Bronx Banter." Well, the good news is that I've turned in the book, so starting this weekend, I should be in full effect in this space. What's more, next week is Preview Week (TM) here at Baseball Toaster. We'll have a different set of predictions for you each day next week on the main page, so be sure to stop by for that. Opening Night at the Stadium is one week from Sunday. All systems go!

2005-03-26 08:49:49
1.   rilkefan
Glanville out. Crosby in?
2005-03-26 10:52:50
2.   Harley
They're both awful. We're gonna need some outfield help, sooner rather than later.
2005-03-27 14:41:30
3.   jayd
Accentuate the positive: All Hail The Advent of Robby Cano (if you see Robby Alomar), or All Hail The Advent of Rob Cano (if you see our very own Rod Carew in the making)
2005-03-27 15:51:03
4.   rilkefan
Is that Harley from Tacitus? Small world.

I see Andy Phillips is making the best use of his small sample size too.

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