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Brrrr in Da BX
2004-10-05 16:01
by Alex Belth
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Open Thread

It's going to be mad chilly in the Boogie Down tonight. I won't post my thoughts on the game until tomorrow morning, but for those of you who are following the game within typing distance of your computer, feel free to start a conversation in the comments section below.

Let's hope for a good game tonight. I'm headed out to Brooklyn after work to get a hair cut from my favorite barber. Figure I've got to represent and look sharp: it's the Yankee way, right? Before the game I'll say the same prayer I say every year as the post-season starts--although two games will already be in the books by the time the Yankee game begins: that is, no matter what happens, I just hope the Fates don't have it out for some unsuspecting zhlub. I know we love to have heroes now, and that means somebody will be labled as the goat as well. But please, don't let anyone--even if he's a Red Sox--become the next Fred Merkle or the next Bill Buckner. I don't wish that on anyone, least of all a Yankee. (Shudder.)

Enjoy the game and stay warm.

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