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A Small, Good Thing
2005-03-25 05:02
by Alex Belth
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"I love baseball. You know, it doesn't have to mean anything, it's just very beautiful to watch." (Woody Allen as Leonard Zelig)

Such was the case for the Yankees yesterday, when, in a meaningless game, everything seemed right with the world. Randy Johnson had his best performance of the spring, dominating the Atlanta Braves for six innings; Mariano Rivera threw another scoreless inning with ease; and the offense, led by Alex Rodriguez, Tino Martinez, Jason Giambi, and Derek Jeter, pounded out twelve runs.

People, get ready.

2005-03-25 05:11:53
1.   NetShrine
Next big goal: Getting David Wells to throw his glove into the stands on April 3rd.
2005-03-25 05:44:26
2.   Alex Belth
Maybe he'll wear a Babe Ruth Red Sox cap. Now that would be funny.

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