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2005-03-17 04:55
by Alex Belth
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Jason Giambi, who was excused from having to testify before Congress, is having as good a spring as anyone could have expected. He isn't tearing the cover off the ball, but Giambi isn't especially anxious either. According to Tyler Kepner in the New York Times:

Giambi has one extra-base hit so far, a home run on March 7, and he recently told [hitting coach, Don] Mattingly that he wanted to hit more doubles. Mattingly laughed him off - "You can't direct it," he told Giambi - but he understood Giambi's larger meaning, that he wants to drive balls to the gaps.

"I don't talk about anything other than getting a good pitch and hitting the ball hard," Mattingly said. "If he's having a good path to the ball and he's seeing the ball good, he can hit. I don't worry about home runs. They'll happen."

Much as been made of Giabmi getting off to a good start once the season begins. Where do you think Torre will bat him in the line-up come Opening Day?

2005-03-17 06:01:50
1.   David
2005-03-17 06:07:29
2.   Dan M
Sixth is probably right, or seventh, but as long as he's a singles (and hopefully doubles) hitter who gets his walks, why not second? I really dislike A-Rod in that spot.
2005-03-17 06:08:32
3.   rsmith51
Sixth sounds right.


2005-03-17 06:24:58
4.   wishama
Giambi can't bat second. Unless he hits a double, Giambi on first from a walk or a single clogs the basepaths. He is 3 singles away from scoring when he is on first.
2005-03-17 06:48:25
5.   Dan M
I'm not totally comfortable with my second suggestion, but would you rather him clog the bases in front of guys who hit doubles and home runs (Sheff, A-Rod, Matsui) or in front of weaker hitters like Bernie and Womack? He's going to clog the bases wherever he is, so he might as well be in front of the sluggers.

I just want to see A-Rod, Matsui and Sheff in the 3-4-5 spots, without having Womack as the leadoff hitter. This is the only really way to do this, unfortunately, unless you bat Bernie second.

2005-03-18 12:08:25
6.   Fred Vincy
rsmith51 is almost right or very close to right about what Joe will do. I'd actually be OK with Giambi in the two slot though -- getting on base is a lot more important than speed on the bases, and Bernie will probably hit in 40 double plays batting behind Giambi, undermining a lot of Giambi's on-base value.
2005-03-18 12:09:11
7.   Fred Vincy
Oops. Make that "rsmith51 is almost certainly right..."

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